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  1. Nickdib says:

    what do you guys think of rob housler?

    • Housler is a GREAT stash. Heap is ancient and Housler is a perfect mistmatch TE. He’s at the top of my buy low/pickup list.

      • Ken Clein says:

        I agree, Housler is a good prospect, although he is in an offense that traditionally does not utilize the TE like New England or New Orleans does. I think that may limit his value if he stays in Arizona for a while.

        • Adam says:

          New England “traditionally” uses the TE? If you look at the stats for the pre Hernandez & Gronk area you might have a bit of trouble supporting that case.

          I can’t speak to Housler’s game or prospects, but if he can play the team will likely try to find a way to get him the ball. It kills me to say it but this is a copy cat league and the athletic mismatch causing TE is what teams are looking to incorporate into their scheme now, even the teams that don’t traditionally put an emphasis on getting the ball to the TE. Wiz also had some success with the TE position during his time as OC in Pittsburgh. I wouldn’t put a cap on any athletic TE based on where they are playing, unless they have a logjam ahead on the depth chart.

  2. Love the Sheppard call. I’m planning on writing a IDP sleeper/buy low article within the next few weeks and he was one on my list of many.

  3. C.Crane says:

    Kelvin Sheppard is on all 3 of my rosters #LSU #GeauxTigers

  4. tim says:

    Nice article.

    Couple of thoughts:
    Tate – Not sure he’s a buy low. He finished in the top-30 in my non-PPR plus he has the extra price baked in due to the fact that people still (despite any logic) like handcuffs to studs.

    Roberts/Rudolph – I think you nailed it on both. I have the RFA rights to both in my SC league and I plan to retain them if I can. Especially Roberts. I think he is poised for a break out and if by chance Peyton is healthy and goes there – sweet.

    Leinart – I respect your brass ones here! That’s all I’m going to say.

  5. Matt says:

    Good article,

    Anyone place any value in obtaining Laurent Robinson during the offseason?

    • Nickdib says:

      honestly i think this is the highest laurent robinson is gonna be in terms of value. I would put what he did this season as near his ceiling

    • Ken Clein says:

      Tough to gauge IMO. He definitely lifted his standing but he’ll never be a WR1 and as long as he’s in Dallas he won’t be a WR2. But he could repeat what he did last year.

  6. Joe Cooper says:

    I love the article but I can’t disagree more about Leinart. Nobody has had more opportunities to take the starting QB job and failed as miserably. Arizona was all in for years and he couldn’t take the job from Kurt Warner. Going to the IR after one start is not a fluke; it happened in Arizona as well. Check his free agency decision a year go. He could have left Houston to be a starter but he decided to keep holding the clipboard for another few years. Much like Jay Cutler, Matt Leinart does not care about playing football. He loves being a low effort backup. The only thing Leinart will beat T.J. Yates in is a bong ripping contest.

    • Ken Clein says:

      Fair enough, I can see that. The thing is though, there is no statute of limitations on opportunities. The opportunities he received in Arizona were when he was young and not prepared. I grant you, he screwed it up for sure, but he was very young and I think he remained in Houston because A) he realized he needed time to develop and B) he was on a great team. Nobody knows how he would have performed if he didn’t get hurt and he had an opportunity to lead a good team into the playoffs. Point is, he’s only 28, he has a much better feel for the game than he did when he was 22, and there is a good chance either in Houston as a backup to chronically-injured Matt Schaub or as a flier for some other team, he will get another opportunity. What he does with it, nobody knows, but he’ll get another shot and he’s worth a flier if you have space deep on your roster.

  7. Greg G. says:

    Fantasy brothers, I apreciate your feedback during this offseason. I am in a 12 team PPR league. I have both J. Finley and Hernandez. (TEs) Another owner wants Hernandez and offered B. Marshall, Owen Daniels, and a 3rd round pick. Good deal? Will Hernandez hold the same value with J. McDumbiels back in New England? Help!!! Thanks fellas.

    • Ken Clein says:

      I’d take that in a heartbeat. Finley is a great TE and to get Marshall, Daniels (solid backup for Finley) and a pick. IMO, you just got better.

  8. Wojo says:

    Shonne Green was again a disappointment this season. Is Bilal Powell a buy low target? And what about Da’rel Scott?

    • Ken Clein says:

      Da’rel Scott is a long shot, he has the speed but not much else. Not to say he can’t develop, but I see him more as a long shot then a next year productive guy. Powell is a better option, Tomlinson will be gone and someone has to get those carries. Powell is a better buy low than Scott.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Nice article! I just offered a cowboy lover Witten & Colston for D.Bowe, Rudolph & his 8th pick in the 1st round rook draft.
    This is a 16 team league with 1.5ppr. Am i getting enough back? What do you think?

    • Sensai_John_Kreese says:

      Tricky, but i like it. I’ll tell you why. Colston and Bowe are both free agents, If Colston leaves NO, it is debatable that where ever else he lands, he will be downgraded at least slightly. If Dwayne Bowe, also a free agent, leaves Kansas City, then it is almost assuredly a major upgrade. If you can also get a Michael Floyd type, for example, in the deal then i really like it.

      I would actually like to know myself what the DLF guys think about Colston landing on a different team, and whether or not they would consider it a downgrade, a push, or even an upgrade. The argument could be made for any of those assessments.

    • bob says:

      Would be a steal for you I’d say.

  10. Greg G. says:

    Couple of questions. Better outlook…Finley or Hernandez. Would you give up Finley and Wallace for McFadden.

    • Paul says:

      Finley and no.

    • bigd says:

      do not give finley and wallace for mcfadden. way too much…. i would go finley and a lesser rb or wr though. when mcfadden is healthy he could be a top 3 rb, top 5 for sure. i gave percy harvin straight up for mcfadden. i may have given too much, i have megatron, wes, and wallace for my starting wr corp, so percy was expendable to get a top rb. if you have hernandez, you can trade finley. hernandez is in an offense with gronk and wes, but look at what finley has to contend with also with those wrs GB has. and i hear that maybe next year young dj williams will be in a te split with finley also. if you get a deal of finley and leeser quality DO IT. mcfadden is at his alltime BUY LOW.

      • Paul says:

        Wish I could give up Harvin for Run DMC. You got a complete steal. The McFadden owner in my league isn’t nearly that dumb. McFaddens worth way more. I’d give up whichever TE the other owner values more and a pick or lower level WR/RB.

  11. bigd says:

    hang onto wallace…with haley it pitt as oc….they will fly in their passing game.

    • Matt says:

      I agree with the Haley take. Anyone think Chris Johnson is a buy low? Does he have 3-4 top 10 fantasy back years left, barring injury?

      • bigd says:

        i do see CJ as a low buy now, and he does have a good 3-5 top shelf life also. hey check this rumor out i heard on a ram blog. jeff fisher will deal the #2 overall pick to cleveland for their #4 overall. he’ll get their 2nd rounder as well and etc….? then he’ll trade the #4 to tennessee for CJ and another draft pick. tennessee aparently are not happy with johnson and his contract…..they will then draft richardson with the #4 spot??????sound far fetched????maybe. maybe not.

  12. Krcil says:

    What about Shipley who is also on the Cardinals. He showed decent ability in 2010. Do you not think he will fully recover from his torn ACL (I know it is a hard thing to come back from).

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