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  1. Wayne Fontes says:

    Should I trade away L. Blount and a TE (Olsen or Keller) for Chris Johnson? Probably wont keep a TE after season, so which TE of the two do you like going forward this season?

  2. tony says:

    pick rb,rb,rb/wr 1 ppr
    mendy v jags
    felix v pats
    s green v mia
    m manningham v bills
    g little v oak


  3. mike says:

    should I trade ray rice for felix jones and greg jennings in a ppr league. 10 team redraft league . I have manningham as my 3rd and of course you know he is killing me. Thanks in advance.

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      Interesting trade but I love Ray Rice too much. I hear what you’re saying though. If you are particularly deep at RB, okay … but I’m still not happy about it. :)

  4. Winters says:

    I just traded McGahee for Gronkowski and am exceedingly happy with myself.

  5. Ken says:

    which 2 would you start this week?

    Jordy Nelson(GB – WR)
    Mario Manningham(NYG – WR)
    Jonathan Stewart(Car – RB)
    Rob Gronkowski(NE – TE).

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      PPR? If so I ‘d go with Nelson and Gronk. Manningham looks terrible right now and they don’t trust him. I don’t trust Stewart yet and DWill is starting to make noise.

  6. Sensai_John_Kreese says:

    Shaub vs ravens or Flacco vs Texans?

    also, just want to go on record as saying, i am starting Greg Little this week, as its a pretty brutal bye week. My other options are Jonathan Stewart, Devone Bess or Lee Evans (if he plays)

    ppr league

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I’d start Bess in the PPR format but go with YOUR gut.

      Ugh. Flacco.

      • Sensai_John_Kreese says:

        little did pretty well for me, although he really should have scored that touchdown….i really like this kid

        I started Shaub, amazingly, both he AND Flacco both ended up with 15.1 points. No harm, no foul

  7. Coach says:

    Matt Schaub or Mark Sanchez?

    Also- Earnest Graham, James Starks or Tim Hightower

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      Schaub. I really don’t like Sanchez in fantasy. Schaub has a tough matchup and no AJ, but when you have Arian Foster, who needs WRs.

      Graham is an interesting play but I’d stick with Starks myself. Green Bay should be running the ball a lot this week against a terrible STL D. Graham could get more touches though and I’ve started Starks too many times.

      That said, I’d stick with Starks.

  8. Coach says:

    oh great… we are all screwed. nfl HGH testing beginning next week? cancel the season!

  9. Wojo says:

    My two quarterbacks are Matt Schaub and Matt Ryan. Looking forward to next year and beyond I have an opportunity to get Ryan Mallet of the waiver wire now.

    My question is since Brady is 34 and has several rings is Mallet someone I should pick up and stash on my dyansty team? New England’s reputation for picking athletes is unquestionable so my thought is that Mallet is the heir-apparent. Any thoughts on this issue would be most appreciated!!

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      I like Mallet’s long term value, could be 3-4 years out though. He’s definitely “stashable” and should be rostered in my mind. I wouldn’t break your back to do it but he’s worth a spot.

  10. Adam says:

    RB options are Jahvid Best, Felix Jones and James Starks. 0.75 per reception and a trivial 0.1 per carry. Need two.

    Leaning to sitting Starks, which is tough as a Packers fan and Starks jersey owner. Have Grant, Starks and Green under contract.

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      Best is a definite play. JOnes and Starks are a toss up. If Jones plays, I’d roll with him against that terrible NE “D”. Starks could surprise though and he’s fun to watch when he gets the carries. I applaud your objectivity … if I had his jersey and was a GB fan, I’d be starting him.

  11. Alan Bauerle says:

    Ok I got Stevan Ridley Jackie Battle Micheal Turner Ladanian Tomlinson and Reggie Bush. Which 2 do u start in standard scoring ppr dynasty league. Also Steve Johnson Mike Wallace Deon Branch Reggie Wayne n Preston Parker. Pick 3 please. Thank u for any input.

  12. PatsFan22 says:

    Haven’t been having much luck with TEs on my team. This week, I can either start Marcedes Lewis or Evan Moore. Thoughts?

  13. Mac says:

    Hi guys, would love some advice on the following. 1/2 PPR. Thanks —

    1. I need to sit one of these guys – Javhid Best, MJD, Ray Rice, Dez and Steve Smith. Which do you go with?
    2. pick one – Flacco, Freeman or Matt Ryan?
    3. pick one – Ridley, Ingram or James Starks?

    • Wayne Fontes says:

      1. Sit Jahvid
      2. Ryan
      3. Wow. Flip a coin

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      1. Sit Best … tough to do but I’d do it this week.
      2. Ryan is really ticking me off. I have both of those QBs on one team and I’m starting Flacco this week.
      3. Starks of those three and hope for the blowout against STL.

  14. Dan says:

    need some help with starters some input plz,

    Keller or Hernadez TE start one

    Wallace, S.Moss or B.Marshall start 2 one is wallace hands down but the number 2 in my question.

    RB, MJD, Turner and BJEG I’m thinking turner for sure they have great match up but again #2 is the hard one.

  15. C.M.Paradis says:

    So couple quick ones here…

    Would you start Keller vs MIA over Mike Williams vs NOS?

    And who’s the best flex play here, Keller or Hightower?

    • DLF_Jeff says:

      MWTB for me … I know, he’s underperformed but I wouldn’t sit him for Keller.

      Keller. I don’t trust that Hightower is going to get a ton of touches. I hate Shanahan.

  16. pierrefr says:

    Would you start Cruz or Branch?

  17. SteveR says:

    With Sims-Walker declared inactive, who would you start:

    Brandon Gibson or Michael Crabtree, looking for a bye week replacement this week. the league does not have PPR.

  18. Warrior Poet says:

    Nice write-up on Tebow! I think given time he can become a star, it took Vick many seasons and some prison to become a decent pocket quarterback. Tebow already has a strong character and if people start to believe in him, and work with him, he will develop properly. Go Tebow!

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