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The DLF IDP Rookie Draft Board


We’re right in the wheelhouse of draft coverage, so it’s time to unveil this year’s IDP Rookie Draft Board to follow last week’s wildly popular Offensive Rookie Draft Board.

The DLF IDP Rookie Draft Board is an interactive scouting tool for you to use for your evaluation of the rookie class, put together by own mysterious FFGhost. This board includes player cards for all the prospects that includes not only a write-up on their skill set, but also numerous highlight reels you can click to watch and evaluate for yourself. The Premium community will be able to comment on each of the players and share their own thoughts as well. The IDP Rookie Draft Board currently has over 100 defensive players featured to get you set for the NFL Draft in May. We feel this is the ultimate scouting tool for any dynasty enthusiast to use in order to have all the information possible to make educated decisions in upcoming rookie drafts.

The board is divided into six player positions that matter for standard fantasy drafts. The six lists cover Defensive Tackles/Nose Tackles, Defensive Ends, Outside Linebackers, Inside/ Middle Linebackers, Cornerbacks and Safeties. Each list is arranged according to how that player ranks within his position according to the Ghost’s film review.

Lists are great, but what about player analysis?

Well, we’ve got that covered as well. To read up on a player’s strengths and weakness, simply click on the card associated with the player you want to learn about. The card will expand to show you an individual player’s write-up as well as video clips of their play – this will allow the DLF audience a chance to see the player in action and possibly allow each of you to pick up on some things we didn’t catch. We’ve also included tags on each player’s card viewable from the list for the player’s individual card. There are six possible tags which include the following:

  • Green – Top 10 Prospect at Position
  • Yellow – No Game Tape Available
  • Orange – Character Concerns/Questions
  • Red – Fantasy Bargain Watch
  • Purple – College Injury
  • Blue – Small School Prospect

To access the DLF IDP Rookie Draft Board, just click here. Not yet a Premium subscriber? The IDP board, access to the Offensive Draft Board and nearly 500 exclusive articles we’ve created over the past year are available by clicking here and subscribing. The price right now is less than four cents an article, folks. Not per day, but per article. We’re pretty proud to continue offering the single best value in the business and add this tool to the arsenal.

Good luck in your rookie drafts!

Ken Kelly
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