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Lineup Advice: Week 16 – Spinning the Wheel

The playoffs continue! Doing everything I can to help ensure Lady Luck shines on you this week.

Week 16 - (PLEASE READ)

Once again, Happy Holidays to you and yours. I'm wishing your family a most joyous, safe and healthy holiday season and 2022!

Let's start with the report card as we look ahead to week 16. I'm in 12 dynasty leagues of which two are orphan teams I picked up this year and last year and, as such, I'm leaving them out of my reporting. These two teams were in pretty bad shape and I usually give myself at least 24 months to turn teams around. One of them finished, quite unexpectedly, at .500, just out of the playoffs.  But this report card is for the ten remaining true dynasty teams I manage.

I made the playoffs in 8-of-10 leagues, securing a week-15 bye in four. Of the four playing this week, three will be moving on. For the two teams not making the playoffs, one secured the first-overall selection as I had no hope of competing due to the injury bug. In the other league, I am in the tail end of a minor rebuild with all my focus on 2022 being the year to be competitive. Even still, that team finished 9-5 but didn't make the playoffs in our thin playoff format.

Looking at week 15 for my playoff teams, unfortunately, I needed a good game from Cooper Kupp in one league which ultimately sunk me in another league. As it turns out, a great game from Miles Sanders and/or Van Jefferson could have saved me from that fate but Jalen Hurts taking the touchdown opportunities from Sanders ended my hopes of that occurring. My prospects in week 16 are not as bright as a couple of these teams have already lost key players, one losing Godwin, Fournette and Freiermuth this past week to go with Swift and Julio Jones. This team was 12-2 and will be pieced together with bubble gum and Scotch tape in week 16. Godwin and Fournette are common players among many of these playoff teams so I'll be doing what I can to fill the holes.

As crazy as this season has been, week 15 upped the ante. Between injuries, Covid and unexpected performance, both bad and good, setting lineups and giving lineup advice has seemed too much like spinning the wheel. Luck plays a big role in our game, but the metrics and trends are supposed to be there to help talent, due-diligence and foresight to win out in the end. It has felt like anything but that.

Quarterback play has been entirely erratic and tough to trust. Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady have been nearly impossible to project. For Prescott and Wilson, the trend is not pretty. What has happened with Dak?  In one league, I have both Mahomes and Brady and only used Brady twice this year, snatching a loss from the jaws of victory in both cases.  Those of you follow me know I'm fond of saying "don't get cute" when setting lineups and I did not equate that with Brady starting over Mahomes as such.  Maybe I should have.

How can we hope to project breakout weeks of players like Duke Johnson, Dontrell Hilliard, Tyler Huntley, Gabriel Davis, or even Amon-Ra St. Brown? It's one thing to guess correctly, but it's another thing to be able to do so using analysis, metrics or trends to end up at the result. In the fantasy football expert world, experts and bold assertions are frequent bedfellows. The bolder the call, the longer the lifetime of being able to tout yourself as a great mind when correct. Never mind the overwhelming number of times they have been incorrect. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm leaving myself open to these possibilities but I can't in good conscience ever suggest a bold play unless I see variables in the equation which should be considered. And if that is the case, then the play isn't so bold. If you have a bold call you'd like to suggest, simply start your comment with "Am I crazy if I ...."

We have more injuries and late-season coaching hijinx to sift through this week. Toss in the upswing in Covid cases and we've got a recipe for a fantasy tears and flames.  I will do my best to be there for you and look under every stone possible to give you that edge. Good luck out there!

As always, get your questions in early and be sure to label your scoring system and "TNF" players.

Please focus on these following items this week for me to help me get to all the questions:

  • Put "TNF" as the top line for any question involving Thursday Night Football games
  • Include your scoring format  (PPR, Non-PPR, etc.)
  • Keep your questions as brief as possible - I won't have the screens I'm used to over the next three weeks
  • I always try to keep up with responses but, when in doubt, if you have an update post a new question
  • Include your "lock" picks of the week who I should be betting on for this week's games

Have a great week!


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Lineup Advice: Week 16 – Spinning the Wheel
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Dale Norwood
5 months ago

Hello Jeff, Thanks for all your help this year. I am in playoffs in 3 out of my 4 leagues thanks to you.

I have a conundrum. So this is my Vampire league where I am the Vampire. Each week that I win, I can steal a player off the team I beat so I have a very good team having won 12 games.

