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Our readers are passionate about the success they have enjoyed being a part of the DLF community. Below are a few of the comments we have received from our awesome audience. Has DLF helped you win your dynasty leagues? Share your success story here.


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“I first used DLF solely to find leagues to join using the forums. After a very, very unsuccessful start to my dynasty career I became a premium member and read the articles. I’ve since turned those leagues around and am a contender from acting on their advice and ideas.”

Brett from Vancouver BC
DLF patron since 2013


“I played fantasy football for many years in re-draft leagues. I decided to get into a dynasty league and realized I had no clue about building a team. I searched for the best website I could ind to help me. I came across DLF and that was it, no more looking. They have some of the best products out there and couldn’t be more helpful. If there is one constant in fantasy football, it’s my subscription to DLF.”

Stephen B from TN
DLF patron since 2011


“Came across this site last spring and when draft day rolled around, I was calling names on people that the other guys weren’t even looking at: Kelvin Benjamin, Travis Kelce, and some guy called OBJ. Went from worst to playoffs in one season. Thanks guys!”

Jeremy from Midwest
DLF patron since 2014


“Played in a dynasty league for the past six years with a few friends thinking we were the only people playing this kind of fantasy football. Last year I stumbled upon DLF and my eyes were opened to an entire community of dynasty metrics, analysis, and like minded fantasy enthusiasts. I now have a second family who eat, drink, breathe, and think about dynasty as much as I do! I will be a member for life!”

Lance McGannon from Cleveland
DLF patron since 2013


“This site has been a lifesaver as I’m going into the Dynasty arena for the first time. The rankings and articles have been great and the podcast is a must listen. Big time thanks for all the work your team puts in.”

Raider How from Mountain Ranch
DLF patron since 2015


“Using the ADP data to see how fair a trade is and really getting a gauge at how strong or deep my team is. Great website and the podcast is great as well. Articles are also a treat, but I think some of my league winning trades were due to the DLF ADPs.”

poompachoompa from Michigan
DLF patron since 2013


“When I first started playing dynasty football, I had no idea what I was doing or how to value players on a year-to-year basis. I decided to just google dynasty football and DLF was one of the top search results. I mainly used the site to begin with for how to set up out league. I’ve never had a bad experience talking with someone from DLF. They’ve always been generous with their time, generous with their knowledge and generous with their caring of your team. I’ve actually not been a paid subscriber as long as I should’ve been but do regret the content I missed when I wasn’t. DLF is the site I always recommend first to those looking for help.”

BainTheGeech from North Carolina
DLF patron since 2013


“My friends and I started our first dynasty league last year. As I prepared for our draft I stumbled upon DLF. This site helped me draft, have access to advanced analysis, and get an upper hand on my league mates. I won the championship this year and have a dynasty built for years to come.”

Spencer from Utah
DLF patron since 2014


“I’m pretty new to Dynasty Football. After joining a 12PPR/IDP league, I needed to find a great resource to help me gain knowledge and insight on my first Rookie draft last year. I ended up with Moncrief, Hill and Shazier. Not too Shabby! The DLF podcast and articles are super informative. I can’t imagine joining a Dynasty league without having a membership on DLF. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!”

Who Dey from Columbus
DLF patron since 2013


“Stumbled upon DLF last year. Had to do a complete team make over. In the course of one year, Jeff has guided me with excellent advice and has my team in a position to succeed for years to come. Thank you Jeff and DLF. I have my MOJO back!”

Vito C. from Florida
DLF patron since 2014


“My friends and I started a Dynasty league when we were tired of the basic formats. I didn’t use DLF the first year and I’ve regretted it ever since. I started using DLF in our second season and my team continues to climb the standings every year. DLF’s rankings are the most accurate I’ve found on the Internet.”

SouthSideZo from Chicago
DLF patron since 2012


“I first started visiting DLF in 2012, really only looking at the rankings. Then about a year later I decided to buy a premium membership. It was a great decision. I turned a 3-9 team into a core of Lacy, Bell, Antonio Brown, Evans. DLF helped me understand the value of players and when to buy and when to sell. It has really helped me expand my knowledge of football and Dynasty. Thanks to all of you guys for your hard work and dedication to making this the best Dynasty Football site!”

