7 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Tarvaris Jackson agrees with Seattle”

  1. Wallace's Warriors says:

    I dropped Steve Slaton for Travaris Jackson in a 16 team. My QBs are Cutler and McCoy. My RBs are Mendy, Greene, Carter, and Redman. Is that a good move?

    • DLF_KenK says:

      In a 16 team league, you could make a case to do that. You’re essentially leaving at least one team with no backup QB since you have three QBs on your team. Slaton has little value right now, so it’s not a bad move. I would have been curious to see if there were any other drop options, though.

      • Wallace's Warriors says:

        I am already getting trade offers. It’s so funny. The guy with Manning doesn’t have a back up and he thinks Manning could miss time.

  2. ekassor says:

    Hmmmn, what’s the appropriate response to this trade . . .Yuck?

  3. Y. O. P. P. says:

    pawn him off of ontario cause I aint takin parvovirus jackson off yer hands ……. what value does charlie whitehursts back up

  4. Meineymoe says:

    I like the comment I just saw, that the TJack signing was a ploy to get Sidney Rice to come to Seattle. I’m not worried at all about Whitehurst’s ability to win the job from Jackson, but I agree that Mike Williams’ value drops with Hasselback out of town.


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