My current roster (of the positions that I am going to ask) is
RB: Taylor, Kamara, Patterson, D. Foreman
WR: Adams, Diggs, Hill, Pittman, M. Brown
We start 2 RB, 2WR and 1Flex.
They team I beat last week has N. Harris and J. Jefferson whom I am trying to decide who to steal.

With Hill maybe being out with COVID, I was thinking Jefferson. I would however love to boost my RB position by moving Harris into my flex. I am actually playing the same team in the first round of playoffs this week and want to ‘hurt his chances of winning’ by taking his best player. Those two are his only studs. The best think he can put in their place in Flex is Waddle or Boyd.

Would love your thoughts on this.

Thanks again for all you do.

Austin Sexton
Reply to  Dale Norwood
5 months ago

Harris would be a nice add, can only play 2 WR.. you are deeper at WR

Dale Norwood
Reply to  Austin Sexton
5 months ago

Yup we play 2 WR and a Flex

5 months ago

Hey Jeff, thanks again for doing this. Onto the semi-finals! 1pt PPR.
-Lamar @ CIN or Aaron Rodgers vs CLE (gotta go Arod here right with Lamar coming off injury and being inconsistent of late?)
-Start 2 of the following (Is AJ Brown an auto start if he plays? Hmm…)
AJ Brown vs SF
Aaron Jones vs CLE
D’Onta Foreman vs SF
Ronald Jones @ CAR (TB signing Bell worries me…)

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Thanks Jeff! Just so I’m clear…you’re saying Aaron Jones and Foreman of those 4, right? Having two Jones’ in discussion here muddied the waters a bit for me haha 🙂

Kris H
5 months ago

TNF – 10 team: 0.5 PPR w/ all players getting 1pt per ten yards and 6pt TD.
RB: Need 2 of the 4: E Mitchell @ TEN, J Robinson @ NYJ, S Barkley @ PHI and S Michel @ MIN. Robinson due to the assumed volume and Barkley however don’t really like the match up.
WR: Need 3 of the 4: K Allen @ HOU, C Lamb vs WFT, M Evans @ CAR and DJ Moore vs TBB. This may resolve itself with the Evans injury but figured I would still check
QB: P Mahomes vs PIT or M Stafford @ MIN. Thinking Stafford with KC now having a COVID out break.
Thanks in advance

Mark D'Angelo
5 months ago

0.5 PPR, 6 PTs Per Passing TD. TNF
Including all my skills here so you have a sense of my lineup as a whole in this crucial semifinals game.
Need 5: Joe Mixon, James Robinson, Keenan Allen, Tony Pollard, Diggs, Foreman, AJ Brown, OBJ, Gabe Davis (My locks right now are Robinson, Allen, and Diggs, followed by Mixon (I have Perine if he’s out), and then Pollard (home in a dome against a meh Defense). I know Brown is back but what can we expect from a guy who wasn’t playing well before injury? Foreman is getting it done as well, but still a huge question mark. OBJ showed us his floor yesterday.
Need 1 TE: Knox or Hunter Henry (Assuming Waller is out or limited so didn’t include him…I’m leaning Knox because of no Manny Sanders and his more sure role. Not a huge fan of the Bills offense right now @NE of all teams)
Need 1 DST: Miami DST @ NO, ATL DST vs DET, or PHI DST vs. NYG
Other League: 1 QB: Russ, Jimmy G, or Newton? (Russ at home against the lowly Bears right?)
Would you start Gabe Davis over Metcalf or DJ Moore (Thinking no but just double checking).
Thank you!

Mark D'Angelo
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

So I actually ended up going with AJ Brown. I just had a feeling. Worked out pretty good!!

Ashley Moser
5 months ago

1/2 PPR
1 QB: I think we both picked incorrectly last week but I survived by the skin of my teeth. Mahomes or Brady
1 RB: Zeke, Barkley, Chubb, M. Carter
1 Wr: Van Jefferson, Gallup, Tyler Johnson

Thanks and good luck in your leagues!

Ashley Moser
Reply to  Ashley Moser
5 months ago

Seems liek Brady has a big bounce back week after a stinker

William Morrison
5 months ago


Hi Jeff,

Thanks again for the help last week- I ended up starting Foreman and Jeff Wilson, benching Penny and Metcalf and won my way into the finals. Appreciate the help!

My league: non-PPR, 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex.

