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NFL Draft Coverage for Premium Content Subscibers

We’re excited to announce our plans for the upcoming NFL draft to you, our premium content subscribers!

We wanted to do something different this year and make it exclusive for you as a special “thank you” for supporting DLF. During the draft, we’ll be offering LIVE pick-by-pick analysis in the form of a running article found right here in the Premium Content section of DLF. We’ll be updating this as the picks roll in (we’ll write as fast as we can) and give you our initial thoughts on the destinations, trades or anything else relevant all weekend, all with our trademark dynasty spin!

As we typically do, the normal NFL Draft Blog will be updated within the free content with a breakdown of each round the following day, but the premium content members will be the only ones with access to the LIVE pick-by-pick analysis found in the premium content section throughout draft weekend. We’ll also be moderating an ongoing chat session during the draft for all users of DLF, but only you will have the opportunity to make comments or share your insights on the article itself or in the Premium Forum.

In addition, we’ll be updating our rookie rankings right after the draft and creating a downloadable initial rookie draft cheat sheet next week (exclusive to our subscribers) for those of you who have drafts starting soon.

You didn’t just think we were going to sit around and WATCH, right?

Ken Kelly
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Pete Magz
10 years ago

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m pumped about this!

Robert Hoffman
10 years ago

This site is the best thing going IMO. Already well worth the price for premium content.

Jensen Ried
10 years ago

This will be amazing!!

Stephen Lee
10 years ago

Guys!- You are the best resource for us dynasty fantasy owners. I have a draft coming up May 6th- this will be invaluable help. Great job!

marvin marcotte
10 years ago

Sounds great

10 years ago

I will be logged on for this, I think this is a great Idea!

Reply to  JoJo
10 years ago

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. Should be a really fun time!

Kevin Powell
Reply to  Eric Dickens
10 years ago

I am working Thursday night, but every break I willing been checki into for all the updates.

Jeremy Upah
10 years ago

I love it!! I have my rook draft on April 30th, so that will be a huge bonus!
This is hands down, the best, dynasty site around.

Pete Benavides
10 years ago

This is freaking great! I’m so excited about this!

Ryan Krcil
10 years ago

What format are you guys going to do this? An article that is constantly updated? Hopefully it is mobile friendly since I will be on the road during the draft.

james farmer
10 years ago

Awesome guys

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