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We look at which players have rising devy stock after week one of college football.

Leddie Brown

The fantasy football stock market is constantly fluctuating and it is always important for us to stay on top of player stocks going up and downs. In devy stock market, each week I covet the best and worst performances of the week and how they impact the value of these players in devy fantasy football leagues.

Not Looking Purdy – Brock Purdy, QB Iowa State

Week one was not pretty for Purdy and Iowa State. Purdy was hyped by many, including myself as a possible first-round pick in 2020, but he did not look the part of a first-rounder against Louisiana, completing only 45.7% of his passes for 145 passing yards and an interception in the team’s 14-31 upset loss.

The poor week one performance provides a buying opportunity for those who aren’t all the way out on Purdy after week one. This is still the same quarterback who had a 10.3 AY/A as a freshman and followed that up with nearly 4,000 yards and a 8.7 AY/A as a sophomore.

Devy players should avoid putting too much stock into one game, particularly as it came on opening week after one of the strangest off-seasons we’ve ever seen. I will be Purdy-shopping this week in the leagues I don’t roster him. His price can easily rise with one great Big 12 performance.

All-In on Kyren – Kyren Williams, RB Notre Dame

Williams had one of the most impressive opening weeks in college football, showing he will be the Notre Dame RB1 in 2020. Williams saw minimal action in 2019, playing in only two games, but he had the opportunity in week one and took advantage with 21 touches for 205 yards from scrimmage. He showed his big-play ability with two catches for 93 receiving yards.

Williams unowned outside the deepest of devy leagues, but he will be one of the top picks in devy leagues next off-season if we see more performances like week one.

Dykes Dialed In – Sean Dykes, TE Memphis

Fifth-year seniors are far from the devy radar, especially at a non-Power 5 school at Memphis. However, Dykes turned in a week one performance that should turn the heads of dynasty players.

Dykes had ten catches for 137 receiving yards and two touchdowns against Arkansas State. Those types of numbers are rare at the tight end position in college football, so Dykes is a player to watch over the next few weeks.

Cam’Ron Capitalizing – Cam’Ron Harris, RB Miami

DeeJay Dallas is now in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, putting junior Harris in the RB1 role for the Miami Hurricanes, and he is capitalizing on that opportunity early. After 576 yards in 2019, Harris started off 2020 with 134 yards and two touchdowns against UAB.

Harris’s week one success should set him up for continued volume early on in the season and he could be a top pick in rookie drafts in devy leagues if we see more of the same for the rest of 2020.

Leading-Man Leddie – Leddie Brown, RB West Virginia

Brown has had an uninspiring first two seasons of his college career, failing to eclipse 500 rushing yards or five yards per carry in either season. However, he had his best performance of his college career this weekend, leading all of college football with 12.3 yards per carry for 123 yards and two touchdowns.

With more big plays like in week one, Brown should see plenty of opportunity in future weeks, which could make him a possible pick in devy leagues next season.

Flying Cardinals – Dez Fitzpatrick, WR Louisville and Braden Smith, WR Louisville

Fitzpatrick has been on devy radar for a few years since his 699-receiving-yard and nine-touchdown- performance in his freshman season. He followed that up with two disappointing seasons, failing to match either of his freshman year totals in both. Fitzpatrick started off his senior campaign right with four catches for 110 receiving yards and a touchdown. As seems to be the theme this week, he could be a top rookie pick in devy leagues where he isn’t rostered.

While Fitzpatrick is the Louisville veteran, Braden Smith is the new man in town, and he showed out in his first game at Louisville, matching Fitzpatrick’s four catches for 110 receiving yards. This duo, along with Tutu Atwell, will be a wide receiver group to watch in 2020.

We want Moore, Moore, Moore – Joshua Moore, WR Texas

Moore saw minimal action in 2019, behind Collin Johnson and Devin Duvernay. With both players gone, Moore is in the driver’s seat to be Sam Ehlinger’s go-to man in 2020. The 6’1 sophomore had a big week one, leading the Longhorns with six catches for 127 receiving yards and a touchdown.

Ehlinger and the Longhorns look to be an explosive offense in 2020 and Moore will likely be leading the charge at wide receiver, making an intriguing option in devy drafts next off-season.

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