For this week, I’m stuck between whether to play which 3 of AJ Brown, Penny, Aiyuk, Swift, Metcalf, and Foreman. How would you rank them? I need a combo of high floor and high ceiling plays since my opponent in the finals always beats me historically.

Thanks again and happy holidays!

William Morrison
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Really, really appreciate the thought/analysis and help, Jeff! I’m super spooked to play Metcalf over Aiyuk, but here we goooo!!! Glad you agreed on starting AJ Brown.

Hey, however it turns, thanks a ton for all your help this year- means a lot that you do this! Hope you and your family have an awesome set of holidays!

William Morrison
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Real quick, Penny or Jeff Wilson?

William Morrison
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Thank you!!

William Morrison
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Merry Christmas Jeff!

I played AJ Brown and Wilson on TNF- thank you!

Now, emergency break-glass at my second QB spot with Lamar, Huntley, and Fields all out: Josh Johnson, Nick Foles, Ian Book, or Jake Fromm as the play for the highest ceiling? I’m leaning Johnson but maybe Book?

Thank you!!!

Will Finnegan
5 months ago

Tough, I lost Fournette too 👎🏻
First off hope you have a great holiday and you get a much deserved break!

.2 PPR
.2 per receiving/rushing first down
Rolling into the Semis with my lineup as
Aaron Jones
Tyler Conklin
W/t Chase
W/r/t Gibson

Would you move any of the above out for DK or AJB?
Worried about a DK dud/AJB rust but both are a big play waiting to happen
And quick follow up would you consider Albert O for Conklin? Or am I putting to much stock in a Lock/Albert O connection?

Again have a great holiday!

Richard Craven
5 months ago

Hey Jeff who do I start at my two flex spots.

Scary Terry, David Montgomery, myles Sanders, Kirk, or Hollywood?


Richard Craven
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Hey Jeff I want to say thank you for such a thorough answer to my question. I am trying to take down a tyrant in my league and I would say I’ve rebuilt a pretty beast squad. Deebo has already started the week right for me. Anyways good luck with all your leagues you made the championship in. I need this one badly. By the way I’m a die hard Ravens fan so hearing you like Hollywood 2nd best is music to my ears.

5 months ago

I’m stressing out a little bit!!!. ……I have Kelce as my only tight end.
I dropped my backup tight end a couple of weeks ago to pick up a kicker instead of drop red hot Nick Folk when he went on bye.
So I have No PPR std 10 man league. 2 rb, 2wr, te, flex
Waiver wire has: Jared Cook, Uzomah, Hooper, O’Shaughnessy,Njoku, Engram, Trautman.
Who do you like?
RB’s: Chubb, Helaire, Stevenson,
Waiver wire has Ronald Jones, Justin Jackson, Craig Reynolds

WR’s: Mike Williams, Van Jefferson, Marquise Brown, Michail Pittman
Waiver wire Russell Gage.

My wide receivers stunk it up in 15.
Should I go for Ronald Jones and do 3 backs and then 2 WR’s or 3 WR’s (With flex)
Which 2 or 3 WR’s do you like?

QB: start Hurts over Lamar?

Brad Fleck
5 months ago

Thursday Night Players

Hello Jeff, thanks for the solid fantasy help all year. I need some extra help this week. Lost Godwin , what WRs should I start pick 3. 1 pt ppr. H Renfrow, Brandon Aiyuk, Terry McLaurin or AJ Green? Or should I start just 2 WR and Flex Javonte Williams. Sorry for so many questions. Thanks again for getting me this far.

Donald Crawford
5 months ago

Big week
Standard scoring
1 QB
Allen hill or Mac Jones
Obviously Allen but just always worry about New England d
2 rb
Eckler j Robinson foreman Gordon j Williams edmunds
3 wr
Ab Patterson theilen mclaurn v Jefferson k Allen

Shawn Barberis
5 months ago


SafeLeagues SF/TE premium league. D. Forman or N. Fant?? Ty. Ure awesome.

Shawn Barberis
5 months ago

Ty again Jeff. No TNF.

SafeLeagues SF/TE premium. Cousins or Russ? D. Henderson or AK Dillon (already starting A. Jones). Gesicki and. D. Williams (KC) as options as well.

Ty Jeff!!

Glen Potter
5 months ago

Hey Jeff,
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays
Need some help for the playoffs. Made the #2 seed.
RB-Starting Javonte Williams but not sure on my RB2-Swift (if he plays), Dillon, Mike Davis
Also WR-Starting Lamb, Diggs and Deebo
Need help on Evans or Chase. I am starting Burrow so leaning Chase but he has tailed off lately-rookie wall? Evans has a tough matchup.

