11 Responses to “Draft Day Primer: Pre-Draft Rookie Profiles with Best Fits”

  1. David Reisner says:

    Great article! How do you think Fleener compares to Allen and Charles?

  2. Paymon Shokoohi says:

    Fleener has the most upside by far. Because Fleener has ways to go on the blocking side, he’ll probably be a situational (passing downs) TE early in his career. He needs to improve as a blocker to stay on the field more. Allen is more ready as an every-down TE but isn’t nearly the receiving weapon that Fleener is, or at least has the potential to be. As for Charles, I am not a fan of his game. To me, there are only 2 TEs in this class worthy of dynasty consideration. That’s Fleener and Allen.

  3. Keith Fortier says:

    OK. Bookmark. Awesome!

  4. Ryan Krcil says:

    So great article. I have a quick question. Since you rank Richardson as high as #7 with MJD at that #5 or #6 range, would you say MJD for 1.02(Richardson) is a good trade? (1/2 ppr, Luck locked into #1 since we are expanding to a 2QB league in 2013)

  5. Max Rabinowitz says:

    Excellent Write up.
    Love the format.

  6. Rob says:

    Nice article. I was looking for someone that might be a little under the radar (that I could snag later in drafts) and came away impressed with highlights of Cyrus Gray. Glad to see someone else sees it as well.

    As for Pierce, I was not overly impressed. Am I missing something? Maybe it’s just his herky-jerky, running style. It is not fluid at all.

    • Thanks, Rob. Yes, Gray is someone way under the radar. Very few people have a high opinion of him mostly because of his size. His size is plenty big enough to play in today’s NFL, IMO. His quickness gets questioned as well. I’m not sure we’re watching the same player. As for Pierce, we’re on the same page there as well. You’ve probably named the two running backs I’ve had the most disagreements with folks about.

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