Understanding player value is key to the success of any dynasty fantasy football team. It is particularly important in a dynasty startup draft.  But assessing player value can be a difficult exercise. League settings, fantasy team manager bias, group dynamics and more can all affect perceived value of players. It’s important to understand there is no one single perfect articulation of player value. So instead of focusing on absolute value, instead focus on finding player value inefficiencies within your league.


These player value ar are here to help you grapple with this difficult and dynamic topic. Finding those hidden gems and game changing assets to help you win your draft, and your league.

We have identified eight players who are positioned to take a major step forward in production next season and a corresponding leap in ADP in 2023. These players have had various forms of success in their early careers, but have not showcased an elite performance yet. Learn why we believe these players not only have a chance to outperform expectations, but enter a whole new tier of dynasty value!
We have identified nine players currently being taken extremely late in dynasty startup drafts that have an opportunity to either gain value or crack your starting lineup. Although there is a reason these players are going as late as they are, learn why we believe there is a path for them to be useful to us in dynasty!
We have identified four players, one at each position, who could drop in ADP over the next year either due to underperformance, age, or both. All four players are big names that currently carry a hefty amount of dynasty value, but could change quickly. Learn why we believe you should be fading these players, even as they start falling down your draft boards.
The tight end position can be the most frustrating position in fantasy football, which has raised the value of the elite players like Kyle Pitts, Mark Andrews, and George Kittle in dynasty startup drafts. Not everyone can leave their drafts with one of those elite names, so it is important to know who some of the players are to target later in your drafts that can still provide you with good production. Plus, maybe these players have clearer paths to becoming the next elite tight end?
The NFL Draft is notorious for simultaneously bumping players up our ranks due to better situations or crushing values of those in worse situations. We have identified ten players who’s values might be influenced heavily by the 2022 NFL Draft, in either a positive or negative way. Ultimately, we leave it up to you to decide if you should hold them through the draft, or sell now!
The definition of a “sleeper” never seems well-defined within the community, but for this list, we have identified 10 players currently being drafted in double-digit rounds (1QB startups), who we believe are being undervalued. These names range from young players who have not gotten their chance to shine yet, or older veterans who continue to produce, yet are devalued due to their age or lack of overall appeal.
Similar to sleepers, we have defined “values” as players currently drafted in single-digit rounds (1QB startups), who we believe are being undervalued. We identified eight players who carry decent value in dynasty, but are still undervalued based on age or previous production, but still offer the ability to rise in value or produce starter-worthy numbers at bench player prices.
The dynasty community today has become more focused on age and rostering youth than ever before. Because of this, veterans who are still producing as elite fantasy players are often cast aside in favor of the younger, ‘shiny new toys’. However, these veterans are proven commodities and can not only help you win a week, but help you win a dynasty championship. We have identified eight players who you can snag at discounts in your startup drafts due to age, but are still producing as elite options.