The Value-to-Production Conundrum with Elite Aging Wide Receivers

Corey Spala

Wide receiver is often referenced as the skill position with the longest shelf life in dynasty. Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase are the arguable WR1 and WR2 of dynasty, both currently 22 years old. We can expect to have WR1 production over the next five to seven years comfortably.

But what happens when they turn 29 years old, and the value plummet is in question? Should you trade away elite wide receivers before a perceived production fall too?


Cooper Kupp will be turning 29 years old before the start of the 2022 season. This realization has you either: 1) ready to trade him away or 2) ready to acquire him. This article will note wide receivers and their statistics beyond their age-29 season until their 'age-out' season. I will define an age-out season as the age the wide receiver stopped producing similar to their individual historical production per season.

This article will identify 15 wide receivers from different eras of the NFL and note their production from age 29 through their age-out season. The term ‘elite’ is thrown around often and in several cases, it is not warranted. In this case, the 15 wide receivers identified have the potential to be in the Hall of Fame or are Hall of Famers. In other words, they are elite.

Start of the Age-29 Career


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The Value-to-Production Conundrum with Elite Aging Wide Receivers