41 Responses to “Aaron Hernandez Released: Meet the New Patriots”

  1. Adam says:

    I love the work of this site, but I did have to chuckle during last week’s Podcast when Tim Stafford basically took a “nothing to see here approach” with Hernandez’s legal trouble and less than a week later and he has been released and the situation does not look good.

    Glad I don’t own him in any leagues, what a disaster for his owners.

    • Patrick says:

      It wasn’t just Tim. Pretty much every fantasy contributor I’ve read/heard on the situation saw Hernandez as a buy low candidate. Sometimes those risky moves pay off, but I sat this “opportunity” out & thankfully don’t own him in any leagues.

      • Scott says:

        Where there’s smoke there’s fire… anybody who thought that with a man dead last seen with Hernandez while at the same time Aaron Hernandez destroying potential evidence left and right… that nothing was gonna happen… is a fool…. smoke was last week… the fire is today.

    • Adam says:

      Patrick…oh I know it wasn’t just him, I was just using him as an example b/c when I heard that, I said to myself that this is a mess best to avoid. And with murder charges, he is likely done in the NFL.

      • phantasy5 says:

        I’m not so sure about that in this world we live in? It seems Ray Lewis was in the same situation and he road off in the sunset with a Super Bowl Championship! It all depends if he’s convicted of the murder or not, and even then there’s a chance he makes it back. Michael Vick made it back too and I realize it was dogs and not people but it’s still murder to me. Most dogs are better than some people out there. Just my opinion!

    • Brian Davis says:

      In Tim’s defense (not that he needs it), the podcast was recorded when everything was rumor. It came out at the same time as the police were basically knocking on AHern’s door. But at the time Tim said ‘nothing to see’, there really was nothing to see.

      • Adam says:

        Fair enough!

        That does make sense, I would have had to believe that anyone with their ear to the ground on this one would have been treading a little more carefully with how it would affect dynasty teams.

        You guys are awesome!

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Well, in the words of Ron Burgandy, “That escalated quickly.”

  2. Adam F says:

    This is terrible news for Hernandez owners, but I think there’s still a chance for him to come out of this.

    That Pats have egg on their faces after the big contract Hernandez signed and may have overreacted. If he can avoid jail time, could you see Hernandez coming back with another team? It seems to me like the Packers would love to upgrade over Finley and the Giants might be candidates as well, for example.

    If he could resurface, he might yet be worth a buy.

    • smcguiga says:

      Absolute best case scenario is he avoids jail time somehow and gets suspended for a year(yes will be that long). Probable is he get’s booked on murder one and does a lot of time……more than likely Herzandez’s NFL career is over…I own him and it sucks but I am being realistic. Dude probably did it or obstructed justice is such a way to do a lot of time anyway.

      Very Sad stuff….a human life lost and another promising career thrown away

    • ffdude says:

      forget it. he’s done. sad, sad situation. but ahern has zero fantasy value now.

  3. John says:

    On Amendola’s ADP rising:

    I would think his ADP would be going the other way. Without Gronk and Hernandez, Amendola’s situation is trending more towards his situation in STL where he was the only reliable target. That could mean Brady forcing him the ball and increasing the potential for injury (in STL, Amendola took a LOT of punishment across the middle because the defense knew who was getting the ball).

  4. Bill Rayfield says:

    Hernandez will never play another down in the NFL……..

  5. ShowMe says:

    After watching the arraignment, it’s clear that the only solid thing that the state really has on him are the 5 weapons charges. And Ray Lewis has proven that players DO, in fact, play again in the NFL.

    As far as the 1st degree murder charge, it looks circumstantial at best. They can place him (or at least his cell phone) at the scene of the crime, they have surveillance video of him with a gun prior to and after the crime, they have shell casings, but without a murder weapon, without a better motive than what the state charged, and without one or more of the other soon-to-be co-defendants copping a plea and actually testifying against him, it would be VERY VERY difficult to convict someone of 1ST DEGREE murder in this case.

    Had they charged him with conspiracy to commit murder, I think that could have been an easy conviction, but surprisingly that isn’t a charge in this case.

    Having said that, my opinion is that he is as guilty as OJ was. But, like all criminal cases, there MUST invariably be proof BEYOND reasonable doubt. And it will be an extremely large challenge for the Commonwealth to put the murder weapon in his hands.

    • DonQuixote says:

      Assuming that you’re correct about cell phone, video, shell casings etc: the degree of any murder charge is hardly the point. I could add proximity of location and other non proven evidence but he’s done and a man, presumably once a friend of his is dead. The Pats released him and they’re pretty smart!

  6. Jacob Feldman says:

    Some of you might be a bit young to remember this, but back in 2000 Ray Lewis was arrested and charged with murder. As time progressed, he turned state’s evidence and actually testified against someone else in the case, receiving only a misdemeanor obstruction of justice charge. 13 years later he is on his way to the Hall of Fame with multiple Super Bowl rings.

