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Jarrett and Karl are joined by Evan Silva of Rotoworld.com and the Fantasy Feast: Eatin Podcast. They discuss the latest events including news about Calvin Johnson, Odell Beckham Jr and Montee Ball. Evan joins in to discuss fantasy strategy and some specific players who’s values have changed since the start of the season.

You can always find Evan on twitter at @EvanSilva, so be sure to give him a follow.


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The DLF Podcast Team

Jarrett Behar, Host – @EyeOfTheGator
Tim Stafford, Co-Host – @dynastytim
Eric Hardter, Co-Host – @EDH_27
Karl Safchick, Co-Host – @karlsafchick
Jason Blanton, Producer – @Jason_Blanton


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Brendan Cooney
7 years ago

Hey guys, I submitted a review under the handle “Corey Washington”. Keep up the good work!

7 years ago

Thx for the comments on B.Quick.

Ive been looking for a good amount of confirmation to go after him in more of my leagues, and was wondering the cost, and wanted the DLF take – it still would be nice to see some articles of why the breakout. But i guess its simply the light tuning on for a small school guy you need to have patience on.

7 years ago

Hi guys !

Good work, keep it up 🙂
Just left a review under mersko75’s username in the French page of the podcast, but that’s useless until other frenchies left some reviews too …


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