14 Responses to “Week Seven Aftermath”

  1. Drew says:

    No David Gettis?

  2. Chad says:

    Yeah alot of people want to see James Davis get picked up by GB…I don’t see it. He wasn’t very good the first 3 games of the preseason…

  3. Rob says:

    So I just lost Romo and I’m thinking about picking up Kitna and Freeman, or maybe Bradford. I’m wondering which two I should pick up and thoughts about who I should start in a heavy bye week for my team. Help needed!

    • dlfkenk says:

      I’d say Freeman and Bradford right now.

      • Paradis says:

        how about Troy Smith getting the nod? Now, he’s no Vick, but there’s no lack of talent surrounding Smith. Could make for an interesting FF dynamic (don’t know if SF will necessarily start winning alot of games.

  4. REM says:

    I had Romo as my QB and now I’m in the market for a replacement. I was planning on adding Freeman, but another member in my league, sensing my predicament, offered kyle orton for MJD. My initial response was to pass on it since I can get a decent QB from FA, but upon further thought, MJDs season has been sporadic at best and I don’t see consistency developing in Jax anytime soon. I was wondering if you thought it may actually be a worthwhile trade???

    PPR league

    • DLF KenM says:

      I’d pass on that deal. Orton has been pretty good, but I think you’d be selling low on MJD. While I agree his best seasons may be behind him, I think he still holds some long term value (he is still only 25), and you could sell him for a lot higher if he puts together a few good games. If you can grab a decent QB or two off the wire, I’d go for that. Fitzpatrick would be ideal if by some chance he’s still available. After that, guys like Freeman, Bradford, Stafford… heck even Kitna, if any of them are out there, they would be solid acquisitions. Just bear in mind there are a lot of decent QB’s on bye’s and several notable QB injuries, so the competition for QB’s off the wire may be intense. Good luck!

  5. Warren says:

    Jimmy Graham should be a TE dynasty leaguers who are struggling at the position should be looking to add. I’m thinking Jermichael Finley-type upside by the time next season rolls around.

    • Paradis says:

      There’s no lack of hype surrounding Graham thats for sure. In my leagues at quest, he’s either owned or been picked up a number of times. He’s definitely a 2011 product though.

  6. Rob says:

    Need line-up advice: 0.5 PPR

    Pick 1: Freeman or Bradford (leaning Freeman)

    Pick 3: Lloyd, Colston, Meachem, Driver, or R. Bush (but doubt he’ll play or be worth it)

    I could drop a player or two above and considering Amendola, Gettis or Jones (GB) off FA

    Its a bad bye week for me and my back-up WRs have been hurting recently. Need your supreme wisdom.

    Love the site

  7. hector says:

    Heavy QB stat PPR auction non dynasty league
    U have to Start 2 QBs im 3-4

    been offered this trade
    Matt Moore
    Chris Johnson
    Wes Welker
    Matt Schaub
    Troy Smith
    Chris Ivory
    Jacoby Jones

    My QBs:
    T Smith

    any input please…

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