Thanks for all you do.

5 months ago

I’m in 0.5 PPR league 6 pt Passing TD 2 QB 2 RB 2 WR 2 Flex and one TE
This is who I’m starting right now. I feel like it’s my best line up but I’m unsure and makes me nervous. More worried about DK and AJ brown.

QBs Josh Allen and Tua
RBs Najee Harris Cordarrelle Patterson
WRs Davante Adams DK Metcalf
Flex CEH and AJ Brown
TE Tyler Conklin

Alt Options
Big Ben
Myles Gaskin
Aj Dillion
Miles Sanders
Chase Claypool
Devonta smith
Pat Friermuth (possibly missing)

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

5 months ago

Hello Jeff,
Thanks for the help all year.
In non-PPR:
TE: Kittle or Andrews?
QB: Brady or Lamar?
Flex: Jacobs, Dillon, Edmonds, Henderson, Julio or Mike Williams (starting Patterson/Mixon as RBs and Diggs/Cooper as WRs
Losing Fournette and Evans really hurt, but still confident in my title shot!!
Happy Hollydays!

Brigham Layman
5 months ago

TNF Non PPR 1 point per 20 yards Receiving/Rushing

So my team is in shambles thanks to injuries and Covid and I’m playing against a juggernaut of a team…

My biggest decision is either to play Jeff Wilson tonight or play AJ Dillon Saturday or Swift Sunday…normally I’d go Swift but we don’t know if he’s playing and all 3 RB play on different days so I’m pulling out my hair!

Secondly pick 2 Kyle Pitts, Goedert, AJ Brown (tonight)

Thank You Jeff and good luck to you too!!

Last edited 5 months ago by Brigham Layman
5 months ago

Hey Jeff, first Happy Holidays. Thanks for the help last week and in advance for this week. Brandon Cooks going on Covid really clouds two of my flex. While I’m going against toughest team in our league. Need two out of following. PPR, .25 per carry. Abdullah, Treadwell, Duke Johnson, the 3 Lions backs – Swift, Reynolds, Williams.

I’m leaning Abdullah – defined role, Moore out, script probably favor receiving back. I like Treadwell’s role but worried about tough Jets D. Probably not going with Duke – no clear role and tough D. Lions, of the 3 I’m leaning Reynolds as healthiest even if split

Reply to  sincityraider
5 months ago

So I guess I’m totally sticking with Abdullah and it comes down to Treadwell with the solid role but tough matchup or Reynolds with nice matchup but not sure of snaps. Probably not going with guys just returning from health issues or trusty Duke with other guys healthier.

Robbie Massie
5 months ago

Hey Jeff! Thanks for your help all season.
Need to start one RB out of the following:
Swift, Wilson, Mattison, Murray
Worried about Swift. Do I start Wilson tonight or wait and see with Swift and then pivot to Mattison or Murray if Swift is out?

5 months ago

Hey Jeff, big week taking on the top team in the league for a shot to go to the finals and pull off back to back titles.

Half Point PPR
Need 2 RBs 2 WRs 1 TE 1 Flex
Gibson vs Dall (probably closest to a must start but toe is scary)
Saquon vs Philly (been a rough stretch and now maybe Fromm at QB)
JeffWilson vs Tenn (own Mitchell and would trust him more in this spot, but Wilson’s snap share was great last week)
Stevenson vs Buff (hard to gauge with him and Harris up in the air)
Henderson vs Min (appears to have lost the job)
Edmonds vs Indy (only a real option is Connor sits)
Chuba vs TB ( can’t trust him)
DKMetcalf vs Chi
AJBrown vs SF (injury concern)
Mike Evans vs Car (injury concern)
AJGreen vs Indy
Kelce vs Pitt (waiting on covid update)
Goedert vs NYG (probably a must start if Kelce doesn’t play)
Pitts vs Det (tempting… and vs Lions)

As always appreciate the insight!
Happy Holidays!

5 months ago

TNF! Half PPR. Need two flex. Dontrell Hilliard, Craig Reynolds, Duke Johnson. I’m leaning Hilliard and Reynolds. Reynolds definitely if Swift out again. I don’t know how much of a role Hilliard will get tonight and if it will be more or less than Duke. If close usage expected, I’m leaning Hilliard because of matchup. Thanks

Reply to  sincityraider
5 months ago

I guess I’ll go Hilliard just in case all three Detroit backs play.

