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The Dynasty Aftermath: Week Seven

Welcome to DLF’s Dynasty Aftermath. This Tuesday staple has long been one of our signature pieces as we have a little fun after a tough week at the Dynasty League Football office. You’ll find this article will review the week’s happenings in a variety of ways and help set you up for the coming weeks as we spin around the league in the way we know best. After seven weeks, the contenders are starting to further set themselves apart from the pretenders in both reality and fantasy. Let’s take our weekly spin around the league!

Week Seven Fantasy MVP When Tampa Bay signed Vincent Jackson in the off-season, this is what they had in mind. Jackson exploded on Sunday to the tune of seven catches for 216 yards and a touchdown. He would have had a second score had he not been surprisingly caught from behind, but that was a huge performance nonetheless. Dynasty owners have to also love the 14 targets he had as well. Jackson tends to be a “boom or bust” type of player, but he does seem to be developing some chemistry with Josh Freeman.

Week Six Fantasy LVP You and I had as many points as Vernon Davis did this week. After beginning the season on fire, Davis now has just three catches for 36 yards over the past two weeks after his goose egg this week. Hey, at least he had a tackle on a turnover in IDP leagues! Yuck.

Lineup Fun The virtually unbeatable lineup of the week…

QB Drew Brees NO = 377 passing yards, four touchdowns, one interception
RB Chris Johnson TEN = 195 rushing yards, two touchdowns
RB Fred Jackson BUF = 8 catches, 120 total yards, one touchdown
RB Adrian Peterson MIN = 153 rushing yards, one touchdown
WR Vincent Jackson TB = 7 receptions, 216 yards, one touchdown
WR Randall Cobb GB = 8 receptions, 89 receiving yards, two touchdowns
WR Jordy Nelson GB = 8 receptions, 122 yards, one touchdown
TE  Rob Gronkowski = 6 receptions, 78 yards, two touchdowns

The dominant underdog lineup of the week…

QB Brandon Weeden CLE = 264 passing yards, two touchdowns
RB Shonn Greene NYJ = 6 catches, 88 total yards, one touchdown
RB LaRod Stephens-Howling ARI = 4 catches, 149 total yards, one touchdown
RB Rashad Jennings JAX = 7 catches, 102 total yards, one touchdown
WR Jeremy Kerley NYJ = 7 catches, 120 receiving yards
WR Santana Moss WAS = 3 catches, 67 yards, two touchdowns
WR Kevin Walter HOU = 4 catches, 74 yards, one touchdown
TE Logan Paulsen WAS = 4 catches, 76 yards

The unexpectedly horrible lineup of the week…

QB Russell Wilson SEA = 122 passing yards, no touchdowns, one interception
RB Maurice Jones-Drew = 6 rushing yards and a serious foot injury
RB DeAngelo Williams CAR 4 rushing yards on two carries
RB William Powell ARI = 18 total yards, one catch
WR Calvin Johnson DET =3 catches, 34 receiving yards
WR Sidney Rice SEA =  2 catches, 32 receiving yards
WR Brandon Lloyd NE = 1 catch, 6 receiving yards
TE Vernon Davis SF = One solo tackle (heh)

Gut Checks

I’d be worried if…

I own Brandon Lloyd in my dynasty league. It’s just not working right now with him and the Pats.

I was hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with William Powell.  He was benched this week after an early fumble and gave way to LaRod Stephens Howling, who actually played well. Time will tell, but he missed out on a nice opportunity this week.

I’m hoping for nice production from Alex Green. Yuck.

I think Chris Johnson has turned a corner and is an elite RB1 again. Sorry, we need to see a lot more than one game for that.

I have Greg Jennings on my dynasty team. The Packers seem to be doing just fine without him and it seems he may just be in another uniform next year, leaving Randall Cobb, James Jones and Jordy Nelson as the new “big three” for Aaron Rodgers.

I think Victor Cruz is ever going to slow down. Expect more salsas.

I have Maurice Jones-Drew in my dynasty league. Foot injuires aren’t fun and let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into a Darren McFadden-esque type of 2011 mess.

I expect this run of Shonn Greene to continue.

I have Cam Newton as my QB1.  Wouldn’t we all just like to swap out year one for year two in terms of his maturity?

I have any Panthers running back. This has become a total joke.  Hopefully a new GM can straighten things out, but they’re hands off for now.

I had hopes for using Nate Burleson for a bye week filler. That’s not happening, so the world will quickly find out about one Ryan Broyles.

