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Dak Prescott injury prognosis
Dak Prescott - QB, DAL

According to former Dallas Maverick's head team physician Dr. T.O. Sourya, the prognosis for quarterback Dak Prescott is very good and he's "optimistic" the franchise-year player will fully recover

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Speaking on the injury, Dr. Sourya specifically said: “There’s no way around labeling this as a serious injury. How it’s going to impact his ability to play football down the road, time will tell, and there are various factors (involved). Initially, you have to make sure that the ankle is medically treated appropriately — meaning no complications, no infections, bones are put back together, ligaments are put back together. Then there is time for healing, and then there is a lengthy rehab component where you restore the mobility of the ankle, the strength around the ankle and then we see how he’s going to respond on the football field. There are multiple steps with an injury like this between today and him playing next season. My experience is that this is a very treatable injury with an excellent chance for recovery.”

All in all, it's a positive prognosis for the star quarterback though there remains a long road to recovery. For dynasty players, fingers will remain crossed Prescott suffers no setbacks in his recovery and he's on the field for the start of the 2021 season. Dak Prescott remains DLF's QB4 but could see a near-term impact as 2020 progresses.

DLF Analyst:       Source: The Athletic
Oct 13: 10:45 AM EST
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