8 Responses to “The Forgotten Stud: Stedman Bailey”

  1. BigB says:

    Great piece! I’ve been high on Bailey since the draft, and thought he landed in a pretty good spot in StL. While I think his usage could increase, I think we’ve seen what Tavon’s role is going to be. I’ve never been very high on Givens, so while he probably doesn’t end up more than a WR2 at best for fantasy I could absolutely see Bailey getting the WR1 or co-WR1 role in that offense this year or next.

    • Ty Miller says:

      Thank you! I agree that Bailey has what it takes to be the top wide out in St. Louis, hopefully he gets the chance to prove it!


      • Slick says:

        great article Ty. I was also high on Stedman (I see the nickname Studman in his future) and your insight only added to my interest. The cool thing is I think he is one of the few who will truly fly under the radar until season starts due to offensive (pun intended) mess in STL. I was wondering if you could share more info/detail about targets/splits for when 1st part of 2013 when bradford was healthy? Another words, did they run alot of 3 wide sets, and who were the 3 wides? (givens, pettis, tavon )? versus when bailey played down the stretch? just trying to figure out depth chart/opportunity heading into training camp…

        I quickly checked ourlads and they have givens and pettis in 2 wide, with cook at TE, and quick and tavon has backups, with stedman 3rd string.

  2. Paul says:

    Bailey is still a guy you can get for damn near free. Drafted him last year when I could. I just hope he gets the opportunity. If we use last season as a gauge, it looks like he will get a lot of PT early.

    Nice article. Like the comps!

  3. Ben says:

    Nice work TY. Keep the good work coming.

  4. Gus Bazan says:

    ok great timing! i own kendall hunter and riley cooper ve been offered on two separate trades by different owners, steven ridley for cooper and stedman bailey for kendall hunter. thinking hard on accepting both thoughts?

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