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  1. Taylor says:

    Couldn’t be happier as both a Gordon & Cameron owner AND a Washington fan for Shanahan going to Cleveland. Hopefully they have an efficient QB this year, and I’d love to see them light up the AFC North! I’m curious how much you think who the starting QB is will impact both player’s production, as well as which QB in the draft you feel fits Shanahan’s systems the best?

    • Jeff Miller says:

      One of the things about Shanny and QB’s is that there isn’t a perfect fit. He had success with both Matt Schaub (coaching him to his best ever season in 2009) and RG3, who couldn’t be more different if they tried. So while I don’t care/think it matters what they do in the draft (QB-wise), the ideal fantasy situation would be Hoyer starting in 2014 while a rookie sits and watches. That isn’t an endorsement of Hoyer’s talent, but he is good enough not to crush our Gordon/Cameron hopes and dreams.

  2. Jeff Miller says:

    Oh, wow, Jeff, this was amazing. You are so talented and intelligent and handsome. DLF is very lucky to have you and should lavish you with opulent gifts, including, but not limited to, an indefinite bacon of the month club subscription.

  3. MattN says:

    Article delivers on the lolz. also informative. 😉

    curious about the 1.35% average inflationary increase in fantasy production over the last decade. To what do you attribute that? also are there any outliers from one single year to the next?

    I guess I’m looking to find why that is happening, whether it be due to the increasing love of a passing attack in the NFL, fantasy’s response to that w/ PPR becoming more popular format, or a combination of both. I suppose also whether the inflation is sustainable to expect it in future year.

  4. Jeff Miller says:

    Very good questions. I am actually working on a short blog explaining all of that. I am not sure it is appropriate to post on DLF (I will pitch it to the content master), but if not, I’ll get it posted online somewhere.

    The short answer is that it is a combo of a sharp increase in the number of plays run (there are 3.2 more passing attempts per game now than in 2003) combined with virtually no reduction in efficiency.

    Cheap plug: If you want updates on when this piece gets posted, follow me on Twitter @FFJeffM.

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