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Jarrett Behar and Karl Safchick are joined by Rumford Johnny to talk about the incoming rookie WR’s & RB’s. Todd Gurley, Kevin White, Amari Cooper and other rookies are given special attention. As always the news of the week is covered as well.

Rumford Johnny ( @rumfordjohnny ) previously ran 2mugsff.com. Rummy has since decided to move on to new adventures. He’s started a new fantasy football podcast with Ray Summerlin @RMSummerlin called the Rummy & Ray Fantasy Football Podcast. Be sure to give the show a listen and hit him up on twitter with any questions.


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The DLF Podcast Team

Jarrett Behar, Host – @EyeOfTheGator
Karl Safchick, Co-Host – @karlsafchick
Eric Hardter, Co-Host – @EDH_27
Jason Blanton, Producer – @Jason_Blanton


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Oak Stone Ashes

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6 years ago

Hey guys Love the podcast listen every week. Dynasty devy league has 6 openings masters fantasy league with 2015 rookies are in the draft. MFL gold 60 league come draft !!!!!!! awesome site

Frank Cecil
6 years ago

Love the podcast’s guys. Keep um coming!

Karl Safchick
6 years ago

Thank you both. I appreciate the kind words.

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