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Mark Andrews

Dynasty ADP vs Rankings: Who To Trade For

We compare ADP and DLF rankings to uncover values for dynasty managers.

Mark Andrews

This series explores Ranks and ADP to find advantages in our dynasty leagues. This week we have our first look at June ADP in Superflex leagues!

To celebrate, I thought I’d take a step away from the average this week and instead try to answer the question, “Which player would most DLF rankers say you should send a trade offer on this week?”

We are in the doldrums of the fantasy season right now, with little movement in any direction as we wait for more news or some actual results. But that could also be an opportunity, as your league mates are hungry for trade offers as well.

So, which players are DLF rankers more interested in?

You can find links to those profiles and our DLF Ranks here.

Most Common Values

Rather than run down the average of ranks this week, or try to break down every ranker’s result, I thought we’d combine the two.

So, I organized every DLF Ranker in terms of how much they liked players compared to the group average and what players were most often in the top 10.

In other words, there are only four players that at least three DLF Rankers all have in their top 10 values right now, and one player who five of us have as a strong value.

Let’s count them down.

Tyreek Hill, WR KC

Tyreek Hill is drafted in the third round of a 12-team start-up, according to ADP. He is drafted as the WR10, at pick 33, on average. DLF Ranks have him as the WR9, as a top 24 player in dynasty, at an average rank of 23.

The group does highlight Tyreek Hill as a value, but three rankers are particularly interested.

Ranks: Ken Kelly (@DLF_KenK), Michael Moore (@DLF_Moore), Mike Havens (@MikeEHavens)

Ken Kelley has Hill as the WR8, while both Mike Moore and Mike Havens have him as a top-five WR. While no DLF ranker has him outside the top 12 at the position – relative to their ranks – these three highlight Hill as someone it’s important to consider when looking for points for this season.

Kyle Pitts, TE ATL

Kyle Pitts is being drafted as the TE2 in the third round of a 12-team draft as the 32nd overall player, according to ADP. The DLF ranks have him, on average, as the 43rd overall player, but still the TE2. While the consensus ranks agree he is a value, they are more gun-shy at placing him over players at other positions.

Interestingly, the group has him as a negative value for this reason.

But three DLF rankers strongly disagree.

Rankers: Eric Dickens (@DLFootball), Matt Price (@MattPriceFF), Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23)

All three of these rankers have him as a top 10 value relative to the group. He is a top-three value for all of them.

He’s the player Eric is the highest on, Matt’s Price is the second highest on, and Ryan has as his third highest value. All three have him as the TE1, not the TE2, and both Matt and Ryan are willing to take him inside the top 24 players rather than the top 32.

Russell Wilson, QB DEN

Russel Wilson is currently the QB23 in ADP and the 58th player of the board in a 12-team league, drafted in the fifth round. The DLF consensus ranks have him as a negative value, the QB24, and only a top 96 dynasty player, on average.

Three rankers disagree.

Rankers: Eric Dickens (@DLFootball), John Hogue (@SuperFlexDude), Peter Howard (@pahowdy)

Both Eric and John have Wilson as one of their top three values in their ranks, and I have him as my eighth-highest value. We all have him ranked inside the top 18 players at the position rather than outside the top 24.

John is also ranking him inside the top 36 players overall. But for the most part, it isn’t about his overall ADP as much as his value relative to the position since Eric has him ranked lower than ADP, 69th, and I have him barely different than ADP at 56th overall.

The Most Common Value

There is only one player that four DLF rankers all have inside their top 10 values compared to the group. Five have him inside their top 11 values.

Mark Andrews, TE BAL

Mark Andrews is the 37th player off the board according to June ADP and ranked as the TE3 by drafters. However, the DLF ranks group has him as the 44th overall player while they agree on the position rank. The value difference between the ADP and consensus ranks is 0%.

Five DLF rankers disagree.

Rankers: Eric Dickens (@DLFootball), Jeremy Schwob (@jerschwob), Matt Price (@MattPriceFF), Peter Howard (@pahowdy), Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23)

Andrews is Jeremy’s number one value player and my number two value, while Mat Price, Ryan, and Eric all have him in their top 11. We all have him ranked as the TE2 or higher (Jeremy and I have him as the TE1.)

Compared to Redraft?

I also thought it was interesting that of the fur players DLF ranks most commonly have as a value in their ranks, three of them are values in redraft when you compare DLF ADP to FantasyPros.com ranks for 2023.

Outside of Kyle Pitts – he has a -86% value calculation compared to DLF ADP – all three of Hill, Andrews, and Wilson are expected to score more points by redraft ranks (compared to DLF ADP.)

That’s about all I have for you this week. Make sure to check the DLF trade finder for ideas on how or what to send for these players in offers, or contact any of our rankers for explanations or ideas as to why they may be good targets.

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Dynasty ADP vs Rankings: Who To Trade For
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