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NFL Draft Aftermath: Winners and Losers from the NFC East

We run down the NFL Draft winners and losers from the NFC East.

As our unprecedented fantasy football breakdown of the NFL Draft continues, we turn our attention to winners and losers from each division of the NFL. With new rookies in tow, many veterans are now fighting for their jobs. Some teams also failed to address some key positions, leaving some players with newfound opportunities. We continue our journey today with a look at the winners and losers from the NFC East which is now looking very much like fantasy football heaven for running backs.


Round 1 – Pick 2 (2): Saquon Barkley, RB Penn State
Round 2 – Pick 2 (34): Will Hernandez, G UTEP
Round 3 – Pick 2 (66): Lorenzo Carter, EDGE Georgia
Round 3 – Pick 5 (69): B.J. Hill, DT N.C. State
Round 4 – Pick 8 (108): Kyle Lauletta, QB Richmond
Round 5 – Pick 2 (139): R.J. McIntosh, DT Miami


Eli Manning, QB NYG

One of the biggest winners for the Giants was quarterback Eli Manning. While there were plenty of rumors connecting them to Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen with the second overall pick, they ended up going with generational running back Saquon Barkley instead. While they did select Kyle Lauletta in the fourth round, it appears they plan on giving Eli Manning another chance. Rosen and Darnold figured to have pushed Manning for the starting role quicker than Lauletta might. In addition, the offensive line should be able to protect Manning better than they did last year with the selection of talented guard Will Hernandez to go along with the free agent signing of Nate Solder. The threat of Barkley in the backfield and running routes should also open up the field for Manning in the passing game. Eli might be one of the most underrated quarterbacks entering the 2018 season.


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Kyle Holden

Kyle was introduced to fantasy football at a young age, tagging along with his dad and brother for work league drafts. From calling out draft picks to placing the stickers on the big board, he was immediately hooked. His favorite format is devy leagues because there is always so much to study and learn.

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NFL Draft Aftermath: Winners and Losers from the NFC East


  1. Samuel Judd

    May 25, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    c’mon is this for real?

    “Losers – All Eagles running backs – The Eagles did not draft a running back, but they did sign Josh Adams soon after. They also re-signed veteran Darren Sproles.”

    Believe me I am not a member of the Jay Ajayi fan club but the soon to be 35 year old Darren Sproles and a player that every NFL team passed over time and time again, deciding that he wasn’t worthy of being picked in the 256 picks that were in the 2018 NFL draft make Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement draft “losers”. This may be the hottest hot take yet.

    • Jay Stoltenburg

      May 25, 2018 at 6:39 pm

      What I got from Kyle’s take was that the Eagles backs are all likely going to be on a time share meaning none of them are going to stand out and produce great stats which I tend to agree with so if that ends up being the case then yes……they are missing out on earning that next big contract. Just my thoughts…….nothing more……nothing less.

    • Kyle Holden

      May 25, 2018 at 9:23 pm

      Yes, like Jay said Sproles and Adams aren’t the splashiest additions but they do add two more bodies into an already crowded backfield. While some hope for a Corey Clement breakout or more carries for Ajayi, adding two more bodies increases the chances of carries still being split up numerous ways.

      I’m not suggesting I expect Adams and Sproles to demand many touches, but crowded backfields are often tough to predict and adding more backs add some more possibilities. Not many expected Chris Carson to earn a ton of carries going into last year but he played a significant role before he was injured. It’s not a huge bump down for them, but I’m expecting that backfield to be tough to predict week in and week out.

      • Samuel Judd

        May 25, 2018 at 11:35 pm

        The NFL isn’t our fantasy teams. Some folks are insurance and others are camp bodies. Nothing more, nothing less. I think looking into “JAG” additions as a reason to be worried about carries to the guys that already have a dedicated place and role on the roster is sometimes over exaggerated. Them not adding backs in this class, a very good one mind you, and adding the two you mentioned imo speaks as to who they are going forward with. my 2 pennies.

        • Kyle Holden

          May 27, 2018 at 12:47 pm

          I agree, I don’t think they will eat into the backfield workload much. However, the Eagles backfield already figured to be a timeshare and adding Josh Adams and bringing back Sproles didn’t help that for fantasy. The Eagles didn’t have many draft picks so they didn’t have many winners and losers in general.

    • James Nall

      May 31, 2018 at 11:53 am

      Comments on Josh Adams being passed over 256 times and how this doesn’t mean anything to Clement, who was passed over 256 times.

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