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Dynasty Trade Analyzer FAQs

The Dynasty Trade Analyzer is a dynasty trade calculator tool designed to help you evaluate trades in dynasty fantasy football leagues.

You’ll find the Dynasty Trade Analyzer here.

Below are some of the most relevant Dynasty Trade Analyzer FAQs to help you make the most of this dynasty trade tool.


What is the Dynasty Trade Analyzer?

The DLF Dynasty Trade Analyzer is more than just a dynasty trade calculator. It’s a tool intended to help you make well informed trade decisions, with as much relevant context as possible. The goal of the Trade Analyzer is less about telling you “Yes make this trade” or “Don’t do this trade,” but more about providing the you with all of the info needed to make a well informed trade decision.

How are Player Values determined?

Player values are drawn from Rankings, ADP, as well as recent real-world trade data to help determine changing player value. Values are updated nightly. As player market values change, rankings are updated and new ADP data becomes available, player values will adjust accordingly. We believe this provides the most balanced yet flexible valuation methodology available.

How are pick values determined?

Determining the value of current and future draft picks is a challenging proposition. The value of draft picks can vary depending upon a wide variety of factors. We use an algorithm which incorporates historical, current and estimated market value. These baseline values are further influenced by data from real-world trades. Because there can be some trades in 1QB leagues and other trades in 2QB/Superflex leagues which might greatly differ, sometimes you will see draft picks valued differently between these two types of leagues.

What is the Draft Pick Value Adjustment slider for?

The Draft Pick Value Adjustment slider allows you to tweak overall rookie pick values based upon your specific situation and/or your own personal perspective. One league might generally overvalue draft picks while another might historically under-value draft picks. Some leagues readily trade picks, others do not. Your own personal team situation might also influence your value of draft picks. If you are in a full scale rebuild mode, you may value draft picks more highly than you would if your team is in a win-now mode, where you are more willing to trade future picks for immediate value. Your perception of the overall draft class also may influence draft pick value. If you believe a draft class is going to perform better than the general consensus, you may value those picks more. All of these factors can influence your own personal draft pick value perception, and the pick value adjustment slider gives you the ability to nudge those values accordingly. This reflects the reality that no one system for valuing daft picks is going to fit perfectly with your situation, your perspective, or the unique dynamics within each individual league. This slider is one way of allowing you to account for those variables.

What is the Value Package Adjustment?

The Package Value Adjustment is designed to mitigate the effects of ‘spamming’ one side of a trade with numerous lesser-quality players or draft picks in order to make up value of a more valuable player on the other side. The adjustment is based on several factors and is applied to varying degrees to both players and picks. You can disregard this adjustment by looking at the native values presented in the Trade Value Contributions bar chart.

Why are there not more dynasty trades showing up?

The Related Dynasty Trades section pulls trades from over 4,000 verified dynasty leagues on MyFantasyLeague. The sample trades shown in this section key on the most valuable asset on each side of the trade. If you are looking for more trade samples, click on the Dynasty Trade Finder link to search for more trades to help you assess your trade options.

How do I know if I should do a trade?

Ultimately, only you can make that decision. The Trade Analyzer is simply one more tool in your tool belt. It’s here to help you gain some objective, impartial third party assessment of the assets involved in a trade, and to provide as much information as possible in one location, to assist you in making a sound, informed decision. Ultimately, only you can be the best judge of a trade. Only you know your league, your goals, your style of play. We’re just here to help you be the best you can be.

At DLF, our goal is to not just give you a fish, not just teach you how to fish, but to help you be the very best fisherman in your league. If you are still unsure whether or not you should make a trade, or want another person as an impartial sounding board, please reach out to our dedicated team of dynasty experts for additional, personalized advice. We are here, for you!

What positions are included in the Trade Analyzer?

The Dynasty Trade Analyzer currently supports the QB, RB, WR & TE positions.

Will IDP or Devy players ever be added to the Trade Analyzer?

Yes, we are looking to include Devy and IDP Players in the next round of updates.

How long with the Trade Analyzer remain free?

The Trade Analyzer will remain free through July 31st, as we continue to refine and expand the features. The Dynasty Trade Analyzer will go behind the paywall on August 1st – the date of the Hall of Fame Game. If you are not already a DLF Premium Member, we encourage you to consider joining the DLF community today! Your support enables us to continue funding new tools, more content, better resources and an ever growing team of the best dynasty minds on the planet!

Does the Trade Analyzer cost extra?

No, unlike many other sites, the Dynasty Trade Analyzer is included in your DLF Premium Subscription. No additional charges just for the calculator, no apps to purchase, no hidden fees. Just the best collection of tools and information to help you dominate your dynasty league. If you are not already a DLF Premium Member, check out all of the benefits of premium membership.

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