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  1. BPP says:

    Interesting that Andre Holmes ends up being “the others”. He’s the only one I would consider rostering in a dynasty at this point.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Sure, in hindsight I could have put him in there. I just think we’re looking at a situation where none of theses players are going to truly emerge. I don’t think we can count on any of them.

      • Luke says:

        Yeah I agree. They don’t call Oakland the black hole for no reason.

        Jones signing killed my sleeper hopes for Andre Holmes. Now I’m prepared to cut him from both of my dynasty squads.

  2. Buck master says:

    I was thinking the same thing!!! I like his chances of evolving as the year goes on. Oakland isn’t going to invest in Moore long term or they already would have. Jones is a band aid for a year and street er is average at best.

  3. BigD says:

    I think that Houston will take clowney and tandem him with watt and rebuild that defense. more teams will follow the lead of seattle when they proved again that a great defensive team will always beat a great offensive team. look at the facts….Denver may have been the greatest offensive team of alltime??? and seattle crushed them. seattle had a good ground game and a qb that could make plays and manage the offense to a tee. Houston has 2 good wrs, arian foster has a little gas left in the tank, and if they can have a dominating defense, they could win in that division? I say they bring in a guy like sanchez for a year or 2 and draft a qb in the 2nd rnd and take clowney in the first…..just my observation.

  4. Joe Roads says:

    Ok. I’m in a similar situation in that I also have Andre Holmes as well as Rod Streater. And, I too am disappointed that Oakland signed James Jones.

    And, maybe the Raiders will draft yet another WR in the first round… Sammy Watkins? Who knows? Frankly, who cares?

    What I have learned is that the receiver(s) that ends up playing are the ones that consistantly produce. Rod Streater has produced and improved through his first two seasons. And, I personally think he’s a very solid option to be targeted by Schaub. He’s got good hands and works as a possession receiver who can move the chains. I guess he and James Jones are alike in that way.

    Andre Holmes can make big plays and big time catches while stretching the field. He’s taller than Denarius Moore and presents a larger target down field.

    Both these players played very well during the second half of the season last year with lesser QBs throwing the ball. So, why would a better QB like Matt Schaub not allow both these receivers to excell with similar, if not better production this year?

    Because, they’re not on the field? Possibly. But, who’s to say that Denarius Moore will stay healthy? Or, that Holmes won’t end up over- taking Moore’s spot on the depth chart? Last thing I heard, Dennis Allen wasn’t all that impressed with Moore’s play. So, is it far fetched to think that by the time September rolls around that Andre Holmes could be lining up across from Jones?

    And, is James Jones really that great? He’s put up some nice numbers recently maybe because of who was throwing him the ball. Aaron Rodgers is the type of QB that can make a WR. Where as Matt Schaub is maybe the type of QB that flourishes from the talent around him. (i.e. Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, Arian Foster, etc.) And, my point is that Streater and Holmes, IMO, are talented. I think they can help Schaub regain the confidence he may have lost after that horrible season that he had last year. I think a fresh start and the silver and black will jump start whatever he’s got left and Matt Schaub will be that rock in the offense.

    I think the reality within our fantasy leagues is that we really have no clue as to what will unfold regarding the Raiders and their new found passing weopons. I’m not so sure that I am sold on this whole idea that Rod Streater and Andre Holmes are now obsolete. In fact, I still think that there’s a chance that both Holmes and Streater prevail as this teams two best WR options this year. I believe this simply because I think that they’re better than Jones and Moore. And, with Matt Schaub throwing them the ball, don’t be surprised if they both do what we originally hoped they would do.

    Besides, why roster any player if you don’t think they are talented? Both Rod Streater and Andre Holmes are talented WRs with the need for opportunity. And, in the NFL we learn every year that opportunity comes knocking at that very moment when you think there’s no chance in heck that they’ll get a chance. How could Oakland simply ignore how well both Holmes and Streater did last year? I just assume wait to see who really starts at WR week one. A lot can happen in six months. I wouldn’t go cutting anybody just yet.

    • phantasy5 says:

      Joe, with a due respect, I’d like to have some of what you’re smoking! I think the Raiders continue to be the worst franchise in the league with their decision making. If you think Matt Schaub, with alot lesser talent class is going to be the answer to turning this debacle of a team around, you’re not thinking clearly. I must say Holmes is the only guy there that’s worth a chance on, other than that, I’m not buying it!

    • cityslickers94 says:

      Joe Roads may be on to something…

      although overly optimistic, it could happen (just like decker could be fine as a jet and gerhart could be a RB2), this is ff. i think the most important takeaway is having a viable starting QB, can allow someone (if not 2 WRs) to emerge. remember not every guy will be a stud..we are looking for increases in value and oakland (though a pothole for talent) still has a legit shot for RB and 1-2 WRs to be legit starters.

      so dont sleep on them!

  5. just call me Joe says:


  6. Greg Carrier says:

    Don’t be too surprised if Schaub rebounds and has a decent year. He’s not that old, and I suspect the physical talent is still there. His problems last year were mostly mental. He needs a fresh start and a chance to get his head straightened out.

    • BigD says:

      2 problems with your theory…..1 its matt schaub. there are 32 starting qbs in the nfl. if your in a 12 man league there are probably 24 better. in my opinion…..2 its the raiders. which means there are 24 other teams that are better as well. just don’t waste your time. schaub is a backup at best, maybe? if you feel you must have him, wait till about the 14th round of your 14 rnd draft to get him.

      • Greg Carrier says:

        BigD — I wasn’t endorsing him as a starting fantasy QB. That’s crazy. He’s obviously a big risk even as a #2, partly because it’s the Raiders. I’m just saying that he threw some bad picks, it messed with his head, he threw some more, and lost all confidence. It’s possible to overcome something like that. I wouldn’t bet a roster spot on it, but the talent is still there. He was a pretty solid QB before that happened.

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