Approaching a Dynasty Fantasy Football league draft is the starting point of your entire dynasty league experience.  It’s the foundation upon which the future of your team is constructed. You can’t always win your dynasty league in your draft, but you can certainly lose the championship with a poorly executed draft.  This is where careful preparation and a sound strategy are critical to the success of your team.  This is exactly what the DLF Dynasty Draft Guide is designed to help you achieve. Forming your dynasty draft strategy will determine your approach in the startup draft.  Here we will give you all of the tools and insights you need to be fully prepared to dominate your draft!
We share several strategies on how to approach your draft. Each approach has its pros and cons. Decide which is right for you and run with.
We review the basics of rostering a large number of running backs, with a strong emphasis on Zero RB strategies.  We examine the pros and cons of using this strategy.

The running back position can be thin and is always in flux. One way to compensate for these variables is to go heavy on the position early and often. 

We examine different strategies to approach a superflex startup draft. ADP trends and the importance of locking in two elite quarterbacks can help form the best approach to this type of league draft.
We examine an aggressive approach of drafting quarterback early and often to maximize one of the more potent scoring positions for dynasty teams.
Considering the early ADP trends from 2022, taking the approach of drafting a quarterback late is not for the faint of heart. What it can do is allow to load up on other positions.
At what age should you start selling off those older running backs? We share our thoughts. 
Running backs are not the only players whose values decline with age. Find out what to do when Father Time comes calling for wideouts.
Nothing raises the temperature of discussion more than the 2023 rookie class and how to value draft picks from that class.  Find out how you should value next years rookie class in the context of this years dynasty fantasy football startup draft.
Once you have drafted your team, it’s time to start trading! We identify the highest leverage trade prototypes you can make based on the current market.