Dynasty League Football

Every Down Linebackers

Every down linebackers are a key aspect of gauging linebacker value in IDP leagues. Specifically, these linebackers are players who play in defensive sub-packages (i.e., defensive formations with an extra safety or cornerback). These are formations used in passing situations and would often be your nickel or dime package, but include various other formations as well. Linebackers who play in sub-packages generally do not come off the field and, as a result, see more tackle opportunities than strict two-down linebackers. As a result, these linebackers generally carry the most value in IDP leagues.

The below is a listing of the current every down players across the league that will be updated throughout the season based upon snap counts. We have also included a listing of potential future every down players who have the potential to play increased snaps down the road.

~ Steve Wyremski

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