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  1. Warren says:

    My first year dynasty league’s ability to pick up players is over, but I had Bulger on my radar for the possibility of him ending up with the Cards. We only have twenty roster spots as of now in a 12 team league, but are expanding to 25 next year with a five round draft (no drops). I would have picked him up but didn’t have room with the current roster size. His upside could possibly be Kurt Warner type numbers in AZ with his downside being in the Hasselbeck area. Josh Johnson is very intriguing, given the possible situation, although I couldn’t see the Niners giving up more than a 4th for him. It seems Bulger’s landing with the Cards is slightly more of a possibility than Johnson’s landing with the 49ers. Good read.

  2. Dan says:

    Wow, i thought Bulger would’ve been a retired old man by now…I had know idea he was only 33…it seems like forever ago that he was chosen the starter over Warner…great read, thanks for the heads up on these guys.

  3. Camperhead says:

    Ah, now we’re getting into the deep end. Question: I’ve got a roster spot for one (maybe as many as two) of these. How would you rank the following in terms of stash-worthiness (1 pt for every 35 passing, 15 rushing, 15 receiving, or three catches)

    Marc Bulger
    Josh Johnson
    Charlie Whitehurst
    James Davis
    Tyrell Sutton
    Kareem Huggins

    • DLF Ken K says:

      What are your team goals for the short term? Are you a competitor or a builder? What do your QBs and RBs look like now?

      • Camperhead says:

        Just completed the second season of this league, and missed the playoffs by one game for the second straight year (again will be drafting fifth among ten teams).

        Currently rostered at those positions:
        QB – Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez, Chad Henne
        RB – Rashard Mendenhall, LeGarrette Blount, Ryan Torain, Mike Tolbert, Marion Barber, Donald Brown, Bernard Scott, Brandon Jackson, Rashad Jennings, Ben Tate, James Davis.

        Davis strikes me as the most immediately expendable right now. Just wondering if one of those others I listed might be more worthy of the roster spot (or perhaps I should be looking at one of the others as more droppable … Tate? Jackson? Brown?).

        One factor is that waiver moves are closed starting Feb. 1, keeper declarations and rookie/free agent draft won’t come until August.

        • DLF Ken K says:

          I’d rather have Johnson than Davis right now, even if it’s just temporary. I’d also look to find a taker for Henne if you can.

  4. Rick V says:

    I think another stash player is Billy Volek. He is a free agent, former starter who has said he would like to get a starting job again. Carolina needs help and the HC and OC are both coming from the Chargers staff so they are familiar with him.

  5. Chad says:

    Jerome Simpson…

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