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Super Bowl Party Games!!!

That’s right. We all play them and some of us wait until the last minute to organize them. We scour the internet looking for what to play, or maybe we just play the same game we have for years. Well, I’m going to give you several fun games to play again or try for the first time this year.

Game 1: Superbowl Card Game!

A friend of mine (Jim Day) came up with this game a many years ago and gave me permission to use it and alter it to my liking. The basic premise is that there are 24 cards. Each card has a certain play that is likely to happen in the game along with a dollar value. At the beginning of the game every player puts money in a pot. The cards are dealt evenly. When one of the plays that is depicted on a card happens, the player collects the amount from the pot that is shown on the card. At this point everyone returns their cards to the deck, puts in more money, and cards get re-dealt. Download the game for the cards and rules for more info. Don’t worry, since you put money in the pot every hand, there should always be enough money to support winning on every hand.

Scott Fish’s Superbowl Card Game:

Two sidenotes: I printed the cards and taped them to regular playing cards… I highly recommend this. You can also take these files to a Fedex/Kinkos and have the cards put on sturdier tagboard or card stock. A great aspect of this game is that it keeps you involved and rooting ALL game… even in the event of a blowout!

Some of the cards from my version:

Game 2: Superbowl Bingo

A few years ago I gave you blank cards… now I have a link so you can create and print as many randomized Superbowl Bingo cards as you need!!! Thanks to Chris Herdt. You can find more of his work/games here. All you have to do is enter how many cards you want, hit create cards, then print it out! Make sure to print it on landscape mode. It prints 2 Superbowl Bingo cards per page. They are filled out with fairly easy to obtain squares. That way you may be able to play multiple times during the Superbowl. If you want, you can have each person put money in a pot before each bingo game!

Game 3: The Point Squares Game

Virtually everyone plays this. I made a downloadable Excel one for you to download and print off.

The basics of it are this: Everyone pays an equal amount. At my party each person pays $5. Put your names in a hat, draw a picking order… then everyone takes turns writing your name in squares going by the draft order that was drawn (no it’s not a snake draft you fantasy guys).

The other way to play is to have people pay $1 per square ($100 total) and the square at the end of each quarter pays $25.

There are 100 squares. You use the last digit of each team’s score at the end of every quarter to get a winner.

Example: If the score is Patriots 13 – Falcons 10 at the end of the first quarter, the player with the square at the intersection of “Patriots 3” and Falcons “0” wins 1/4th of the pot. You divvy out 1/4th of the pot at the end of each quarter.

Game 4: Superbowl Props Pool

Basic premise is betting against each other for certain things that happen in the game. You can find different things to guess many places online but here are some examples below.

EDIT: I received an email from Jory Dimond and he gave me permission to put his up here. You can download it here. Thanks Jory!

  • Length of national anthem (you can all predict different amounts of time and have one person time) – closest wins pot
  • Total points at the end of each quarter – closest wins pot
  • Coin flip (heads/tails) – everyone who has the winning side splits the pot
  • First team to score – everyone with the correct team splits the pot
  • Who wins MVP – everyone with the winning player split the pot
  • Vegas Props: You can use Bovada.net’s Props to tailor betting games of this nature. I have a game I created for this, but it’s way too in depth to describe here. If interested, I mean super interested… contact me.
  • First commercial in each commercial break – each person puts in a buck and guesses which commercial will appear first. The winner takes the pot. You can choose to simplify it to Car commercial, webhost commercial, beverage commercial, food commercial, etc… if that would be easier. If none of the guesses happens, pot stays until the next commercial break.

Game 5: Word/Name Drinking game

Come on folks… do I need to describe this. Play a drinking game to what is being said or done in the game.

You can go with plays (feel free to add your own!):

  • Drink on TDs and FGs
  • 2 drinks on INTs and Fumbles
  • 3 drinks on Safeties and Kickoff TDs

Or you can take a drink for Names/Words:

  • Brady
  • Ryan
  • Julio
  • Edelman
  • pick some more obscure players/words for more drinks or chugging

Game 6: Banned word game

Simple enough. Create a word or words that you aren’t allowed to say. Like “Football” or “Superbowl” or “Touchdown.” There are two options of play here:

  • When the banned word is said that person must drink
  • When the banned word is said that person must put a dollar (or quarter) in the pot. Keep track of who says the banned word(s) and how many times. The person who used the banned word the least at the end of the game wins the whole pot. If multiple tie, split the pot.
  • You can also choose to add a new word each quarter.

*A fun addition to this game is that when someone says a banned word, they have to drink or pay, and then they are given the option to change the banned word by taking an extra drink or paying an extra dollar.

Game 7: Pass the Cup

The classic method: Someone picks a type of football play. Pass the cup after every play, on each pass you add a dollar. When the selected play happens, the person holding the cup wins. That person picks a new play and passes the cup (the person that just won doesn’t have to add a dollar).

Fun tip: In the “pass every play” version, many find it very expensive… ha! There is a lot going on, you are having fun and eating. The old method requires someone to basically be running the game during the whole Superbowl. Instead of passing the cup every play, just pass the cup on every first down and/or change of possession. It’s much easier to keep track of.

Game 8: Final Score Game

Super easy. Offer a prize. Generally, the host supplies it. If everyone wants to toss in money to play creating a pot, that works too.

The basic rules: Every party guest guesses the winner and final score of the game. The person closest wins! But wait, how do you determine who is closest? First, the people who picked the losing team automatically lose. With the people who picked the winning team, you add the number of points off people were on each team. Lowest score wins. Example:

Real score: Patriots win 30-17
Sally guesses 28-21 Patriots (2 points off + 4 points off = Score of 6)
John guesses 27-24 Patriots (3 points off + 7 points off = Score of 10)
In this case, Sally wins!

Game 9: 1st TD pool

This games comes to you by way of Pat Thorman (@Pat_Thorman of Pro Football Focus)

How you play:

  • Print out the roster of each team.
  • Cut out all the names and put them into hat.
  • $1 per pull (or whatever amount you feel comfortable doing)
  • Can’t say names until all names pulled (if there are only offensive lineman left, nobody pays for more).
  • First touchdown wins the pot.
  • In the event that all names weren’t sold, the pot carries over to the Second touchdown scorer (or until a sold name scores).



I realize you may play some of these games a little differently or have one of your own… Let me know about it! Seriously, I would LOVE to hear about your versions, variations, and other games. Reply below or email me at [email protected]! I’d love to hear about it!!! I may add yours to this article before the Superbowl or include it next year!

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