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The brain-child of Scott Fish (creator of the worlds largest pro-am fantasy football tournament, the Scott Fish Bowl) and Ryan McDowell (seasoned commissioner of numerous ground-breaking leagues including the Hyper/Active FF & Kitchen Sink leagues), C:I will examine issues and innovations surrounding the creation and running of fantasy football leagues. Ryan and Scott share a wealth of experience and industry-defining ideas about the art and science of this rewarding but sometimes thankless job.

If you are a league commissioner, thinking about starting a league, want to spice up your existing league, or even if you just love the game of fantasy football, then this is the show for you!


The Commission: Impossible Podcast Team

Ryan McDowell, Host – @RyanMc23
Scott Fish, Host – @ScottFish24


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Scott Fish – January 14, 2018

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Scott Fish – December 28, 2017

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell discuss commissioner issues, settings, stories, and leagues.

Commission: Impossible Podcast 7 – We’re Back!
Scott Fish – August 15, 2017

Scott and Ryan discuss emails and tweets about varying commissioner issues, settings, stories, and leagues.

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The DLF Team – March 16, 2017

Ryan and Scott discuss their Kitchen Sink and Capitalist Pigs leagues.

Commission: Impossible Podcast 3 – Thinking of new leagues
Ryan McDowell – January 21, 2017

Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23) and Scott Fish (@ScottFish24) discuss settings, scoring, and many things involving starting a new league….

Commission: Impossible Podcast 2 – Start of the Real Season
Scott Fish – January 6, 2017

Ryan and Scott discuss the start of the off-season, handling money, how commissioners really feel when you quit…

Commission: Impossible Podcast – Begin with the End
Scott Fish – December 15, 2016

Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell kick off an exciting new podcast series exploring the art and science of…

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