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  1. Ben says:

    Very nice article. But I still can’t decide. Okay give me Dez. My #4 overall WR.

  2. david hedstrom says:

    Great job guys. This is one of the most well written, well thought articles I’ve seen in some time. This is an argument that to be honest I don’t think has a loser. For me I like Demary. But I’m not going to lie the presence of decker and meanings ability to spread the rock does leave me frustrated some Sundays. Again great article.

    • Chad Scott says:

      Thanks David. Decker is really my only concern as well with DT. It worked out well this season for both but can it sustain? Thanks again for reading!

  3. Todd Ransom says:

    Great article, and it shows how close these guys are. What is more interesting in debating them is they came out of the same draft and both were physical freaks. The only thing that I think is slightly skewed is their 40 times. I don’t think their long speed has that much of a difference with DT at a 4.3 and Dez at a 4.5. I remember Dez running his after missing most of the season and I believe he was out of shape at the time, and wasn’t that time for DT just a rumor? I thought he was injured and couldn’t run the 40 that off-season? Game speed Dez seems much faster then that.

    But as the article points out it’s splitting hairs. I think if Decker wasn’t there DT would have more “blow up” potential but since he is Dez is probably going to have more monster games in the near future. His last 8 games were pretty epic, he won a lot of games for owners during that stretch.

  4. Rob says:

    I’ve got both in my league! =) we had a startup auction in ’10 when both these guys were entering their rookie years and I snagged Demaryius for a couple bucks while forking out a pretty penny for Dez, who at the time looked like the second coming of not just Randy Moss, but the savior himself. Needless to say, it worked out splendidly last year. Look for both to build upon last season and post even better #s next year, particularly Demaryius. His potential w/ Manning is spooky.

  5. Cyrus says:

    For me, if I had to choose, I would choose Bryant. I love Thomas and think he could be great while Manning is QB.

    But the two things that persuade me are:
    1- Thomas and Bryant had similar stats, but Bryant was ramping up production. If he can continue producing even 80% of what he did in the last 8 weeks, he will outproduce Thomas.

    2- Thomas had 21 red zone targets while Bryant had only 14. Yet Bryant had 12 TD while Thomas had 10. Add to that the fact about DEN being in the red zone so often…

    I think DAL will improve this coming year, so Dez will get more red zone targets. To me, that means more TD’s.

  6. Dge says:

    This is all wrong!!!… Kate Upton blows Katy Perry away. They aren’t even in the same league. There’s no comparison. Terrible article! 😉

  7. Robert says:

    Lol to bge. Most people don’t realize Thomas and Bryant are actually genetic clones! Check Thomas’ birth certificate–DEZMARYIUS!

  8. VoiceofUnreason says:

    You take DT 100% of the time. Why? Because the next time Dez gets arrested you’ll get him half off. People have such short memories and also get so scared the second anything bad happens.

  9. Robert says:

    Love ’em both, but I’ll take Dez. YACMonster! He’s like King Kong, swatting away DBs.

  10. Justin Kilmer says:

    Great Article!!!! Dge, Kate Upton and Katy Perry are both hot!

  11. Ryan Throckmorton says:

    My question is this, and I don’t mean to insinuate nything by it but rather simply provoke thought and debate:

    Throughout comments, articles, and the forums, I have read numerous quips about Kaepernick’s value and concerns over sample size — the last half of last season, in effect…

    …Taking that same position statement, can one not translate it pretty comfortably to Dez? It seems to me his last half of the year has allowed folks to, on one hand, dismiss his poor play prior to, and elevate him to top 5-6ish WR territory; but, on the other, the same is not being done with Kaep….

    That said, I am doing somewhat the oopposite in my taking Dem here but also not worrying about Kaep’s sample size. Give me Dem, Dez worries me too much.

    • Chad Scott says:

      I you bring up a valid point but I think the difference is the league will now have an entire offseason to study Kaep. I tend to think he’ll be just fine, but there is some concern there for him, Wilson, and Griffin…I’d think.

      As far as Bryant goes, he’s always been a top 5 WR physically…he just finally ‘got it’ mentally now. When Tony Romo made reference to him actually knowing how to play the game and run the correct routes, I took a lot of stock in that- and it obviously showed in his last 8 games.

      I’m not saying Dez will ever replicate that again…but I’m not saying he won’t either.

      And again, I can’t blame anyone for taking DT over him…either way, you’re going to be set. Thanks so much for reading AND commenting, Ryan.

