13 Responses to “Unjustly Underrated: Larry Fitzgerald”

  1. Scott Peak says:

    Great article Steve. The data presented in encouraging, as I own Fitzgerald in one dynasty league. I was happy to see Arians get the head coaching job with Arizona. Hopefully he can help Kolb improve his game, and I hope we never have to see John Skelton and Ryan Lindley on the field ever again. If that happens, I’m going to Costco and buying a year supply of TUMS.

  2. James says:

    The whole premise of most of the article assumes that Kevin Kolb will be healthy for a whole season.

    He won’t be. Fitzgerald will suck again in 2013.

    • Steve Wyremski says:

      Not necessarily true.

      Either Kolb is starter or another QB would both be relevant to this article. As you may know, many are now speculating that Kolb may be gone. However, even if Kolb isn’t released, it appears likely Arians will bring in another QB regardless.

      The bottom line is that Skelton/Lindley are highly unlikely to be under center in 2013 which caused a mess in 2012. That’s the most important thing and positive indication for 2013.

      If Fitz can maintain top 15 QB with Kolb running the offense, that’s pretty telling itself.

  3. Rob says:

    I just hope this knocks his start up ADP way down, so I can cash in on an elite talent at a bargain price. I’m a believer in talent and Fitz is easily top 5-7 with some type of improved QB play.

    The NFL is an impatient league and the Cardinals will not run the same crap out there that they did a year ago.

    When everyone else keeps passing early on Fitz, I’ll gladly take him as he falls into the 3rd round and beyond.

    • Tim Stafford says:

      Well said.

    • Jimmy says:

      Again, you’re assuming too much. 1) That the O-line issues will be fixed. 2) That a better QB magically finds his way onto the roster and 3) Teams haven’t figured out how to shut Fitzgerald down as evidenced by THE ENTIRE 2012 SEASON.

      But if you’d like to pass on “guaranteed-to-produce” guys like Cruz, Harvin, Decker, Colston because you think Arizona’s finally figured it out? Well, I’ve got some beach-front property in Glendale to sell you.

      • Steve Wyremski says:

        All of these items are common items that are thrown in the face of Fitzgerald’s long-term value. They’re all addressed above.

        Fitz and the o-line issues don’t appear to correlate. The numbers above prove that.

        There is no doubt that the Cardinals, either through the draft or free agency, will add depth if Kolb is still around. If we see how awful Lindley and Skelton were, you better believe Arians does as well.

        Defenses didn’t magically figure out how to shut down Fitzgerald in 2012 – there weren’t any other options on that offense in 2012 that were dependable. There are several signs that’ll change in ’13.

      • Chad Scott says:

        Teams didn’t shut down Fitz.

        Of the 148 targets he got, only 76 of the were deemed catchable by pro football focus…that is pee wee football bad.

        Not only did they not throw catchable passes, his QBs threw 12 INTS when targeting him…most in the league.

        Arians will help fix this offense in one way or another…my guess is they roll with Kolb and he actually plays decently while adding another QB via draft/FA…

  4. Earl Sullivan says:

    What do you see Fitz’s value in an existing league? Low 1st? High 2nd + a young WR?

    • Steve Wyremski says:

      High first given this year’s crop and the fact there aren’t any big time players/studs. 1.2 – 1.4 at worst. In fact, I’d deal 1.2 and ~1.5 for him.

      • Earl Sullivan says:

        What if I was on a competitive team that had the 1.1? What could expect in return…Fitz + what?

        • Steve Wyremski says:

          I’d probably wait until after the combine when the rookie pick values will start to spike, but Fitz and an upside younger WR (Jeffery (maybe you need to kick in some more), V.Brown+, etc.) or a late first are reasonable. That’s what I’d personally accept, but the 1.1 pick ALWAYS ends up being overvalued and yields king’s ransom – I would push for it (i.e., Jeffery alone or a future first).

          I’d try to milk the 1.1 for all it’s worth and also push to attempt to drive Fitz’s value down based on common perception, the fact he’ll be 30 this season, and his perceived long-term situation.

          You’re in a position of power in these negotiations given where the 1.1 pick value is headed over the next few months and how it’s always viewed.

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