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  1. Eric says:

    Trade question for a dynasty IDP league…

    Offer: I give Montee Ball + Michael Griffin; I get Kenny Vaccaro, Mychal Kendricks and his 2014 1st rd pick

    14-team league

    My RBs: Ball, B. Tate, Bernard, Ingram, B. Brown, Lattimore, L. Murray
    My LBs: J. Anderson, N. Perry, J. Freeman, S. Moore, P. Angerer, D. Washington*, M. Burris
    My DBs: M. Griffin, E. Thomas, C. Godfrey, D. Goldson

    Does the trade make sense? My LB corps is lacking so I’m putting a lot of hope in Kendricks surpassing expectations, but the 2014 1st will probably be at least in the 8-14 range.

    • Chris in Chuck says:

      You give a RB and nly get LBs back?
      That’s a horrible deal for you.

      If the pick were likely 1-3, then I could see doing it.
      But even then only if you have no confidence in Montee Ball.

      Otherwise, Ball’s trade value will only improve from the offseason.
      Wait until the pre-season or after he starts a few games.

    • Eric Hardter says:

      How do the IDP’s score relative to the IOP’s?

      • Eric says:

        Pretty aggressive. Scoring was set up so that IDPs actually had an impact rather than having a token IDP guy on your team.

        Start 4 LB, 3 DL, 3 DB. An IDP that can approach high tackle volumes will eclipse 200 while an elite RB/WR will approach, or eclipse, 300.

        The question comes down to whether Kendricks or Vaccaro will become guys that rack up tackles.

  2. NeverWideRight says:

    Trade/rebuild question. Start 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DL, 1LB, 1DB, 2 Flex Plays (you can only flex each position five times in the regular season and you can’t double flex any one position-ex. I can’t ever play 3 RB’s). Non-ppr with QB’s and WR’s having a decent scoring advantage due to our rules. I can keep 11 players in total but no more than two at each position. First, who do you think I should keep?

    I have: QB-Kaepernick/Cutler/Locker/Ponder
    RB-Ray Rice/Ryan Mathews/Jonathan Stewart
    WR-Mike Wallace/Kendall Wright/TY Hilton/Britt
    K-M. Crosby
    DL-Robert Quinn
    LB-Navorro Bowman
    DB-Eric Berry

    My team has been just about .500 for the last four years which is driving me crazy. I think most of the problem is I’ve been drafting by positional need rather than best talent available which I am focusing on fixing at this year’s draft. My other question is, since my team is mediocre what do you think about trading Rice for a player and picks? I’ve been offered McFadden and could probably get a 3rd this year and a 1st next year (I’m high on the 2014 draft class) in return. Is this solid addition by subtraction? Should I aim higher in my trade? Thanks!

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