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Three Values in Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Drafts Right Now

Hutchinson Brown shares three rookies he believes you should snap up in your rookie drafts.

Jahan Dotson

The NFL Draft has concluded and rookie drafts are taking place all summer! I have a few rookie drafts going on with a couple more coming up in the near future. With that in mind, let’s talk about a few rookies who are being undervalued right now in dynasty fantasy football.

Dameon Pierce, RB HOU

Pierce was drafted by the Houston Texans at pick 107 overall. Having not reached 1,000 yards in a season, Pierce did not have a huge college career in terms of production. However, it is his great vision in the open field and awareness behind the line of scrimmage – along with his solid pass-catching and pass-blocking ability – that make him a tremendous NFL prospect. At nearly 220 pounds, he has the size to be a lead back.

On the Texans, he will certainly get his fair shot to be the main man in the backfield. With Marlon Mack and Rex Burkhead the top running backs on the roster, Pierce will have very little competition to get around. If he is talented enough – which he definitely has the potential to be – a shot is all he needs to be the lead back for the Texans. If he does in fact become top dog, there is a ton of volume to be had as both a pass catcher and a runner. In the late second round of rookie drafts, he has serious potential and upside making him more than worthy of a selection.

Jahan Dotson, WR WAS

The Commanders traded up to the 16th overall pick to scoop Dotson up, taking him over Treylon Burks. He was incredibly productive at Penn State this past year putting up over 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns, showing speed, elusiveness, and amazing hands. Washington is a great spot for Dotson as the situation around him over the next year or two should get much better, ultimately increasing his value in the dynasty world.

Terry McLaurin is the number one receiver for now, but is he the future? McLaurin has been reportedly skipping training camps and showing himself to be somewhat separated from the team due to disputes over a contract. He does not love seeing other star wideouts signing huge contracts while he waits with nothing. McLaurin could very easily be traded, and after this year, he is a free agent. Maybe the Commanders drafted Dotson because they knew McLaurin is not their future.

Carson Wentz is not a great quarterback for Dotson. From a fantasy perspective, that is not ideal. The only real reliable wide receiver option Wentz has given us over his career is Michael Pittman, who he forced an unbelievable amount of targets to. Thankfully, he could very easily be gone next year. Wentz’s dead cap hit after this year is zero dollars. The Commanders can easily get rid of him and take a 2023 quarterback in the star-studded class. When we see those two transactions, people will be begging to trade for Dotson and will probably be willing to overpay to do so. You may be able to get him pretty cheap now and sell him high later.

Dotson is going tenth overall in one-quarterback rookie drafts according to DLF, and I have personally seen him in the second round of a lot of drafts. Go get him cheap now and watch his value grow as the Commanders’ offense gets better and better for him in the next couple of years.

Malik Willis, QB TEN

This entire quarterback class gets a lot of hate. While they may not be locked in to be immediately successful, that does not mean you should not take a shot in rookie drafts. Willis is a very mobile quarterback with a cannon for an arm. He does struggle with his reads and comes in at intermediate-level passing. He certainly needs some development but I feel like the Titans can offer great support for his continued growth.

You may have to be patient for a year or maybe even longer, but when Willis gets an opportunity to start for the Titans, he is going to be solid for fantasy football. He runs the ball and throws too many good deep balls not to be. However, if he actually develops well into a solid passer in his time behind Ryan Tannehill, the NFL is in trouble. You could now have the next Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen, who we all know are studs for fantasy football. In the late second round in a superflex league, that upside is very much worth the risk. You would not be passing up any locked-in wide receivers or running backs in that range anyway. Why not take a shot at some massive upside?

Three Values in Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Drafts Right Now
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Chris Hansen
5 months ago

From my experience in drafts Dotson is the only one on the list that is going later than he should.

Matt Relf
5 months ago

I just grabbed willis at pick 2.10 in a 16 team superflex

Slick M.
5 months ago

All great suggestions as we continue to play the “value” game.

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