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  1. Donnie Smith says:

    I looked at building a ranking tool based on a similar philosophy but never really finished it.

    My idea was that you would input a set of base rankings for each position aswell as your league settings and current roster. The tool would then evaluate your roster (age, strength of position) and adjust the rankings based upon this.

    e.g. If you have a poorer quality roster it would realise you couldn’t win now and discount older players such as Gore, Wayne or Gonzalez.

  2. Seth says:

    Great article. I think you may be onto something here. I can certainly see the dynasty community moving toward this style of “rankings” rather than the linear rankings that, as you so accurately point out, miss the mark.

    With that said, do you have any groupings for RB and WR and TE?

  3. thekidcreol says:

    great article agree with just about everything(not as high on tannehill though) keep up good work

  4. 420allstars. says:

    “This particular article is submitted by a new Member Corner author, Mike Reardon”

    Great Job Mike! DLF should put you on the payroll and you can finish your work with the RB, WR and TE’s

  5. Ken Widerka says:

    Really liked the article and I completely agree with the idea.

  6. Ike says:

    Totally agree with this. Was actually able to draft Luck and Tannehill in last years draft so I am feeling pretty set at QB

    • Eric Williams says:

      Last year I traded (pre-draft) Matthew Stafford + Jermaine Gresham + Brandon LaFell for Drew Brees and Michael Crabtree.

      Then I drafted Andrew Luck.

      Sadly my other positions are not as talent rich, but we’re getting there.

  7. Steve says:

    Mike, good article, solid read. I tend to run through the same sort of thought process when drafting as well. Regarding the article I wanted to make one point though:

    “There is an inverse relationship between the quality of your “Starter” and the level of priority you should give to drafting an “Upsider.” If you have Rodgers or Cam Newton, you don’t need to spend a mid-round pick on Tannehill. You would be wiser to allocate that pick to another position and pick up a later quarterback in the draft for spot duty. With that said, if Tannehill falls too far and he’s likely to have considerable trade value when he develops in your league format, go right ahead. It’s simply less of a priority than it would be if you had a lower-ranked “Starter.”

    I play in mostly 16+ team leagues, so I found myself shaking my head a bit until I got to the “With that said” sentence. I believe your writing is dead on in 8-14 team leagues where QBs are easier to come by. However, I think for larger leagues it can be extremely beneficial to grab a QB like Tannehill to hope that he develops and possibly flip a guy like Cam or Rodgers (Luck as well) for an elite talent at another position.

    The deeper the league, the more spread out the talent gets, so if you can run an elite guy while developing another and then flip the more talented guy once the upside QB emerges it helps you corner more of the elite talent in the league imo.

    So I guess my point would be in deeper leagues I don’t think it is so much of an if he falls proposition, but something to actively try for.

    • Michael R. says:

      Hi Steve,

      I play in three 16 team leagues, and I agree, young QB’s with perceived upside are bricks of solid gold. The point I’m making here is simply explaining the relationship between the different roles, and to me it comes down to prioritization and opportunity cost. Yes, getting someone like Tannehill in a 16 team league is always good idea because he will be extremely value. The distinction I make is that if you have Andrew Luck as your starter, Tannehill is a luxury, while if you have Peyton Manning as your starter, he (or someone like him from the Upsider group) is pretty much a necessity.

  8. Eric Williams says:

    Anyone else feel like Tyler Wilson should be somewhere on that list? Probably the “upsider” group instead of Pryor.

    • Michael R. says:

      Agreed. The brunt of these rankings were done in preparation for the Dynasty Football World Championship startup I was in. I updated them for this article, but there may have been one or two oversights. Wilson is one of them, thanks.

  9. Hugo Poirier says:

    Great article. I have a similar system for my Dynasty, but not as complete and as well thought out. Are your rankings for RB and WR going to follow?

  10. Jordan Mearns says:

    Awesome article! I’d love to see how this would play out regarding the other positions as well.

  11. trey sands says:

    great read, I just finished my first dynasty start up and walked away with Rodgers Vick and Locker at the QB position. feel strong about the group.

  12. Chaetomorpha says:

    Wow good read, a friend told me about this site and after seeing articles like this I will definitely come back and read more. Nice job Mike!

  13. Josh Blunt says:

    Is everybody sleeping on Andy Dalton? He was pretty good last year add Eifert and Bernard, I can see him being a solid sleeper QB u can get real late!