Terry Bechakas from Buffalo
DLF patron since 2012


“I took over an orphan in 2011 and for the first two years I struggled between a team full of veterans who were coming down, and rookies that weren’t hitting for me. At first, I lurked on the website, viewing the free articles and getting half of the story by reading the rankings. After getting my subscription last year, my team trajectory has skyrocketed upwards. I’ve made a bevy of trades and pickups that I wouldn’t have considered without reading the premium articles and understanding adp data to maximize my trade payout. My team is now full of mid-prime veterans, and guys fresh to the league that I drafted to incredible value. Thanks DLF!”

dwilli from Cotati
DLF patron since 2011


“When I first started playing dynasty football, I had no idea what I was doing or how to value players on a year to year basis. I mainly used the site to begin with for how to set up our league. I found a few writers from DLF on Twitter and decided to just ask a few questions. Eric Dickens was the first I asked a question of and to this day he is still the first person I ask advice from on Twitter. I’ve never had a bad experience talking with someone from DLF. They’ve always been generous with their time, generous with their knowledge and generous with their caring of your team. DLF is the site I always recommend first to those looking for help.”

BainTheGeech from North Carolina
DLF patron since 2013


“DLF helped me think about fantasy football from a dynasty perspective. My first year in a dynasty I would get poor feedback on trades and moves because I was using a redraft mindset. All the DLF writers on twitter were and still are a huge help with trades or draft questions. The forum is a huge help. The podcast is entertaining and helpful as well. The rankings are a great tool for trading and drafting. Overall DLF has been a big part in improving my FF game. I can’t keep my hands off the content.”

T_4_3 from Missouri
DLF patron since 2013


“DLF has been a godsend for me. I stumbled across a link in 2010 when I first started playing dynasty and noticed a league mate here. So I played ‘I Spy’ on his opinions for awhile, not posting just reading and learning about dynasty player values and concepts. I had played redraft for a decade or more and had won 14 of 26 leagues the year before and thought I needed a bit more of a challenge. Absolutely became enamored with the forum, the articles and eventually the podcast. I gradually became confident enough to start posting my own theories and opinions which had mutated to a nice level allowing me to win 3 of 4 dynasty leagues last year. I give much of the credit for my success to DLF. Even though I don’t always agree, I always learn.”

clarion contrarion from Hoosier country
DLF patron since 2010


“I started lurking in 2013, mostly stumbling upon your rankings during rookie or startup drafts, thanks to Google. Last January I finally joined twitter. I started to follow the NFL/Vikings/fantasy people as they came across my feed with good, or at the very least, entertaining tweets. I started to have decent back and forth chats with Rob, Karl and Scott, as well as others.”

Matt from MN
DLF patron since 2013


“I started visiting in 2011 but didn’t join the forum until 2012. I have joined several leagues and commish several more and all of them were either found through DLF, or with members recruited through DLF. It has helped with more than rankings, ADP, articles, etc. It’s been the commitment of the site to build a community. From a commish standpoint this helped me succeed in keeping together the people I’ve been playing fantasy football with for over fifteen years. Of course the forums, advice, and rankings don’t hurt either, but they’re nothing without the people we play the game with, and DLF has the best community hands down.”

RavingLunatic from Dallas
DLF patron since 2011


“I started scrolling through DLF in 2009 and became a member in 2010. I had been in contract leagues and found the DLF content to be very relevant to the league I was in. When Twitter became available I became even more intrigued by the site and how the DLF guys were very interactive. In the process I found myself wanting to be a guy that helps deliver such useful information to the dynasty community. Shortly after I started writing for DLF and have found a community of knowledgeable fantasy football minds and even better people. Thanks DLF for the great information, diverse league coverage, and interaction on twitter. I have found a home at DLF and a family in the dynasty community.”

iuatc from Indianapolis
DLF patron since 2009


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