      • Ryan Throckmorton says:

        Well thank you for the thank you Chad!

        See, one comment of yours somewhat strikes me unnervingly, if you will. Dez was always a top 5 PHYSICAL player…

        …really? Since when did value remain constant or only moving upward because of a physical capacity when the actual production on field was so lackluster?

        I have been tremendously hard pressed to find aplayer in relatively recent memory to do this to owners — he is so talented physically, he just loos so good in a uniform, but his on field production has truly been abhorrent until this past end year.

        Take Ryan Mathews – physically taleneted? Murray, same? DMC, same? There are probably many, mahy others…

        None of those guys command this same fan fare while being so lackuster in production for multiple years now but equally being physical specimens.

        • Ryan Throckmorton says:

          Y’know, I thought more on this and as a philosophy/neuropsych/psych guy, I wanted to say the fan fare I speak of above is probably just a matter of recency effect with a tinge of self serving biases from those who were believers in Dez from the start.

          • Cyrus says:

            Nope. Dez was always a physical beast. Kind of like the hype Crabtree had during college, Dez had massive hype during college.

            Now that they both seem to be producing, the people that loved them in college and think they are physical freaks are valuing them highly again.

            Dez only dropped in the draft due to maturity and mental issues; Thomas going ahead of him was kind of a shock. I think Thomas is a physical freak too, so that doesn’t distinguish them for me, but I have considered them both to be two of the most physical WR’s since college.

          • Ryan Throckmorton says:

            That’s just it though Cyrus, they “seem to be producing” – not are definitively. The fact that he is such a specimen is quie trivial to me until I see production equal to that specimen ranting and raving.

            Dez has noot done this but for just the last half of last year — very, very recent; recent enough to skew folks into thinking he has finally elevated his play to his specimen potential.

  12. Scott Peak says:

    Great article Chad.

    Both are extremely close, but I’ll take Thomas. I think his situation is more stable, so long as Peyton Manning is there. Thomas seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and doesn’t have the knucklehead factor of Dez. Thomas does have an injury history that is a bit more concerning than Dez, but Bryant hasn’t exactly been injury-free, either. Plus, the whole yearly Dallas drama is too much for me to take. Again, it’s close but I’ll take Thomas.

  13. Robert says:

    Of course, Manning is older and (presumably) more at risk of a career-ending injury, although one would think Osweiler will be ready to hit-the-ground running–er, passing, and Dez doesn’t have such a safety valve, but Denver’s O-line is better, so Manning the Machine can “throw” DT open easier, but Romo’s a slithery snake that extends plays, which plays into Dez’ strengths, but Denver’s a better team, but Dallas gets into more shootouts, but Demaryius can cover twenty yards in three steps, but Dez is bullet-proof, but Elway runs the Broncos, but Garrett’s on the way out (did I just say that?)…

    So you see, it’s a simple decision…IT’S DEZ!!!

  14. coach says:

    give me demaryius. bryant is a loose cannon. always go with the guy that is more stable.

  15. Matt Caufield says:

    Great topic and very well written. I’ve watched both Dez and Demaryius play and both are tremendous talents. As many have said, you cannot go wrong with either guy. But if both are available to me in a draft, I’m taking Dez. When I’ve watched Dez play, he simply seems like the best player on the field; a man amongst boys if you will.

    I know Dez has the reputation as being a risky/volatile player on & off the field, a reputation he’s certainly earned. Having said that, from what I saw in 2012 I think he’s matured quite a bit. I don’t believe we have seen the best of Dez yet, which is a scary thought.

  16. Forrest Cohn says:

    What has Dez Bryant ever really done off the field that makes people think he is such a “loose cannon”? He is from a tough part of town and talks like it but he never really has done anything that stupid off the field. It was always mental lapses on the field that held him back. He seems to have figured that out so I don’t see the concern

    • Chad Scott says:

      Slapped his momma…kind of big in my book… but not enough to not draft him

      • Ryan Throckmorton says:

        Agreed Chad & Forrest, my problem with Dez has always been the inconsistency. I could care not that he is such a phy sicalspecimen if he doesn’t produce.

        Hell, Kellen oh so bad Davis is a specimen and a half but is just plain horrible, at best.

        As to your comment Forrest – you have got to do some things off the field for your team to enact a policy and curfew governing your off the field affairs, something Dallas did do this year.

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