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  1. What would be an acceptable return for Mike Wallace? He’s been on my team since his 2nd year but I don’t like his role in Miami. I thought about trading him for a pick but I’m having trouble getting more than a 2nd rounder for him. So, I’m considering moving him for Bernard Pierce or Mark Ingram and getting a late round pick. Wallace had 930 yards and 5 TD’s in what will probably go down as the worst season of his career in Miami. He was so underused and ineffective that it is difficult for me to envision a scenario where he doesn’t improve. If he gets 70 more yards and 2 more TD’s next year he would likely be a top 15 WR. I was extremely high on Pierce going into last year but he disappointed epically. However, he may not have been healthy and as an Arian Foster and Ben Tate owner I know what Kubiak can do for a running game. Mark Ingram excites me because I was high on him in his draft year and I realize the sad truth, New Orleans is where young RB’s go to die. I think that Ingram, like Reggie Bush, could be great a star on any other team but the Saints. Reggie Bush was droppable until he left N.O. Ingram is a 2015 free agent and I would like to acquire him on the cheap now. What do you think I should do with Wallace????

    • ChiefsHonk says:

      I actually got Keenan Allen and Zac Stacy in the 2nd round last year but the year before I got Isaiah Pead and LaMichael James. Wallace is holding a 2nd round value over the last 2 years so I would keep him. He is a proven player who could easily have a 5 game hot streak and his value would go up and you could move him then.

    • phantasy5 says:

      I traded Wallace during the off-season last year b/c I wasn’t sold on Wallace and all the hype that went into him going to Miami. It turned out to go in my favor. I traded Wallace & Gerhart for Mathews & F. Davis. I think I did way better on that deal based on having Woodhead already! Toby & Fred were just throw ins to get it done which didn’t matter for either team although I dropped Davis he has Peterson which warrants having Gerhart.

  2. James says:

    Cordarelle Patterson – the most overrated fantasy WR since… ever.

    • I’m pretty impressed that Cordarelle Patterson dropped 9 total TD’s despite his lack of playing time and dysfunctional QB situation. However, the name that’s on the tip of your tongue is obviously Tyrone Calico.

      • James says:

        Problem is the majority of those TDs came on kick returns and runs – have fun banking on those out of your WR1.

        I’m loathe to base a person’s value after just a few weeks of production – Michael Crabtree comes to mind. Also, Flacco, Kaepernick, Maclin, Vick Ballard, etc.

        Sorry, I’m a traditionalist in that I want my WR1 to be an actual WR – not a glorified kick returner and occasional rusher.

        • Chris says:

          I agree. Hearing people talk about his “total” TD numbers makes no sense to me. You can’t count on returns and the screens will be figured out soon enough and get stuffed. Until he can prove he can catch passes and run routes consistently I’m going to keep in mind his downside is perhaps nearly as big as his upside. I’m not paying wr1 prices for a guy who may never be more than a wr3. You me he is a high end wr3 with potential to be a low wr1 right now.

          • bwitkowski says:

            Screens will not get figured out. I keep hearing people say that about both Patterson and Sammy Watkins. The screen game works because the defender can not manage the WR in bump and run coverage and thus play off the WR. If the defense wants to take away the screen game, it will open up the deep passing lanes. 2 of his 9 touchdowns came on returns so he managed 7 TDs in his last 6 games. Owners should be charging high WR2 prices and if you are not willing to pay it – you will not own him.

          • Chris says:

            That’s fine but who exactly is the deep threat defenses will have to worry about in MN? And if they do not draft a QB high, then what arm is throwing these dangerous deep passes? It is not as if the DB assigned to patterson is just going to disappear because there is a screen.

            Don’t get me wrong I think he might be a very good fantasy football asset by the end of the year, but he is not currently worth what people are rating him as. It is way easier to name a long list of “raw” WRs that did not succeed than it is to come up with those who did.

    • Willy J says:


      Just about all his big plays last year were either a kick return or a play designed to be like a kick return. Proof-


      If you want him as a top 15 WR good luck to you.

      • bigefat says:

        I did see at least 3 pass plays caught from terrible QBs for TDs! I’m not saying I want him as my WR1, but I do see blazing speed, awesome change of direction skills and obvious field vision! Give the kid a year or two to ACTUALLY learn his position on highest stage he can possibly play on with a decent (albeit unknown at this point) QB and you may have a huge stud on your hands! WR 10 is early in a start-up but I’m glad he is my WR4-5 depending on how you rank Cruz (or potentially trade him)!

        • Cordarelle Patterson is going to be a bust….in Canton. He wasn’t a full time receiver until the final 5 games of the season and in those 5 games he scored 3 receiving and 3 rushing TD’s on an offense that was so bad it can only improve. He may not be a star next year but he will be in due time. The point isn’t to compare him to the best WR’s in the game, yet! But, to the other young WR’s from his draft class and I wouldn’t trade him for Austin, Hunter and Hopkins combined or Keenan Allen either. I knew he was a stud the moment I watched his College video, I wish less people were talking about him. He’s 22, relax, give it time. There is no doubt he will one day be a major contributor in all fantasy leagues.

  3. Mike says:

    Hate to be so excited about situations that affect real peoe in real life, but as a Monte Ball owner I’m estatic.

    • MonteeOwner says:

      ditto. Pairing Montee with Ellington & Forte, I got a good chance at not sucking at RB this upcoming season. Now if Hopkins can just come around to mid WR2 that he’s teased so far…

      • James says:

        Montee is a similar RB to Knowshon (mediocre) and will be exposed when Peyton leaves. Good luck with that. Not to mention a little problem with fumbling the ball, a plodding nature, an inability to pass-protect, etc.

        I see a Wilson/Miller-like rise to Hype City USA with a similar outcome.

        • phantasy5 says:

          I beg to difer b/c ball security and pass protection are definitely correctable issues. If Ball can have a similar year as Moreno did this past year I’ll take that all next season long for an RB2!

    • phantasy5 says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth, I’m friggin’ pumped! I hope this is true about Moreno b/c that would suck if it wasn’t. This couldn’t come at a better time with CJ1K headed elsewhere it leaves my RB2 in question until this news! Wooohooo!

  4. Mike says:

    If Ball gets similar production as Moreno for a few years , I can live with that. If Ball’s hype and value skyrockets and I move him, I can live with that to. Pretty decent for a guy I had just as a “wait and see” bench player. Too much emphasis is put on when Peyton retires. Play for now, but don’t let the trees keep you from seeing the forest either.

  5. phantasy5 says:

    I could’ve kicked myself last year for turning down a deal that involved Moreno, Jordan Reed and Stevie J. for Andre Johnson and a pick! Or the fact that LeVeon Bell was on the board @ 1.03 and I chose Ball over him b/c of his injury at the time. Now I feel better that Ball will at least get his opportunity to produce in that prolific offense!

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