Patrick Hanley
5 months ago

Hello Jeff, happy holidays to you & your family! Made the semis but like many, my roster is a literal bloodbath of injuries. I have Lamar at QB & Kelce at TE, will be tough to win if they don’t suit up, my only other healthy QB option is Mac Jones vs Buf. I’m locked in with J Jefferson & Tee Higgins @ WR so my real conundrum where I can make an impact is at RB.

Here are my options:
(Standard scoring)
Note: SAT game for my GB RBs

RB – Pick 2
* A Jones Hm vs CLE
* AJ Dillon Hm vs CLE
* M Sanders Hm vs NYG
* Jamaal Williams @ ATL
* D Swift Hm @ ATL
(Current status is Jones & Sanders slightly dinged. Would like to roll with Sanders if healthy + one of GB backs but not sure which one. Jones is typically my preference but Dillon may be more solid play vs my matchup below. Williams could do well vs Atl but that Det backfield is highly volatile).

My opponents lineup, if helpful in making the calls is: Rodgers or Dak @ QB; Devonta Freeman & Gaskin @ RB; C Patterson & Boyd @ WR and Andrews @ TE

Thanks Jeff ✌🏼truly appreciate the site, all your insights, engagement & perspectives! In finals past 2 years, went 1&1, let’s make it 3 in a row to the finals & 3-1😀

Mike Wendland
5 months ago

I need to start 2 of this group, and need to swing for the fences this week as I’ll be without a starting QB, so I need extra points from the rest of the lineup:
Standard PPR, please pick 2:
Kamara vs MIA (usually a lock, but with Book under center I am worried)
Pollard vs WAS (probably the safest choice here, looked decent last week)
Penny vs CHI
TNF Jeff Wilson @TEN
or dark horse Craig Reynolds @ATL?

Thank you & good luck & Happy Holidays!

steve dumlao
5 months ago


12 Team 1pt PPR

Who do I start? Pick 2

AJ Brown TNF*
D’Andre Swift
Tim Patrick
Jakobi Meyers

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

5 months ago

Hey Jeff – thanks for your advice this year and Merry Christmas.
2QB superflex, PPR. For my 7 offensive positions (not counting kicker):
QB: J. Hurts
RB: A. Jones
RB: J. Williams
WR: CeeDee Lamb
WR: Justin Jefferson
WR: Jaylen Waddle
TE: Dawson Knox
Other players I could substitute for the above: B. Mayfield, Z. Wilson, D. Harris, M. Gesicki Would you swap out any of these 4? I’m torn between Gesicki/Knox and unsure about timeshare that Jones or Williams may have. D. Harris went off on Buffalo in first outing.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Andrew Walinsky
5 months ago

Happy holidays to you and yours! (Trying a shorter version of my original post.)

1ppr; 1pt/10yds rushing & receiving; 5pts/TD (12-team league)

I need to start 1RB, 3WR and 2flex. The RBs and WRs who are under consideration are as follows:

RB –

  • **Foreman vs SF**
  • **Wilson @ TEN**
  • Gibson @ DAL
  • Michel @ MIN
  • Jav.Williams @ LVR

WR –

  • J.Jefferson vs LAR
  • V.Jefferson @ MIN
  • **AJBrown vs SF**
  • Toney @ PHI
  • D.Johnson @ KC
  • Metcalf vs CHI
  • Mooney @ SEA

Due to injuries (both to my players above or their teammats that could impact my players’ snap count) my only clear start is J.Jefferson.

I’m leaning toward starting Wilson, Gibson, Jav.Williams, J.Jefferson, D.Johnson, Mooney. I would pivot to either Michel or Metcalf if Gibson is out.

My opponent’s lineup is weaker than normal due to COVID (Mahomes and Kamara are potentially downgraded due players around them being out and they have to start Mattison over Cook) so I am looking more for safety over ceiling.

Who would you start? TIA!

Robbie Massie
5 months ago

Hey Jeff! A quick update to the question below. You already answered Wilson in another post, but now that Cook is on the covid list should I wait for Mattison?
Need to start one RB out of the following:
Swift, Wilson, Mattison, Murray
Worried about Swift. Do I start Wilson tonight or wait and see with Swift and then pivot to Mattison or Murray if Swift is out?