    Now, with that said, I think Hernandez is most like going to spend the rest of his life in prison, or at least the majority of his football prime. However, this is all still very early and there could be more to this story that we don’t know at this point. If the owner dropped him, what harm is there in picking him up for a few months to see what ends up happening?

    • Terminalkennedy says:

      I would feel sick owning a guy who did something like that. IF NE feels sick but you know, you’re cool with creating a team with guys like that, great.

      I just want to actually LIKE my team, because I created it the way I envision, with integrity.

      That’s the harm.

      • Jacob Feldman says:

        Unless I’m mistake, the United States still functions under the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Nothing has been proven yet in a court of law. Until he is proven guilty, he’s still innocent of murder and everything else.

        All I’m saying is let the process play out before you close the book on the guy.

  7. SJ says:

    I just cant believe how bizarre this story has been..

    Could he really be that blatant to just kill someone (over whatever reason), close to his home, and just expect to get away with it, like “no big deal”? I mean, I’m just flabbergasted at the lack of respect he has towards this. Then all the evidence…. my god.

    If its not him, he is so involved in the case. There is really no denying that. How in the world would he ever get out of that? The evidence seems to be quite damning.

    I just dont get it. Really? No one is that stupid. Really? Not possible is it? Has anyone ever heard this guy talk or give interviews? Is he that far from reality.

    • phantasy5 says:

      If I’m not mistaken, he’s been known to be associated with “gangs” in his past and their mentality is not of normal behavior. I’m not claiming to be an expert on this but I know enough about it to say they’ll kill someone for a lot less than whatever it was they fought about? It’s either over a woman, money or drugs is my guess! I know it’s hard to fathom but that’s the way they roll! It is truly SAD to see yet another athlete, that has the world by the balls, throw it all away by being involved with a crime. I know he’s not guilty until proven so, but it doesn’t look good for him.

  8. Preston says:

    Small thing I noticed (aside from the article content, ofc!):

    “These five individuals combined for 298 of Tom Brady’s 401 completions last season or 84%. ”

    I think that is actually 74%, not 84%.

    • Ken Kelly says:

      Wow, Preston is like Rainman! Thanks for catching that. It was likely my own mistake in editing, not Brian’s. Thanks!

  9. TheGloveDon'tFit says:

    Hernandez had character issues coming into the NFL. If I remember, he had some gang affiliations or at least some close friends did.

    But is there really enough evidence to convict this guy of murder? From what I have seen so far, I don’t think so. His maid/house scrubbers deleted most of the evidence! Obstruction of justice/spoliation of evidence is a definite guilty plea. That coupled with pleas on the weapons charges, and he might walk or do very little time with probation if the prosecutors dont think they have enough evidence to prove murder.

    Additionally, there was no bronco (or escalade nowadays) chase. That’s how you know the guy is guilty…or is it innocent?

    • Jeff Beran says:

      I don’t understand how anyone that watched/listened to the arraignment and heard the mountain of evidence they have against him could come away thinking anything other than he’s spending the rest of his life in prison. I’m just totally incapable of comprehending that point of view. To me, it’s on par with the Boston Marathon bombers’ mother coming out and saying that her sons were framed. Everybody is entitled to their opinions and I very well could be off-base if there turns out to be evidence that the defense has and/or finds which supports his innocence but I just can’t fathom him ever playing again at this point in time.

      • DonQuixote says:

        And don’t forget CSI. Sorry to be flippant.

      • Preston says:

        Yeah I agree Jeff, there is plenty of evidence. While the evidence presented yesterday was largely or all circumstantial, they pretty much eluded to the fact that they have someone to testify against him. They said they have someone who can say what was said in the car when the 4 were together before the murder, so that is going to be the slam dunk part. Prosecution clearly thinks they don’t even need the murder weapon to close this case, so the guys testimony must be pretty damning.

        Not going to dive into talk about the Boston Marathon Bombing, but I dont think the above view by ‘TheGloveDon’tFit’ is akin to their mother saying they are framed. We yet have no video details of anything in this case, and at the risk of sounding absurd, I’d implore you to look a bit harder at the marathon bombing.

        • Jeff Beran says:

          According to the state of Massachusetts, there is a bounty of video evidence. Open and shut case; it’s really that simple.

        • TheGloveDon'tFit says:

          “Is there enough evidence to convict this guy of murder? From what I have seen so far, I don’t think so.”

          That’s what I said. As of right now, based on the evidence that was brought forward in the arraignment process, there is no way he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

          Tomorrow, new evidence may come up. A video might be released. Or, if one of his friends that was in the car testifies against his, then there is a whole different situation.

          But as an attorney, and someone who believes in the Constitution of the United States, I think he is innocent until proven guilty. That arraignment was pure circumstantial evidence. AH owns a gun. He texts his friends to come get him. He says he can’t trust anyone. He leaves in a car with them. They pick up Lloyd. Drive him to gravel road and he is shot and killed. Bullet casings found.

