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Dynasty Fantasy Football Startup: Scott Fish Bowl ADP vs Dynasty ADP

We compare and contrast dynasty rankings, DLF ADP and Scott Fish Bowl ADP to pick out some interesting nuggets.

Christian McCaffrey

This series explores rankings and ADP to find advantages for our dynasty leagues. Last week we looked at applying my rankings to an actual startup draft. This week, we have a fairly unusual source of information, the Scott Fish Bowl.

While it’s a very big redraft format, that not everyone can play in – with a very specific scoring format – it’s also a source of very recent data on a group of very active players and analysts.

So, I thought we’d take advantage and look at highly interested fantasy players trying to beat each other by finding more immediate edges. Why not?

You can find our DLF rankings here and SFB ADP and information on Spike Week here.

What is the Scott Fish Bowl?

Well to answer that question, you’d do better to check #SFB13 on Twitter, or the website scottfishbowl.com. But essentially it is a charity redraft contest that raises money for FantasyCares, rolls out a unique scoring format every year, and brings together thousands of fantasy players, from Matthew Berry to the general degenerate dynasty folk like you and me.

For our purpose here, it’s a sharp list of ADP for 2023.

While its scoring format is unique, it is a superflex format. And having checked out the scoring, there is little reason to think the positional rankings, at least, don’t speak directly to most dynasty leagues. I made a thread about the scoring if you’re interested:

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Dynasty Fantasy Football Startup: Scott Fish Bowl ADP vs Dynasty ADP
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