I think Alfred Morris is going away soon.

I think Wes Welker is still in the doghouse.

I have hopes that Felix Jones can stay healthy through even an entire game.

Ken Kelly
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Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Opinions of Ryan Broyles, is he definitely an add in a 12 team league?

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Broyles should be one of the best slot guys out of the 2012 draft class. I think he’ll be really good, and he’ll see enough targets on a team that’s been punished at the RB position. I’d compare him to Kendall Wright at the moment.

Reply to  Sensei John Kreese
9 years ago

Definitely add Broyles if you can. I’d be surprised if he’s still available in most 12 team leagues, but I think he’s a must add if he somehow is.

I also like this guy a lot and think he has tons of potential, but I don’t quite think he’s on the same plane as Kendall Wright. Wright has already been a starter for some time and is the team leader in targets and receptions this season. He has the most experience at the slot but has already shown he can lineup anywhere and knows all the other positions. While I definitely want Broyles on my team because of his potential, its hard to compare him to what Wright has already shown, not to mention Wright was also considered a better talent out of college.

Hawks Nest 12th Man
9 years ago

Not quite ready to jump ship on Alex Green. He looked solid when he came in vs Indy after Benson went down. Houston and St. Louis are tough run Ds. This week vs the Jags I expect 100 total yards w/ TD. If he doesn’t produce this week I am definately concerned. Will hold on to him because starting rbs who get 20 touches a game are rare will just bump him to my rb4 or 5.

Reply to  Hawks Nest 12th Man
9 years ago

I don’t really know if I would say he looked good. He had one big run of 41 yards. The rest of it was 9 carries for 22 yards. If you eliminate that one big run from his season totals, he averages 2.3 YPC. If you take out his second biggest run of the season (15 yards), that average drops to 2.1 YPC and last week’s state line turns into 19 carries for 20 yards. He missed his chance.

Cobb, Starks, Kuhn, and maybe even Johnny White will all get carries next week.

Nicky B
9 years ago

Alfred Morris going away soon…. are you predicting an injury? Or are you referring to Shanna-hannigans? Because I like what I see on the field…

Matthew M
Reply to  Nicky B
9 years ago

I’d be worried if…
I think Alfred Morris is going away soon.

9 years ago

hey i need to know if R.Wlliams is worth stashing. He got dropped and i was thinking i could stash him and get that knee healthy. I don’t think we have really seen the real RW. I would like some input on this subject thank you

Reply to  tebow
9 years ago

im going to keep asking this until i get an answer. This guy is floating around and i dunno if i should grab him or not for next year

9 years ago

“I think Chris Johnson has turned a corner and is an elite RB1 again. Sorry, we need to see a lot more than one game for that.”

So the 141 yards against the #5 Run Defense (Texans) and the over 100 yards from scrimmage against the # 9 Run Defense (Steelers) don’t count?

I guess you just throw out the games that don’t help you’re argument?

CJ2k has been very solid in 3 out of the last 4 games. And oh BTW he happened to face the following teams with ranking of run defense.

Pats (8th)
Chargers (3rd)
Lions (15th)
Texans (5th)
Steelers (9th)
Vikings (11th)

Ok so the Bills suck yes we all realize this. But you cannot use the Bills defense as an excuse to why he did well and throw out the fact that he has faced some pretty good run defenses in the other games.

The bottom line is “Fantasy Experts” are so quick to say a guy is done that when the player proves them wrong they cant swallow their pride and say “Hey I was wrong”.

And dont even get me started on the Jennings comment. Greg Jennings is a great wr and is also injured. Jennings has played in WAY more games then he has missed and he always shows up.

Why dont you put a guy like Mathews or DMC in this article. To me I would be more worried as a Mathews owner then a Jennigs owner. At least Jennings will get healthy and produces when he is.

9 years ago

I want to pick up Broyles but I don’t know who to drop. I have inherited a terrible team in a dynasty league and have been loading up on young guys as they get dropped. Broyles is available, but I can’t choose anyone to drop for him.

I have…R Hillman, L Millar, B Powell, Jacquiz Rodgers, Jon Baldwin, B Pierce, D Richardson at the bottom of my team.

Is Broyles a step up on any of these guys now and/or long term???

Ken Dogson
Reply to  JJ
9 years ago

If I was in rebuild mode, then I would drop any and all of those guys for Broyles, except for Daryl Richardson, who is the clear future RB1 for STL.

Reply to  JJ
9 years ago

Bilal Powell looks like the easiest drop from that group

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