  14. davis says:

    just wondering what your thoughts are on qb’s within the rankings with different ages. For example, on a team looking to win sooner rather than later, if they have roethlisberger or eli manning, is peyton someone they should look to acquire? or deal ben/eli for? If so, what are their relative values?

    • Michael R. says:

      Thinking in terms of “roles,” to put it simply, if you have a “win now” team, you should simply acquire the highest ranked “Starter” you can. If you’re more of a rebuilding team, you want to focus on getting an Upsider or two.

      Personally speaking, I’m usually more willing than my leaguemates to go with older players. I don’t mind having some positions set for 1-2 years, and I’ll worry about later, later.

      • Jim says:

        I agree with the older players. sometimes you can buy some time with older vets especially at QB even if they aren’t elite.

  15. invisibulman says:

    I created a tool for my salary cap league, but it could have applications in general ranking. I map my players by contract length (effective life) and their cap amount (value they contribute.) By doing so, I can see when my team value starts to run off and where I need to start filling in gaps.

  16. Carlos lira says:

    i like this article alot the only problem to be is the andy dalton clasification of a back up u cant say that yet hes 25 in the next 3 years if he doesnt get good then maybe but i mean you cant have 24 year old soon to be 25 ryan tannehil as an upsider and have 25 yeard dalton as a back up lol thats just stupid

    • Michael R. says:


      I’ll start off by saying that the main thrust of the article was not to provide my rankings, but more to provide my take on a better way to do them. I’m sure there are many specifics in my rankings that people will disagree with, as there always are with rankings.

      That said, they are my rankings, and I certainly do not mind at all speaking to them. The ranking of Dalton as a Backup may be a little harsh, but I am simply not sure that he has the tools to be someone I would ever feel good about starting. Tannehill does have those tools. It’s not really about age, I have several old players in the Upsider role, it’s about, well, upside.

      It’s certainly a legitimate point though, you’re not the first to point it out, and likely will not be the last. I will give it a close look when I update my rankings.

    • JBlake says:

      Carlos, before you call a DLF author stupid, you should probably put a little more effort into your comment, which reads like a 12-year-old’s text message. Please use punctuation or else it is very difficult to read. As Forrest Gump said “Stupid is as stupid does…”

      • sixshooter says:

        Huh……sounds to me more like you are like a Jr High Schooler tryin’ to pick a fight…..Everyone is entitled to their opinion and grammar should not be as big an issue as some try to make it out to be on a fantasy football blog! Before you criticize other’s comment, maybe you should read your own!

        Carlos did say it was a good article afterall! (Is that enough punctuation?) Some are better than others at getting their point across properly but I am sorry……your “you can’t fix stupid” comment was not warranted!

        Run Forrest……….RUN!!!!! Life is like a box of chocolates…..you never know what you’re gonna get!!!!

        Calling someone stupid for simply saying stupid in a comment in a blog is …..well……kind of contradictory don’t ya think?

        I actually believe Carlos had a valid point! Time will tell but I am hopeful that both will be good but I had Dalton in a 16 team re-draft league last year that helped me win high pts only to tank in the post season and…..I have Tannehill in my Dynasty league and am hopeful that he will be a capable backup QB to Luck for many years to come but who knows!

        Sorry…..now back to Football…..

  17. Mike Steidl says:

    Having Tannehill ahead of Dalton isn’t stupid. He just simply is higher on Tannehill. I’d certainly lean toward him as well. I like Dalton, but for some reason, I just feel like “that’s all there is”, you know?

  18. DJB says:

    I think Dalton is an upside play, I think he is getting underrated and is at least going to have a more productive season this year over last year with the offensive additions in Eifert and Bernard as well as a another year under center under his belt too.

    • sixshooter says:

      I agree…..not to mention a “hopefully healthy Sanu” and a guy named A.J. Green on the other side not to mention Gresham having another year under his belt as well as the addition of the law firm!

      Again, I am hopeful that both Dalton and Tannehill take a step up this year as they will both hopefully benefit my team in one form or another but Tannehill has a much bigger step to take in order to bypass Dalton. Nothing more…..nothing less!

  19. Jim says:

    Great read! I was a little surprised to see Josh Freeman so high up in the “upsider” list… pleasantly surprised, I might add, since he’s my 3rd QB behind Brees and Kaep in my dynasty. Thought Freeman’s stock was down after last year. Is the perception still that he has quite a bit of upside? Given my other two QB studs, I was thinking of floating Freeman as trade bait but I wasn’t sure what value I should expect in return. This is making me rethink my opinion of him… can you give a little insight as to why you have him as the #2 upside guy? Thanks Mike!

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