5 months ago

Hey Jeff, another question if you’ve got thoughts on IDP:
DE/DT: Cam Jordan or Larry Ogunjobi
LB: CJ Mosley, Kyzir White or Robert Quinn (I think if Quinn gets 2 more sacks its a Bears single season record
DB: Carlton Davis, X. Howard or M. Lattimore


Ryan Macnamara
5 months ago

Hi Jeff, brutal week last week as I went down in 3 of 4 leagues as a top 2 seed in all of them. I think the 1st round byes are up for discussion next year! Horrific luck, but what can you do!?
PPR TE Premium Superflex league:

  • I am planning to starting the following players in a VERY flexible lineup configuration: Wentz, Barkley, Gibson, Miles Sanders, James Conner, Dionte Johnson, CeeDee Lamb, Tyler Lockett, Gronk and Dalton Shultz.
  • We start 11 players, so I am looking for one more to start out of the players I will list below. With the list of available players below, how would you rank them and would you start any of them over the guys I’ve listed above? Additionally, if any of the above players go out or get COVID (Lockett) I will need to pivot to another player, so a quick rank would be super helpful. Love my TE depth and with 1.5 PPR its tempting to put one of them in over my current guys.
  • Tyler Heinicke, Chase Edmonds, Damien Harris, Allen Robinson, Cole Kmet, Albert Okwuegbunam, Jared Cook

Thanks so much Jeff. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Steve Reyland
5 months ago

Playoff time!
Thanks for everything and have a Merry Christmas.
SFX, 1pt PPR, Standard scoring.
Need to start 6 from the following with a minimum of two from each WR and RB positions.
Mixon, Jacobs, DO Foreman, Craig Reynolds, Lindsay, Hubbard, Gainwell
Diggs, Lamb, McLaurin, Waddle, St. Brown
For the RBs I start Mixon. With Williams back I should probably avoid Reynolds in place of Jacobs who hasn’t done well lately. Foreman hasn’t been bad, but his matchup isn’t the best.
What’s your take?
For WRs I start the top four usually, but McLaurin has been disappointing and Diggs has a tough matchup. St. Brown has been really good. Does he play in place of McLaurin or Diggs. I lost Godwin. That was very sad.
I hope Kelce gets off the Covid list. I do have Fant, but it’s not nearly the same. I think Lock likes his former Mizzou team mate a lot which limits Fant. Sorry rambling here.
Any suggestions are certainly welcome.

Chad Gorick
5 months ago

Hey Jeff,
Would you rank Gage, Kirk and DK for this week?

Dale Norwood
5 months ago

PPR Flex. CEH or Thielen if he plays. I am leaning CEH based on KC likely getting up early on Pitt and using the rushing game more.

Chad Gorick
5 months ago

Am I crazy or does Julio not have any value this week? It just seems that him going out with a hamstring last week makes the odds very great that he runs two routes and is out again tonight.

Dale Norwood
5 months ago


SF or KC for Defense. Leaning KC but not sure why 🙂

Gregory Massa
5 months ago

Scraping the bottom of the barrel but here goes…
I need one RB to start out of:
Josh Jacobs
Javonte Williams
Devin Singletary
Darrell Henderson
I’m currently flip flopping between JWill and Jacobs, but leaning strongly toward JWill.

Jon Comrie
5 months ago

Full ppr

Lamb or Pittman?

Thanks again!

Michael B.
5 months ago

Hey Jeff, I have a tough decision to make in my semi-finals matchup. It’s a full point PPR league and I need two flex starters. My options are DJ Moore, Melvin Gordon, Darrell Henderson, Chase Claypool, and my hopeful longshot, D’Andre Swift. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, have a happy holiday!

Zachary Ringer
5 months ago

Start Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins? Dak has been disappointing as of late so wondering if I should sub in Cousins this week. I’m also starting Ceedee Lamb if that has any effect on the decision. Thanks!

Max Rappoport
5 months ago

*1 pt PPR league

Hey Jeff with your help I am now in the semi finals in my league for the first time!

I have some issues at my flex spots this week and need to pick two out of the following:

-Amari Cooper
-Odell Beckham Jr
-Van Jefferson
-Darnell Mooney
-DJ Moore
-I also have Deandre Swift who’s status is a bit unclear and I am unsure if I should even start him even if he is active?

Thanks as always hopefully I am back here next week for the championship!

Last edited 5 months ago by Max Rappoport
Max Rappoport
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Thanks Jeff! And yeah this is like playing roulette hopefully I hit the jackpot somehow! Thanks as always and Merry Christmas!

