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  1. ChiefsHonk says:

    uggggh it is virtually impossible to aquire Jimmy Graham in my dynasty leagues. But i do have him in 1 league from the start up draft and he was somewhat of an enigma last year. He was the number 1 TE in fantasy but you wouldn’t have known it if you were counting on him every week. He had 2 100yd games, 1 of which was in week 17 and fantasy void. He only had 1 multiple TD game. Gronk was on pace to beat Jimmy by a landslide until he got hurt, and Witten was the TE that won games for you last year. I truly believe that Jimmy is still the TE to own in dynasty and your statement that he “possesses both elite ability and minimal risk” is spot on. Oh yeah and I have Spiller in that league too woohoo!

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Thanks Chiefs. As a Graham owner (granted in my redraft league), it was definitely frustrating. However, all signs are pointing up. He had a wrist injury that required surgery, but it’s said he’s already fully healed. Sean Payton is back calling the shots. Most importantly, with the Hernandez arrest and the Gronk surgery, he stands in a tier to himself. Now might be the lowest you can buy him for…

      • John Dodson says:

        Fully agree on all signs pointing to Jimmy as the #1 dynasty TE. Oh yeah, he’s also in a contract year. As if he needed any more upward-pointing indicators…

      • John Anderson says:

        Or is now the time to trade him for the farm?

        • ChiefsHonk says:

          I have been offered up to 4 1st round picks but i just can not part with him. Jimmy, AJ Green, and Spiller are my foundation in that particular league….now if I could only get a QB!

  2. Cy23 says:

    In all of my leagues, Colin K. is worth a lot more than the 1.01. Also, I prefer him to RGKnee due to the injury concerns.

    For the first question regarding him, I would definitely pick Colin at 1.01 and then look to trade him or Brees. It says you can’t trade draft picks, not players.

    For the second question, I agree with Spiller/Cobb as the top 2, so it comes down to whether you like RG3 or Colin. I prefer Colin, myself.

    And someone traded Nicks for Danario + stuff in one of my leagues this offseason. I was pissed.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Cy, I was basing my answer off June’s ADP data, where Bernard, Ball, Bell and Lacy are all being selected before Kaep (the ADP data is also generated from a 12-team, 1QB league). With the QB position being devalued, what if he can’t find a good trade partner? He already has Brees, who should be good for another 3-5 QB1 seasons, so I’d rather go with one of the young stud RB’s or WR’s…

  3. Chris in Chuck says:

    Regarding question #1 above:
    I disagree with nothing you wrote about Jimmy Graham but I would keep LeSean McCoy and CJ Spiller. RBs who score consistently are incredibly difficult to find in any format. While not a PPR league — TDs and passing yardage both still count — and both McCoy and Spiller should score as Top 8 backs regardless of format.

    Also, and this is dependent on the league, I would expect others to keep RBs. Therefore the number of replacement RBs available would likely be very low. If we look out at what is available in an 8 team league after 12 RBs are off the table, there is a very large drop in relative value.

    To me:
    McCoy + Dennis Pitta > Lamar Miller + Jimmy Graham

    • Eric Hardter says:

      I suppose it’ll come down to who the other owners keep. While I agree on the RB drop-off, depending on his draft position, he will likely be able to draft a RB1 caliber guy in the first round to pair with Spiller. However, there really is only one risk-free elite TE, and that’s Graham. Even with an injury in a down year, he was still the best out there. I’d rather have his upside, as putting Graham in your lineup is like having a WR at the TE position – it’s almost cheating!

  4. Derek says:

    I actually pulled my offer for Nicks. His injuries scare me to death and I also see Brown as a potential Cruz like WR. He was hurt most of last season w an ankle problem, huge for a WR that depends on his quickness. D.Thomas and R.Cobb are 1&2, so I like Brown and D.A better as a #3 than Nicks. I also have pick 1.04 which I can grab Austin or Hopkins. And by the way, I got the feeling the Nicks owner was going to do it, he had nothing behind Nicks except M.Austin!

    • Brad says:

      Make the trade then draft your insurance for a Nicks injury. Just my opinion.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      If he’s willing to take it, I think you need to pull the trigger here. Neither DX nor Brown have elite ability – Nicks does.

      • cbryantc says:

        DAx Does IMO. Id Keep Both Of Them And Trade Brown To The Pitt Fan Half Way Through The Season. And No Telling Who Is Throwing To Nicks Next Season.

        Stafford Dalton, R Bush, Spiller, Ivory, L Miller, Garcon, Cruz, Brown, Dx, Vereen, Leshoure, Torrey S, Bryce Brown, Nick Foles, Kendall H, H Miller, Pettigrew, J Stew, M Sanu. Hope Stafford rebounds. Wish I Had Enough To Get Graham, He Is The Difference Maker In Most Leagues When Healthy.

