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  1. Chris TeBrake says:

    Looking at long term dynasty value, who is the best option of the 3? Which has the potential to be a solid WR#1 every week?
    Denarius Moore
    Eric Decker
    Randall Cobb


    • Aaron says:

      Extremely tough question! I would drop Decker from the discussion because he is the least talented when the day comes when he is without Manning. I consider Moore and Cobb equal in individual talent (and on the merits of pure reciever skills would actually prefer Moore), but would have to give the nodd to Cobb given his QB situation.

    • Brian says:

      Cobb for me. I have both Cobb and Moore on my dynasty team. I think Cobb is more talented than all of them. When you factor in that he is a return threat (my league doesn’t count return yards but they do give points for return TD’s) and also can get carries in the backfield. Cobb is showing you what he can do in that offense. I don’t know why people are discounting him so much. Jennings won’t be back next season and so Cobb’s role will be the same going forward. Since week 4 when Jennings went out of the lineup Cobb is the 5th WR in my dynasty league and has averaged 19.7 points per game. It helps to also be playing with the best fantasy QB in the game.

    • It’s between Moore and Cobb. Because we don’t know about Cobb’s ability over the long haul, I’m going to go with Moore in a very tight race. Moore has been very productive over a long period of time.

      No doubt Cobb is in a great offense with a great QB, but that won’t always translate into true WR1 totals.

    • I should have said “longer period of time”. Moore has looked great. Cobb has that great dynamic. Very close but I’m liking what I’m seeing from Moore as a WR1 for some time to come.

  2. Dave says:

    Shady got knocked out from the game with just under 2 minutes to go. So he was there the whole time. Reid is forcing the issue so he had Foles chuck it over 40 times. McCoy should have had a much bigger role. It was awful. That said, I’ve been a Skins fan all my life, so it wasn’t that awful 😉 HTTR

    RG3-sus!!! Our Savior!!!

  3. SJ says:

    Foles looked about as bad as any qb could be.

    ok, so maybe hes above the m.cassel, gabbert, hanie and skelton crowd, but is that really saying much?

    too much hype is based on preseason numbers. I’m quite tired off how often its blown out of proportion. i think more of the training camp buzz and team organized activities are more of a baseline for a given players talent. many times preseason number dont transfer over. there’s another example of that here with foles. i wonder if he’ll ever be better than the k.kolb tier. he’s look really awful, against even the low-end NFL defenses. at least the lockers, ponders of the world looked adequately talented out there. foles looks complete overwhelmed

    • Many, many QBs fail. I’m not holding anything against Foles other than he’s a young QB with a terrible O-line. It’s more a discussion about development. He’s going to get a chance eventually. For what it’s worth, after watching a lot of tape on him before the draft … I was far less impressed than I hoped to be at first glance. His foot work, mechanics and decision making were anything but satisfactory in my book.

  4. jonlambrecht says:


    No offense but it was his first start and he’s 23. Did Locker, Kolb, Ponder or any other rookie qb throw 46 times in their debue? NO. Also, one of his interceptions was a tip that was accurately thrown and should have been caught. Reid is a idiot for implementing that game plan. Who does that??? Unreal.

    SJ, Don’t read so much into one game (particularly one game from a rookie qb)… this is dynasty. The jury is still out on Foles. It was an under impressing game but I’d question the offensive approach way before I’d say “Foles looked about as bad as any qb could be”. It is what it is.

    (KFFL)The Washington Redskins defense sent at least five pass rushers on 21 of Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles’ 50 dropbacks in Week 11, and Foles finished 9-of-20 for 92 yards and both interceptions against added pressure with one int coming off a tipped pass. Washington’s 42 percent of dropbacks with added pressure was its second-highest percentage this season.

    • Cyrus says:

      I think Foles is overrated, regardless of where the jury is.

      More games will only give him more chance to prove it

    • SJ says:

      I dont really see your point here. So the redskins blitzed more often than usual this week, as most teams do with the eagles. So the Philly offensive line is really, really bad. I mean, all this we already know. I’m just saying that giving more opportunity to Foles is likely not going to amount to anything at all. You can give rookie, young QBs all the chances in the world, some of them just arent that good. Foles looked absolutely terrible whens hes been on the field this year. I dont see how anyone can debate that. If you really have faith in the guy, let him learn from the sidelines and try to win games to save your respective jobs. No nfl coaches continue to stay employed with 4-12, 5-11, 6-10 seasons.

      Just like any other position, groom your players in practice and then let them play the real deal when their ready.

      Foles is not ready. Everyone should see that. I really cannot believe putting him out there is a good thing. at all.

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