Stephen Atkinson
5 months ago

Happy Holidays Kemo!
My Kupp runneth over… He gave me a boost in my primary playoff series but going against him, I (at 7-7) barely loss to the top seed in round one. I just hope he can keep it up for two more weeks. He’s the reason I made the playoffs in this league.

QB – Mahomes
RB – Jacobs, CEH
WR – Kupp, Waddle, Hollywood
Flex – Leaning JRob for flex #1 but need my 2nd flex from Renfrow, Penny, or JaredPatt.

Renfrow was covered up by the Browns but was targeted several times in the RZ. Now going up against the Bronco DST. Penny left the game with a “tweak” and missed his shot at a TD but still only got about 35 yds. And Patterson subbed in for Gibson getting a late TD and might start if they decide to rest Antonio (half the reason I kept him on my roster).
Your insight is always appreciated and as I’m trying for my first trophy in this league since I won in it’s first season in 2012, I need all the help I can get. Thanks as always.

Stephen Atkinson
Reply to  Stephen Atkinson
5 months ago

Add in Gronk as my TE above. Hopefully that last minute trade of my late 2nd pays some dividends. I also have Marvin J who might see more action with Shenault out, but the way Trevor has been throwing, I don’t have any confidence there.

Stephen Atkinson
Reply to  Stephen Atkinson
5 months ago

Sorry about the add on comments – I have Jamaal Williams now off IR but might be part of a three man hydra for Detroit. I’ve also added Harry as an extra WR with Bourne possibly out, Rhamondre out, and Agholor missing the game as well making him probably the #2 WR for the Pats. Thx and apologies for the confusing additional messages.

Jim Rees
5 months ago

Hey, Jeff!
Playoff semi-final. Single QB, full point PPR. Starting Josh Allen, Kamara, and Jefferson. The rest is a hodgepodge…I need 1 WR, 1 TE and 2 Flex from the following:

  • Chase Edmonds vs Indianapolis (maybe if Conner does not play?)
  • Craig Reynolds, Jamaal Williams or D’Andre Swift at Atlanta (lots of questions here)
  • Russell Gage vs Detroit
  • Christian Kirk vs Indianapolis
  • Jarvis Landry at Green Bay
  • Dallas Goedert vs NY Giants
  • Dawson Knox at New England

Leaning Gage and Kirk at WR and one of the Flex’s. Goedert at TE. The last Flex is the question. Could roll Knox, and I’d lean that way, even though the matchup is concerning. But, if there’s some clarity on Edmonds’ situation or the Detroit backfield, one of those players could be the choice. Swift in a normal situation would be the obvious play, but even if he’s back, if all three are there, it feels a little muddy. Thoughts? 🙂

5 months ago

Full PPR: Start DPJ against GB or Rashod Bateman against Cincy?

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Todd Gurley
5 months ago

Hello, Happy holidays from Todd! My team is a mess this week. Standard scoring .5 PPR
Select 1 RB, 2 WR, and 1 flex (either RB or WR) for 4 players total:

Damien Harris Vs BUF
Rhamondre Stevenson Vs BUF
Duke Johnson @NOS
Tony Pollard Vs WAS
Craig Reynolds @ATL

Byron Pringle Vs PIT
T.Y. Hilton @ARI
Jerry Jeudy @LVR

I’m leaning towards Damien Harris for RB, Pringle and Jeudy for WR, and Tony Pollard for flex. Though Duke Johnson sounds enticing… Thank you so much for any advice! Happy holidays!

Jason Hewitt
5 months ago

Currently starting Zeke, Gabriel Davis, C Kupp, D Goedert and Tyreek Hill.

Let’s hope Hill clears Covid in time.
Other options are Pollard, Engram, Robby Anderson, R Bateman

5 months ago

Once again, Happy Holidays to you and yours, Jeff. Haven’t come on here all season and Covid and injuries have me blitzing you last two weeks. Just lost Davis to covid now too. So, I’m wondering Mooney or Treadwell to WR? Again, had Treadwell out with matchup but don’t know if Mooney is a boom or bust with QB situation there. Flex – would it be smart to keep Duke Johnson in my back pocket in case Gibson can’t go? I know how bad his toe effected him before. Detroit backs – definitely have to use one now. Goff being out should help I hope. Going with Reynolds as healthiest. If I need to of the three and they all in should I trust Williams more with how much time Swift has missed? Hopefully Swift is out and makes it easier

Reply to  sincityraider
5 months ago

PPR .25 per carry. Sorry

Reply to  sincityraider
5 months ago

Well, I guess Foles at QB hampers Mooney’s value?

Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Ha yeah I saw Shenault out after posting.

Stephen Atkinson
5 months ago

While I wish FFWC would get rid of the DST slot and allow another offensive player, I don’t think they’ll be making any changes soon. So, here’s my weekly DST question for you to ponder.

I picked up the Chargers (@ Hou) on waivers after being outbid on KC. I have the Rams and Bears as well, originally thinking Chicago vs NYG in week 17. Both the Jags and the Jets (playing each other) are available on waivers for a last minute Sunday morning 10am Eastern time pickup, but the Jags have lost DE Allen their primary rusher. Are either of these worth a late pickup?

1) Stick with the LAC as planned or change DST?
2) If I stay with the LAC, do I play them vs Denver next week or stay with the Bears vs NYG?

The Chargers don’t have a great DST but the matchups seem pretty good. FFWC gives 1 pt for sacks but 2pts for either fumble recovery or INT. As usual, TD’s get you 6 pts.
With this being a three week total points playoff setup, I’m looking for any extra I can get. Thx.

Stephen Atkinson
Reply to  Stephen Atkinson
5 months ago

The Titans DST vs MIA in week 17 is also available on waivers.

Jobie Germano
5 months ago

Sir Jeffrey, I call upon thee!

lol Standard Scoring, Non-PPR

First, I keep picking wrong between Mahomes and Rodgers, I can’t even remember which one counts as ‘getting cute’ any longer. I’m leaning Mah…gers?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ (If stacks matter, I have WR Adams)

Need 2 RB: CPat, Maddison, Mixon/Perine and I’m leaning Patterson + Maddison

Need 1 WR: Gage, Pittman, Mooney and I’m most likely pairing Gage with Adams

They’re all just spokes on a wheel. This one’s on top, then that one’s on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground. (i.e., I’m the one on the ground!)

Jobie Germano
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

You didn’t let me down, moving on to the ‘Ship! Almost in both my leagues too, but 1 outta 2 ain’t bad!

Jobie Germano
5 months ago

Thank you Jeff! Standard Scoring, Non-PPR

I have to go with Stafford over Dak, right? Not really my question i guess, but what i need help with is FLEX. Please pick just one:

Gage (WR), Henderson (RB), or Parker (WR)

I *think* Gage vs. DET over Henderson vs. MIN… but they are a run funnel… but DET is better for wideouts… IDK, either is better than Parker vs. NO I assume… please help 😟😖

PS. Of note: are my flex options because I’m starting RoJo and AB, or is either of them a trap?

Jobie Germano
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Not to mention if I had started Dak I would have made it to the ‘Ship by 11 points. There was no point I even considered benching Stafford so no one’s fault but my own. At least I’m in the big game in my other league, 50% ain’t bad lol

Patrick Hanley
5 months ago

Hey Jeff, thanks for the input on my first round of RB questions – I will roll with A Jones and Sanders. Here is last Q, with both my TEs out (Kelce & Freiermuth), I can grab one of these guys below as a replacement. Kmet seemed the no brainer until the news came down that Fields won’t play.

I know TE is a crap shoot outside of the top few, but give me your first & second option, I can only pickup 1 – thanks in advance!

TE Cole Kmet Chi @ Sea (without Fields??)
J Oshaugnessy Jax @ NY Jets
Ricky Seals Jones Was @ Dal
Foster Moreau LV Raiders vs Den
Kyle Rudolph NYG @ PHI
David Njoku CLE @ GB
Albert Okwuegbunam Den @ LV
Blake Bell KC Pit

With Lamar out also, I have to start Mac jones at QB so need to swing for the fenced at all positions.

Patrick Hanley
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Thank you my friend! Kmet regardless of QB?

Patrick Hanley
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Nice! 👍🏼 That’s why you do what you do😂

Patrick Hanley
Reply to  Jeff Haverlack
5 months ago

Hey Jeff, do you stick with Kmet in the late game even with the blizzard??😂

5 months ago

PPR…need one

Thielen or Damien Harris

Harris wasn’t a consideration until Stevenson was ruled out. I’m still leaning Thielen, but looking for another opinion if both are ‘healthy’

Thanks for all your help this year!!

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