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Jarrett Behar


This week Jarrett, Eric & Karl discuss the news and notes of the week, including some of the latest news out of the NFL training camp. It’s so nice to actually have real NFL news again!

The guys dive into Eric’s massive 2013 Pass Catchers Portfolio. They examine the data and some of the findings and conclusions which can be drawn from this in-depth analysis of all of the passing games from the entire 2013 season.

They also announce the return of the DLF Dynasty Podcast Listeners League, and get the first couple of new participants in the door. The second question and slot mentioned in the podcast are still unanswered and open!

As always, the DLF Podcast hosts are regularly available to answer your questions and share some insight on Twitter.

Jarrett Behar – @EyeOfTheGator
Tim Stafford – @dynastytim
Eric Hardter – @EDH_27
Karl Safchick – @karlsafchick



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