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Trade Finder FAQ

This is an FAQ resource for the Dynasty Trade Finder.


What is the Dynasty Trade Finder?

The Trade Finder is a tool developed by the DLF team to search out and list actual trades which have taken place in real world dynasty leagues on MyFantasyLeague. This tool is intended as a complement to Dynasty Player Rankings and ADP Data as a means to better evaluate player value and help understand real world trade value. You can read more about it here…


How does it work?

The tool collects data from the developer API offered by MyFantasyLeague. MFL rocks, btw.


Why does it only pull data from MyFantasyLeague?

Because only MFL provides an open API for collecting this data. If we could pull it from other sites like Yahoo, ESPN or whatnot, we would. But we can’t. So we don’t. Btw… MFL rocks.

How often is this updated?

We run updates daily. Unless we don’t.


When will specific 2017 rookie draft picks show up?

At the time of writing this, MFL has not yet rolled over to the 2017 season, so only general 2017 rookie draft picks are available in the trade database. Like 2017 1st, or 2017 2nd, instead of something more specific like the 2017 1.06. When MFL rolls over to the new season, we should begin to get more accurate pick data on trades which occur after that date.


Why is my league showing up? I didn’t approve that!

Because it’s in MFL and we found it through some clever search strings, usually involving the word “Dynasty.” Hey, it’s an open resource. Anyone can find it, not just us. We don’t have a mechanism for excluding leagues just yet, so hopefully it’s just not that big of a deal. Just think about how you are, in your own small way, making the world a better place.


Why is my league NOT showing up?

Because it hasn’t been found in a search yet, or it was but was not included for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it’s not a dynasty league or does not show any trade activity. We may add an option for folks to add their leagues soon. We’ll see how it goes.


What does ‘additional unknown asset’ mean in the trade results?

That usually indicates a player who is not in our database, like a devy player, or some other non-standard resource like a Maserati or a half-eaten ham sandwich.


So how long before it’s not free any more?

Well, we figured you’d get around to asking that sooner or later. You see, this resource cost us real time and money to build. And like any small business, we have bills to pay, writers and contributors to compensate for their hard work, etc. So yes, at some point it will go behind the paywall. We’re thinking sometime around the NFL Draft. We hope that doesn’t totally discourage you and make you think we suck, but it’s a necessary part of running a business. So please enjoy it now, and hopefully you’ll find it worth ponying up a small bit of your hard earned cash to continue using it and all the other awesome stuff we offer.


What?!?! You guys suck!

OK, so you’re still not convinced. That’s fine. If you really do not want to pay for a subscription, don’t. Just know that all of these articles and rankings and adp data and tools and such don’t happen on their own. Real people spend loads of their time creating this stuff that you and many others enjoy. But if you are someone who just absolutely can not or will not pay for any fantasy football stuff, that’s totally OK by us. Just take one bit of (free) advice… if you haven’t done so already, you may want to check out the DLF Forum. It’s completely free, has a ton of really smart, nice, fantasy football degenerates there who love to talk about dynasty fantasy football, the NFL, college ball, and more. It is an outstanding resource for folks who are totally into dynasty fantasy football. And let’s be honest with each other – if you are reading this far down the FAQ’s of a dynasty trade finding tool on a dynasty fantasy football website, then you probably fall into the category of being a dynasty degenerate. In which case, join the club.


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