18 Responses to “Dynasty Debate: DeSean Jackson vs. Kendall Wright”

  1. Kevin DeSmedt says:

    Actually own both players. Love Kendall longterm, and acquired DJax this offseason because I thought/think he’s way under valued. He’s a fairly known commodity that certainly won’t hurt you as a WR3/4, with significant upside.

    • Mark Rockwell says:

      I argued for DJax, but own Wright. I still really like him. His YAC and lack of big plays bothered me. However, I think an underrated part of YAC is QB ball placement. They need to put the ball in a place where the WR can make a play and we all know Locker struggles with accuracy.

      • Michael Casinghino says:

        Well said. As someone who watched everyone of Crabtree’s games; he didn’t have any run after catch with Alex Smith throwing him the ball because he usually had to adjust to it and it took longer to get there.

  2. Kevin DeSmedt says:

    For sure. Also, a lot of the buzz around Kendall coming out, and the numerous Steve Smith comparisons, focussed on his ball skills. He has a 40 inch vert and was a stud basketball player. Not only can he take the top of a d, but he can go up and get it when need be. Hopefully we see that this year.

  3. kcDemonSlayer says:

    Chip Kelly’s uptempo system worked in college against slow, undersized PAC 12 defense’s. NFL guys are bigger and cover more ground a lot faster and actually jam receivers off the line…especially undersized receivers. I’m excited to see Chip Kelly get busy this year but I don’t think he will have the kind of success that he had in college…especially with an old dog like Vick under center…..no pun intended.

    • Mark Rockwell says:

      There are a lot of reasons his system might not work in the NFL, but like you said I’m excited to see him try.

  4. tebow says:

    i think Jackson has more talent and is one of my favorite players to watch but i think you can get KW for a lot cheaper…well at least in my league so i rather pay cheaper for a guy that might put up similar numbers than for a guy that already has an established name. If Britt can stop getting hurt/suspended it will help Wright by getting the lesser corner. They need to run more play action with CK2 and get Kendall down the field.

  5. SJ says:

    Give the option: I’ll always choose the featured player over the non-featured in a given offense. So that makes my pick for DJax easy here, well, for as long as Britt is on the Titans at least.

    Long-term, Wright is interesting but the same could be said about DJax as he’s still relatively young. I dont try to look past the next 3-4 years (if that long) in dynasty, given how much change and uncertainty can happen.

    What worries me with Wright is just like others have said on here, he really played more like a possession receiver than a big-play dynamo. No one ever confuses Jackson with a possession guy, so I like the big possibilities he brings to the table, even if he never lives up to it.

  6. Alan Bauerle says:

    All great points. Wright had to get his feet wet this past season. If he keeps up at this rate by year 3 he will have a the oppertunity to become a stud. 65 catches from shakey qb play is not a bad number. I feel like he can become a hybrid possesion/ deep ball guy. Once Locker improves his play KW’s numbers will. just go up. Nate Robinsons time in the sun is almost up and as long as KW play doesn’t regress he should see plenty of wr2 reps. DJax no doubt is a good player but his qb situation isn’t much better..I would love to see what would happen if KW played w a top 10 qb. Would be interesting.

  7. John Giles says:

    Jackson isn’t the best receiver in Philly, in my opinion. I think Macklin is better. Definitely Wright.

    • Mark Rockwell says:

      As far as being the best wr I agree. Maclin is more well rounded. He is bigger and better route runner. I was looking at more explosive and who fits the Kelly scheme better and I still think that’s Jackson.

      One could also argue Wright isn’t the best WR in Tennessee. Debatable I guess.

    • Mike D says:

      Neither Maclin or Jackson is a #1 WR in the NFL. For fantasy, at least with Jackson you know you’re getting a one-trick pony. I have no idea why Maclin gets so overrated each season. With the two guys in Philly you know what you’re getting, so depending on what your team needs, I’d take a shot on Wright over both them because of upside.

  8. TTT says:

    I think the whole issue about Wright being a possession receiver is really a moot point considering where he was drafted. You don’t take a guy in the 1st round to just sit and be a possession receiver his whole career. There has even been talk that TEN will draft a slot receiver so Wright can play the outside.

    Jackson is great as a WR 3/4 like people have said because he can put up huge games for you, but that’s the problem. He’s pretty inconsistent. He scored something like 50% of his points in 3 games. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have him as say a WR4 that I could plug in when need be. I just don’t know if the Chip Kelly offense will make him any less consistent.

    Even with Locker, the talk of new OC in TEN is to play a system that fits the players. That would mean Locker throwing quite a few deep balls, which Wright has the athleticism to go up and get. Not to mention I don’t think Wright is quite the injury risk that Jackson is. Wright has high WR2 potential, but, like anything else, that’s just an opinion. People will agree or disagree, but that’s what makes it fun.

  9. Sensei John Kreese says:

    I think that it is pretty obvious that Fitzpatrick will be starting by week 8. I’ll take Wright, but I like both this year.

  10. German Cowboys says:

    IMO, it comes down to how is the makeup of your team and what are you looking for , when you have to decide between DeSean Jackson and K. Wright.

    i only would consider one of them for depth, to fil in , to manage bye-weeks, etc. but never to start on weekly basis.

    DeSean Jackson was too inconsistent in the past , i think it was enough said about his talent, speed, injury-risk etc. i believe the only thing is going for Jackson right now to be on fantasy radar, is the Chip Kelly factor.

    Kendall Wright showed some flashes in his rookie season, i believe his talent and skills are good fit for the Titans, he could be used in different ways, as a possession, on the slot or even on the outside. If we assume that Britt will finally step up healthy enough and show up according to his talent and skills and with the help of more consistent running game by adding S. Greene to pair with CJ to give the Titans more options with the help of a better play-calling and the assumption that Locker or Fitzpatrick could play like an NFL-QB should play, then i prefer K. Wright over Jackson for the upside Wright gives me, as i do not buy too much into the Chip Kelly factor and as i still see the Eagles with too many holes.

    K. Wright would be the player i would consider as one whom i could roster on my bench to wait and see, if he breaks out fine , if not, no harm done. Wright comes with some risk. He is no player right now to be considered a starter.

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