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Week Three Waiver Wire Pickups

1. Demaryius Thomas, WR, DEN (owned in 1.7% of leagues)

Thomas himself doubted he could play this week while still recovering from a foot injury. When he was declared active, most looked right past it. That won’t happen again after he posted eight catches, 97 yards and one touchdown in his pro debut. Not bad.

2. Bruce Gradkowski, QB, OAK (0.1%)

Hard to say what’s going to happen in Oakland with the quarterback controversy, but every quarterback who doesn’t play in Buffalo should be owned.

3. Brandon Pettigrew, TE, DET (1.2%)

Dynasty owners know a lot about Pettigrew. Mainstream fantasy players likely do now after he posted seven catches for 108 yards. Welcome back!

4. Jason Snelling, RB, ATL (3.4%)

Snelling is one of the most underrated backups in all of fantasy. He erupted for 186 combined yards and three touchdowns after Michael Turner was hurt. While Turner is expected back next week, this showing reminds us of just how effective Snelling can be.

5. Charlie Batch, QB, PIT (0.1%)

See: Gradkowski, Bruce

6. Golden Tate, WR, SEA (4.5%)

Tate is still very much a work in progress, but he had two big plays of at least 50 yards on Sunday that keep him on the fantasy radar.

7. Mark Sanchez, QB, NYJ (22.6%)

Sanchez has had quite the turnaround in the last six days. After looking awful in week one against the Ravens, he bounced back with three (yes, three!) touchdown passes against New England. While he shouldn’t come close to starting for your team yet, it’s conceivable he could grow into a bye week play this season.

8. Aaron Hernandez, TE, NE (3.5%)

The Jets have allowed two 100 yard receivers in around the past year and a half. One was Anquan Boldin. Want to guess the other?

9. Mike Tolbert, RB, SD (0.4%)

Speaking of running back injuries, Ryan Mathews left the game early with a foot injury for the Chargers. Tolbert did a great job of replacing him with 82 rushing yards and two scores. Mathews injury status is still unknown, but his handcuff is certainly no mystery.

10. Rashad Jennings, RB, JAX (26.2%)

Maybe the Jags really were serious about getting MJD some help.

11. Earl Bennett, WR, CHI (0.9%)

Five catches and 29 yards don’t excite you, but the Bears playing Devin Aromashodu mostly on special teams should give him some future opportunities.

12 Sean Weatherspoon, LB, ATL (0.2%)

Weatherspoon has fit in nicely with Atlanta and has posted 17 tackles and a sack in just two games thus far.

Keep in mind these weekly pickups are always going to be added to the ones we suggested from previous weeks.

13. DeShawn Wynn, RB, NO (0.2%)

Let’s not jump the gun on Reggie Bush’s injury, but Wynn could get some good time as the backup to Thomas if Bush misses extended action. Chris Ivory would also get a nice bump if Bush is out for a bit.

Week One
Week Two

Good luck this week!

Ken Kelly
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12 years ago

Isn’t Pettigrew’s Week 2 success a result of the Eagles putting a DB on Scheffler with Burleson out of the game and Detroit running 2 TE sets? Once Burleson returns to the lineup, don’t you think Scheffler will again have his mis-matches vs LBs? Detroit has said they see Scheffler as the pass catching TE of the two.

12 years ago

Also Demaryius Thomas only owned in 1.7% of leagues??? Where does that number come from? He’s rostered in every one of my dynasty leagues.

12 years ago

Hey just wanted to show you guys something funny that was posted in my league chat this week..

Him “Much respect to USS Nadir…Keiland Williams has been on your roster since Aug. 21? WOW…wp nh etc!”

Me: “the reason I had Keiland is before we had cut downs, I saw washington had a bunch of old bums, so snagged the only youth on the roster.” ( the real reason is I read about him in your articles in early august)”

HIm “Excellent work. Was literally stunned when I saw he wasn’t available!”

Who knows if Keiland will become a productive fantasy player or not, the point is this site is helping me make picks weeks ahead of my league mates. Thanks again, guys!

12 years ago

That makes my day…

12 years ago

I have had Keiland Williams on my roster since preseason week 3. Now that LJ is out of town and CP is hurting and avg 3.1 ypc there is a good chance he will see alot of action this weekend.

12 years ago

In a league with very short benches(4 Reserve spots), would you drop B. Scott for Keiland Williams?

Reply to  Denise
12 years ago

No, I think Scott is a little more proven and known. If Benson goes down, he’ll be a solid option.

12 years ago

and just so it’s not all sunshine and lollipops, I picked Wynn off the waivers ’cause of this article, and like 5 minutes later the saints cut him because of betts. LOL

12 years ago

Robert Bobson,
That’s because Chris Ivory is the better add from the Saints.

Reply to  Riders4Ever
12 years ago

Yeah,we’ve had Ivory down for a long time.


I pretty much figured he was already on rosters and have tried not to repeat myself in the waiver pickups.

He has some potential for sure…

12 years ago

and already been added far before now in my league

Reply to  RobertBobson
12 years ago

Yeah, the Wynn pickup was a shot in the dark. Didn’t work out so well!

12 years ago

ah well, that’s what the 24th spot on the roster is for! :}

12 years ago

who can believe there are so many brain injuries in the national football league lately. You guys to wonrder if its because the nfl swept it under the rug in the past, or is there a serious helmet issue.

12 years ago

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12 years ago

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