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The DLF Read & React IDP Podcast brings the heat with intelligent, hard hitting IDP fantasy football analysis.



The Read & React IDP Podcast Team

Adam ‘Sticky’ Tzikas, Host – @Adamtz
Tom Klingsbury, Host – @TomDegenerate

Erin McDowell

Executive Producers
Eric Dickens – @dlfootball
Ken Moody – @dlf_kenm


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Recent Read & React IDP Podcasts

Read & React IDP Podcast 33 – AFC North Preview
DLF Family of Podcasts – June 17, 2018

Tom and Adam take a look at the AFC North

Read & React IDP Podcast 32 – AFC West Preview
DLF Family of Podcasts – June 12, 2018

Tom and Adam take an in-depth look at the AFC West

Read & React IDP Podcast 31 – Integrated ADP
The DLF Team – May 31, 2018

Tom and Adam run through where IDPs are currently being selected in integrated rookie drafts

Read & React IDP Podcast 30 – Post-Draft Impressions
The DLF Team – May 10, 2018

Tom flies solo to give you reactions to IDP landing spots from the draft.

Read & React IDP Podcast 29 – Rollicking Rookie Rollercoaster
The DLF Team – April 17, 2018

Tom & Adam discuss IDP Rookies

Read & React IDP Podcast 28 – Free Agency Reactions
The DLF Team – March 22, 2018

Adam and Tom run down their thoughts on free agency from a defensive point of view

Read & React IDP Podcast 27 – Scheme Changes and Early Rookie Chat
The DLF Team – March 6, 2018

Adam and Tom are joined by Doug Green to talk through the implications of all defensive scheme changes…

Read & React IDP Podcast 26 – Startup Season
The DLF Team – February 26, 2018

Tom and Adam are back to discuss startup leagues and how to build an IDP team

Read & React IDP Podcast 25 – End of Season Awards
The DLF Team – January 17, 2018

Adam and Tom hand out IDP awards!

Read & React IDP Podcast 24 – Read & React Holiday Special
The DLF Team – December 23, 2017

Adam and Tom Kislingbury celebrate the festive season

Read & React IDP Podcast 23 – Q and A and Holiday Presents
The DLF Team – December 22, 2017

Adam and Tom Kislingbury answer questions from readers

Read & React IDP Podcast 22 – Biggest Surprises
The DLF Team – November 30, 2017

Adam and Tom meander through players they think have been pleasant surprises in 2017

Read & React IDP Podcast 21 – IDP Trade Targets
The DLF Team – November 19, 2017

Adam and Tom discuss IDP Trade Targets

Read & React IDP Podcast 20 – League IDP Review
The DLF Team – November 14, 2017

Adam and Tom are joined by Dan McLaughlin of the Gridiron Gentlemen.

Read & React IDP Podcast 19 – Mid-Season IDP All-Stars
The DLF Team – November 7, 2017

Tom and Adam run through their starting team IDPs

Read & React IDP Podcast 18 – IDP Games Night
The DLF Team – October 21, 2017

Adam and Tom are joined by Eric Olinger to talk about how NPLB scoring actually works

Read & React IDP Podcast 17 – Who did you say leads the league in tackles?!
The DLF Team – October 13, 2017

Adam and Tom catch you up on the latest news in the IDP world

Read & React IDP Podcast 16 – Rookie Roundup
The DLF Team – September 28, 2017

Adam and Tom dive into how the rookie class are getting on after three weeks of the season

Read & React IDP Podcast 15 – What We’ve Learned Through Week 2
The DLF Team – September 20, 2017

Adam and Tom review what the IDP season has taught us so far

Read & React IDP Podcast 14 – Hoovering Up Tackles
The DLF Team – September 11, 2017

Adam and Tom run through what to watch out for in IDP terms in week 1 of the…

Read & React IDP Podcast 13 – IDP Hot or Not
The DLF Team – August 31, 2017

LISTEN TO THE SHOW In this episode Tom Kislingbury (@TomDegenerate) and Adam Tzikas (@AdamTz) play the world’s first…

Read & React IDP Podcast 12 – Identifying Training Camp Gems
The DLF Team – August 23, 2017

Tom and Adam discuss overrated and underrated IDP players

Read & React IDP Podcast 11 – Identifying Training Camp Gems
The DLF Team – August 2, 2017

Tom and Adam cover the red-hot IDP news from each and every NFL team’s training camp.

Read & React IDP Podcast 10 – IDP Injury Research
The DLF Team – July 28, 2017

Tom and Adam are joined by Jeremy Funk (@DLF_Deuce) to discuss his work on injury rates.

Read & React IDP Podcast 9 – Just Like Starting Over
The DLF Team – July 11, 2017

The show goes on as two new hosts carry the torch forward.

Read & React IDP Podcast 8 – 2018 Free Agency
Ken Moody – June 22, 2017

Bill Latin and EC Coleman discuss some potential value changes as they look ahead to the 2018 free…

Read & React IDP Podcast 6 – Tom-isode and Rookie Rankings Debate
Ken Moody – May 22, 2017

Bill and EC are joined by Tom Kislingbury to dig into the analytics of IDP and rookie IDP…

Read & React IDP Podcast 5 – IDP Rookie Mock Draft
The DLF Team – May 4, 2017

The DLF IDP team joins forces for a three round IDP rookie mock draft

Read & React IDP Podcast 4 – Free Agency
The DLF Team – March 23, 2017

Eric Coleman and Bill Latin are joined by Eric Olinger for a review of the most important defensive…

Read & React IDP Podcast 3 – Rookie Preview
The DLF Team – March 15, 2017

Eric Coleman and Bill Latin are joined by Doug Green for an overview of the incoming IDP rookie…

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