          Now, someone tell me where in the evidence that we have so far, that they can say beyond a doubt that Hernandez pulled the trigger?! There were 2 other people in the car with him right? That is enough doubt right there.

          Maybe tomorrow there is new evidence. All I’m saying is that from what we know right now, and if a trial was today, I dont think there is enough evidence to convict, and the prosecution would want to get some sort of plea out of this. The prosecution is always going to say they have a key witness and they have video/recordings. Until they prove it, it doesnt matter.

          The new update with the connection to 2 murders from a year ago is interesting. That is their motive. But who pulled the trigger?

          • SitonmyDitka says:

            I remember when Donte Stallworth was driving drunk and killed someone. He plead guilty to manslaughter and got 30 days in jail. It’s not premeditated murder…but still. 30 Days? Plaxico shot himself in the leg and did much more time than that!

          • Jeff Beran says:

            “The prosecution is always going to say they have a key witness and they have video/recordings. Until they prove it, it doesnt matter.”

            I mean…they gave a pretty descriptive play by play of their video evidence, complete with time stamps. We haven’t seen a dead body, the busted rental car, the recovered text messages, the stockpile of weapons or any of the other evidence that led to these charges but I think it’s reasonable to assume that those things exist. Besides, the laws and rules of the US court system have never applied to the court of public opinion (for good reason, obviously) so I see no reason for this situation to be handled any differently. As a licensed engineer, I feel qualified to confidently express my own logical conclusions but I can respect your desire to take a wait-and-see approach.

  10. Doc says:

    I think that Zach Sudfeld could be a viable replacement for Henandez for a number of reasons. He doesn’t have elite measureables but is highly intelligent which is one of the most important things for a player to succeed in the NE offense.

    At Nevada’s pro day, Sudfeld ran the 40-yard dash in 4.77 and 4.71 seconds. He had a 9-foot-5 broad jump, a 4.48-second short shuttle and a 7.00-second three-cone drill time. He also performed 11 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press.

    The other thing that he brings to the party is his background as a good guy, something which NE really needs right now and something that Robert Kraft would love to embrace and promote. Not that this makes any difference to BB but could be a factor if his health and talent are comparable to the other TEs on the roster. I like him a lot more than Ballard who I like as a player for NE but not so much in FF, especially as a replacement for Hern.

    “As if that was not enough, there is the fact that Sudfeld already has traveled around the world, from Asia to Europe and elsewhere, not as a tourist to enjoy himself, but to build hospitals in impoverished areas to help the needy. ”

    Zach Sudfeld, the anti-Hernandez.

    • TradeHappy says:

      Are you kidding me a TE with only 11 reps that is really weak. You would think that he would never see the field. A big guy that weak would be a reliability on the field.
      I did 15 reps out of high school at 6′ and 190 lb.

  11. PV says:

    Glad I only paid Jared Cook for AHern last week Thursday and don’t need Hernandez for even my TE2 in the ONLY league I have him. Kinda wish I had Cook back though after today. I have to agree with the above comment of anyone who saw this as a ‘buy low’ opportunity and not ‘this is really bad, REALLY bad territory’ isn’t paying attention.

    • Deadly EFX says:

      I assume you include yourself?

      • PV says:

        Yes, I don’t view Jared Cook as buying low to get Hernandez last Thursday. That’s bottom basement, here you go just so I can have the 5% shot that he beats this. Considering that league we have Rudolph and Fleener in 14 team we could afford to get rid of Cook.

  12. Jordan says:

    I own this jackass in three of my leagues, one where I paid a pretty penny to acquire him as my TE1 back in March on a team that has (or DID) have a legitimate chance for a championship. Thanks for nothing Hernandez, I hope he rots.

    • Vince says:

      Yeah, I made an offer for him early in the offseason before all of this went down. Thankfully it got rejected. I have him in one league (keeper, not dynasty) and he’ll definitely be getting dumped.

  13. phil says:

    reading these comments on here i cant help but laugh….i am a hernandez owner and i hate that his value has plummeted!!!!
    However that is as far as i care…he is ONLY a fantasy football play for me and that is it…so what if he did it or didnt do it? all that matters to me is that im not gonna have him scoring me tons of points every week..so on to the next guy to step in for me before gronk comes back(who i also have)…when ur slaries come outthis wekend if ahern is cheap enough im gonna keep him…and root for him to beatthis now i guess….if nothing else butto prove once again how fucked our court system is these days!!!! so sudfeld huh?

  14. Jason says:

    Well… You can now count him as a suspect from a July 16, 2012 double murder. I’m not sure how anyone can think that this guy isn’t screwed. Obstruction of justice, “accidentally” shoots a guy in the face, 1st degree murder charges and now a suspect in a double murder charge.

  15. Brian says:

    “Vereen’s current ADP is found in the late tenthand early eleventh round.”

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your ADP, but in the June DLF mocks Vereen is going at 84 overall — right at the end of the 7th round.

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