22 Responses to “Unjustly Underrated: Cecil Shorts”

  1. Wesley Wood says:

    Good read

  2. Ken Dogson says:

    Robinson is may be done.

    He’s avoiding light and has to leave the room when there are loud noises (his daughter crying). His wife wants him to be done if there is one more concussion.

    If they resign Shipley that’s the one I would worry about – there may not be enough targets for Shorts if Ship is in the lost, Blackmon is the WR1, and Lewis grabs his too.

    • Ken Dogson says:

      slot, not lost

    • Steve Wyremski says:

      Agreed re: Robinson. This was submitted just before that broke.

      As noted, with their attempts being at the bottom of the league, it’s hard to believe that they’d be anywhere south of where the team was in ’12. That should only mean more balls to go around.

      Even if the worst case is assumed, Shorts was succcessful with Shipley on the field towards the end of 2012 and they both saw a solid number of targets.

  3. Seth says:

    Where would you rank Shorts in non-PPR league? I traded Julio for Luck and Shorts late in the season in a 12 team dynasty league and plan on plugging in Shorts as my WR2/3.

    • Steve Wyremski says:

      Given his YPC and YAC, he’d make a very solid WR2 in non-PPR. I’d bump him up a few spots from my current WR23 ranking, but think he has similar upside to what was detailed above.

  4. sean mcguigan says:

    Two concussions in a month is extremely troubling one more bad one and he could be a Javid Best I would bewary here

    • voiceofunreason says:

      For there is some concern but people always bring this up every time a guy has a concussion. How many guys other than Best have left the game because of concussions? Steve Young is the only one I can think of. And how many guys get concussions every year? Dozens.

      • Steve says:

        It depends on the severity of the concussions. Given how quickly he came back from the first, I’m not too concerned at this point. It certainly is worth noting and keeping tabs on.

      • sean mcguigan says:

        Not two in a month though that is issue the lack of time btw them

        • Steve Wyremski says:

          That is an issue and why he was IR’d, but the severity does matter in the scheme of it all and long-term impact from what I’ve read.

    • Steve says:

      Re: Best comparison — Best had a history in college as well and his were NASTY hits. Severity is often a big deal with the concussions. Otherwise, I’d point to my comment above and that it needs to be monitored.

  5. Boomer says:

    He’s also not overly talented. He might be more of a ‘best of what a bad team has to put out there’. Not saying he’s terrible but I feel he’s just a guy.

    • Steve says:

      Can you unpack why you say he isn’t overly talented? What about him/his game suggests that to you?

      I’d argue that he’s YAC/YAC per catch suggests otherwise. Was he drafted high? No. I believe that was primarily due to the fact that he came from a D-III school.

      Time will tell, but I think there are a number of indications that he is in fact is a talented/increase potential type of WR (measurables, build is promising, and YAC).

  6. Bigd says:

    its jacksonville….how much can we really hope for? really his stats are outstanding but it is jacksonville. i will go for rs in a more pass friendly offense with a better qb situatio first

    • Steve Wyremski says:

      This may be exactly why he’s being pushed down to WR40 in rankings and mock drafts. If he did exactly what he did this past season, he’s WR 15. The gap between his current perceived value and that is tremendous. Jacksonville or not, guys are going to catch the ball.

      • Bigd says:

        i understand the meaning of the article and the value of shorts as in comparison to production, but with that being said, what happens now that blackmon (as the last article indicated) breaksout as the true #1, robinson may return as a comeback player/starter, or sharetime at least, shipley actually stays healthy for once…..and most importantly MJD comes back. i see what boomer says; he maybe “just a guy” at that point. i’m not saying that shorts cant produce or he has no upside as far as value goes. (i have him also) i’m just not making it a priority on resigning him, i’m using that as a sell high move while the precieved value is there. thats how i see the logic of jacksonville wrs. thanks for your comment steve, your input is always well recieved in my fantasy decisions, keep it up for us my good man.

    • Jacob Feldman says:

      Even a terrible team in today’s NFL throws for around 3000 yards and high teens for touchdowns. Someone needs to catch those passes. Ignoring the top target on a bad team in favor of the 3rd target on a good team doesn’t pay off most of the time.

      • Bigd says:

        no disrepect, but tell that to the guys that took fitzgerald in the second round last year? to many if ands and butts with jacksonville for me to think that hard on keeping a one for a top 3 wr on my team. i think i can get better value from him (shorts) via a trade then actually hoping he matches last years stats?

        • Steve Wyremski says:

          What type of trade value are you seeing for Shorts so far this offseason?

          I’ve seen two deals involving Shorts over the past few weeks in my leagues:

          1) Shorts/sugar for Torrey Smith

          2) Shorts for Housler/Da’Rick Rogers (TE pumped up scoring)

          To me, if we put aside site’s rankings… these don’t appear show a ton of return or cash-in value for Shorts.

          Side note and somewhat related to your post: I’ve been sifting through some #s on Fitzgerald recently and think I’ve found some interesting things. Will be putting that together in short time.

          • Bigd says:

            i just think shorts will take to much of a backseat when mjd is back and blackmon will dominate as a #1. the trade i’m looking at is for james jones wr GB. i say jones starts next year after his great season end this year. jennings is gone, cobb will flip from outside to slot, and jordy is very injury prone its seems, so jones could be the pure flanker or wr on this team? huge value for shorts if he’s a one hit wonder?

          • Much prefer Shorts in that situation.

            With Jennings out this year, Jones played a ton this if you take a look at his snap count. Still didn’t hit 1K yards and he’ll be 29 in March.

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