  5. Eric says:

    Re: Question 1

    Why even bother with that league? The cumulative starting rosters of the league feature 8 QBs, 16 RBs, 16 WRs, 8 TEs, and 8 FLEX.

    The only talent in winning that league is getting lucky that your guys don’t get injured.

    • Brad says:

      Because…him and his league mates have an interest in it? Just because you prefer a different format doesn’t mean they have to! *rolls eyes*

  6. Pete says:

    I just traded Jimmy Graham for Forte/Bowe/2014 1st. I like the deal for me because I am a high supporter of Bowe in a Reid offense. This is also a 2TE league but I like what I got.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Some might criticize because they’re scared away by age, but that’s a shortsighted approach – I like the deal for you. Graham is a beast, no doubt, but both Forte and Bowe are due for upticks in production due to the coaching changes. Your trade partner sold them at precisely the wrong time – it’s always prudent to let players accrue value, especially when they’re walking into better situations. You got two starters for one, and also a coveted 2014 pick to boot, nicely done!

      • ManuManu says:

        In a two TE league, I think Jimmy Graham is basically untouchable. But then again, I’m not high on Forte or Bowe.

  7. Robbo says:

    Was just offered graham and Bradford for Matt Ryan…Ryan won me a championship last year so I’m very hesitant to pull the trigger. What would u do

    • NFL247 says:

      Probably pass since Ryans floor may be Bradfords ceiling.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      If we’re talking about a smaller 1QB league, this is an easy accept for me! What is your league size, and what are the starting requirements?

      • Robbo says:

        10 person per league. U can start 2 abs and I already have cutler. Not sure how confident I’ll feel going into the season with those 2 guys. I also have pick 1.3….. I could take EJ or Geno for insurance in case one breaks out but I feel that’s way to early. I’m more interested in Bernard or lacy.

  8. German Cowboys says:

    i agree 100%. make the trade. Nicks is a beast , if healthy and he seems to be now. in your format, you got enough FA to manage a Nicks injury if happens.
    Brown is good, but who is sure how the Steelers Offense will do? bad O-Line, which makes Big Ben run for his life , he never played 16 games in recent years.. Wallace gone, only Sanders to take pressure away from Brown , plus Heath Miller nursing a major Injury, taking away another short and intermidate weapon , so no match up nightmare for opponent D. Rookie RB, who is overhyped in fantasy circels ( very nice situation indeed , but he dances alot around defenders and likes to take it to the outside, see college tapes, he won’t be able to do it with his average speed in a faster NFL world). The Steelers Offense does not scare me.
    D. Alexander, is good , but himself comes with high injury risk. Besides who considers the current Chargers Offense being explosive enough to make Alexander a stud over 16 games, he is a nice fil in guy, not more. Besides V. Brown is coming back ,could steal targets from him.

    Nicks for Brown and Alexander sounds very nice for me. Run and do the deal.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      Thanks Cowboys – I share your opinion completely. I like Antonio Brown, but I just don’t see the upside relative to a guy like Nicks. Large leagues boil down to how many studs you have, and Nicks is the only player in that deal with stud potential.

  9. Mike in KY says:

    RE: Question #3

    Assuming trading rules are changed prior to the draft as currently being discussed, would it be a good strategy to trade brees and take kap at 1.01? that’s the thinking right now

    what kind of players/draft picks should we target for brees?

    • ChiefsHonk says:

      Don’t do it, this is the year to own Saints fanatasy players. Last year was the year to own 49ers. I have Kaep in 2 dynasty leagues. 1 league i have Kaep and Luck in which I like Kaep to start this year and Luck next year and moving forward. The other league I have Peyton starting and Kaep + Russell Wilson on the bench. I have been shopping Kaep around because I think he has more value than Wilson but I like Wilson better as a long term QB. The best offer I ever got for Kaep was Witten and a 2nd. I also tried to trade my 1.01 for Kaep in another league and the guy rejected it so apparently he is worth more than that.

      • ChiefsHonk says:

        Just to add, I don’t think anyone that has Brees as a starting QB would trade him straight up for Kaep….I know I wouldn’t.

        • Mike in KY says:

          Thanks for the input. I don’t look at it as trading Brees for Kap straight up. I wouldn’t do that either. I was hoping to get rb/wr help. My rbs are lacking.

  10. JBrown says:

    Eric, Regarding question 3. I also have the 1.01 in my rookie/free agent draft in a PPR league. Was a bit surprised you chose those two over Tavon Austin. What is the reason you think those two will be better if you don’t mind me asking.

  11. archie says:

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