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Join us every week as we inform and entertain with dynasty fantasy football analysis, insights and a little tomfoolery. Hosts Jeff Miller, George Kritikos and Nick Whalen dive into timely dynasty football topics and interview guests from DLF and around the fantasy football industry. Informative and fun, the DLF Dynasty Podcast is a great way to spend some time every week digging deeper into dynasty.


The DLF Dynasty Podcast Team

The DLF Dynasty podcast team is regularly joined by guests from the DLF team and all around the NFL and fantasy football industry. They share their insight and perspective with the goal of giving you a diverse, well informed set of opinions from all areas of the industry.  If you want a podcast that is smart, funny, and informative then the DLF Dynasty Podcast is your ticket to dominating your dynasty leagues and enjoying the ride along the way!

Host – Jeff Miller
Host – George Kritikos
Host – Nick Whalen
Host – Dan Meylor

Executive Producers
Eric Dickens – @dlfootball
Ken Moody – @dlf_kenm

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If you are looking for the previous DLF Dynasty Podcast team of Jarrett, Eric & Karl, you can find them hosting their own independent show, the Dynasty One Podcast. Give them a listen as we wish them the best in their new adventure!


Recent Podcasts

DLF Dynasty Podcast 225 – Swear Jars and Math
The DLF Team – October 26, 2016

George and Nick dissect the upcoming NFL free agency class, and are joined by Nick Giffen of Rotoviz…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 224 – Dynasty Stud Muffins
Ken Moody – October 19, 2016

George and Dan are joined by Brandon Marianne Lee of Her Fantasy Football and Pro Football Focus.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 222 – A True FFDeJENerate
The DLF Team – October 8, 2016

Dan and Jeff are joined by FootballDiehards.com’s Jen Ryan to talk about being bad at dynasty, the Cowboys,…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 221 – Talkin Trades
The DLF Team – October 1, 2016

Jeff and Nick are joined by Eric Burtzlaff of DLF and the DynastyTradecast podcast.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 220 – 2QB Love with Sal Stefanile
Ken Moody – September 23, 2016

Jeff and Dan are joined by TwoQBs.com’s own Sal Stefanile.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 219 – The Proctor Is In
The DLF Team – September 15, 2016

George and Dan discuss various injuries and some dynasty ups and downs and are then joined by 2QB…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 22 – The Preseason Hype Trains
The DLF Team – September 11, 2016

George and Nick dissect Dak Prescott, Terrelle Pryor, and Christine Michael.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 218 – Predicting Predictions
The DLF Team – September 10, 2016

All four team members of the DLF Podcast crew meet up to discuss week one of the NFL.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 217 – 2016 IDP Preview
The DLF Team – September 9, 2016

George is joined by senior DLF IDP writers Eric Olinger and Steve Wyremski to discuss various defensive situations,…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 216 – John Paulsen
The DLF Team – September 1, 2016

Jeff Miller is joined by John Paulsen of 4for4.com to discuss 2016 expectations for key fantasy players.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 215 – Of Rookies and Regression
The DLF Team – August 24, 2016

Nick and George welcome Keith Goldner at numberFire to discuss rookies and potential regression.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 214 – DGB and Training Camp Fluff
The DLF Team – August 19, 2016

Ryan McDowell visits Jeff and Dan to discuss training camp fluff pieces and a handful of the story…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 21 – For Whom The Bellcow Tolls
The DLF Team – August 18, 2016

Nick & George continue their examination of young running backs by covering Latavius Murray, Matt Jones, CJ Anderson.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 213 – Consistent Greatness
The DLF Team – August 10, 2016

George and Dan welcome fellow DLF writer and editor James Simpson to discuss his Consistent Greatness series.

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 20 – The Bellcow Of The Ball
The DLF Team – August 9, 2016

Episode 20 focuses on several feature backs. Nick and George look at Carlos Hyde, T.J. Yeldon, and Eddie…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 212 – Stealing Dan
The DLF Team – August 4, 2016

This week George and Dan welcome DLF writer Dan Sainio to discuss trading philosophy, targeted players and more.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 211 – Brian Malone & The DLF Forum
The DLF Team – July 27, 2016

Jeff and Nick are joined by DLF writer and forum admin Brian Malone to field questions from the…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 210 – Rookie Picks are Dynasty Currency
The DLF Team – July 20, 2016

George and Dan welcome Adam Harstad to discuss rookie trade strategy

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 19 – Veteran Recoveries
The DLF Team – July 19, 2016

Nick & George discuss Tony Romo, LeSean McCoy, Jordy Nelson, and Jimmy Graham.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 209 – Dynasty Footballer
The DLF Team – July 13, 2016

This week George and Dan mine the DLF Forums and welcome Mike Wright (@FFHitman) of the Fantasy Footballers…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 208 – Kas & Price
The DLF Team – July 7, 2016

DLF Writers Austan Kas and Matt Price join Jeff and Nick to discuss undervalued players, zoo keeping, and…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 18 – Listeners Want Sophomores
The DLF Team – July 6, 2016

Nick and George examine five players entering their second season in the NFL; Ameer Abdullah, Nelson Agholor, Kenny…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 207 – Matt Harmon
The DLF Team – June 30, 2016

George and Jeff welcome Matt Harmon to discuss WR value, and later they disagree about a mock draft.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 206 – Jacob Rickrode
The DLF Team – June 24, 2016

Jeff and Nick welcome Jacob Rickrode of Rotoviz to talk about building winning teams via older players, WR…

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 17 – Talent in Short Supply
The DLF Team – June 16, 2016

Nick and George look at some size outliers including Golden Tate.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 205 – Scott Fish
The DLF Team – June 16, 2016

Jeff and Nick are joined by DLF Senior Writer and creator of the Scott Fish Bowl, Mr. Scott…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 204 – Leo’s Notebook
The DLF Team – June 9, 2016

Jeff is joined by long time DLF writer Leo Paciga to discuss how he uses an old school…

DLF Dynasty Podcast 203 – 2QB4U&ME
The DLF Team – June 1, 2016

Jeff Miller and Dan Meylor are joined by special guest Joshua Lake to discuss 2QB leagues.

DLF Dynasty Podcast 202 – RB Deep Dive
The DLF Team – May 26, 2016

George and Nick focus on running backs with guest Graham Barfield

DLF Filmetrx Podcast 16 – A Cutler Above
The DLF Team – May 26, 2016

Nick and George focus on veteran players positively impacted by the NFL Draft

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