Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Trading Challenge

Russ Fisher

I start out every episode of the Trade Addicts Podcast by saying: “I am Dynasty Outhouse and I have a trading problem”. Sometimes I feel like that is just a clever line and sometimes I am worried it might be true. Every once in a while, when I am especially bored, and when I feel like some of my rosters are in a bit of a rut I will do an ‘Outhouse Challenge’.

First thing: I did not name this. I don’t have the self-confidence to name anything after myself. Someone else started calling it that, I just ran with it. Second thing, here is what the Outhouse Challenge is. I will post on my league’s message board and in the league chat that if they send me a trade, I will post it as a poll on Twitter. If the side you are offering me wins the poll, I will accept the offer. There are, of course, some ground rules. Let me just show you one of the posts from one of my leagues.

word image 1496044 1

We can just pretend the word that is blocked out says “bad”.

Now I want to make something very clear. This is not a good idea. This will not make your team better. But if you need to shake things up and find yourself with a major case of trade block, this is a great way to get started. Once a bad trade or two goes through, you are definitely more motivated to make some more trades to try and fix some of the travesties that just happened to your rosters. Like I said, I have a problem.

I find these fun and interesting because you get to see where your values differ from the masses and try to take advantage of them. I have spent plenty of articles talking about personal bias and how that affects player valuations and this is a great time to take advantage of that. Also, there is almost always no context given in the trade polls. The only exception to this rule is there is a future first that is very likely to be very early.

I ran this challenge last week and there were a few interesting trades and I thought this would be a fun topic to go through. Sorry DLF, no Trade Finder today but we will definitely be running these through the Trade Analyzer to see how our Twitter users matched up with our Analyzer values.

Since all Trade Addicts Leagues are the same settings I only have to say this once. Trade Addicts Leagues are 12 team, superflex, PPR, TE premium (1.75 per tight end reception), and 0.05 points per return yard (except for Trade Addicts 1, but there aren’t any in here anyway).

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Something to remember here is that the TE Premium button on the Trade Analyzer is set to consider a 0.50 extra per catch and my leagues are 0.75 so we should bump LaPorta up a little bit more. I saw this trade come through and I had a very strong feeling I was going to end up with Dak Prescott on my team and honestly, I think that is the value play here.

This is a move I would have been happy to try and do on a different team. This team, unfortunately, is in a rebuild. I just earned the 1.01 and grabbed Caleb Williams. The rest of my team is not stacked up enough to compete but I just lost the 23-year-old TE1 and gained a 30-year-old quarterback. Now I have to sit and stare at my roster and decide if this means I need to turn around and flip Prescott or if I should make the move towards a more competitive roster. At least I wasn’t angry when I saw this one go through.

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This trade, on the other hand, got me quite upset. Even the compiled value of all of these elderly statesmen doesn’t add up to the two stronger pieces from my side. I am a huge fan of Jordan Addison’s talent even if his situation is a little tenuous at the moment and I wanted to hold onto my future capital until the season. This team is competing but this many players of this level just muddy the waters of my lineup.

I am definitely going to have to get to work and make some trades to condense some talent into beefier assets. This was a very smart offer though. The community at large never seemed to buy into Jordan Addison even when he showed pretty well with Justin Jefferson hurt. When you add in the interesting quarterback situation in Minnesota, and it makes people a little more uneasy. Future first-round picks are nice but 2026 might as well be 20 years from now it feels so far away. On the other side of the trade you have tried and true points. People will see that side and think about what their lineup could be and how that could push them towards a competitive roster. You think you could trust your podcast co-hosts but then they send you something like this and you are stuck in the NFL AARP.

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This is another trade I figured was going to go through and make me sad. I really like Xavier Worthy. I really like that Worthy will be catching passes from Patrick Mahomes. Davante Adams and Derrick Henry will most likely score a lot of points and this is a somewhat competitive roster but long term I think Worthy is the better value. Similar to the trade above, this was a great move to take advantage of the community’s uncertainty of Worthy to age down and kick off a rebuild.

A constant theme of these Trading Post articles is that dynasty value is a tricky thing. It varies from league to league and person to person. Taking the time to figure out how you value players versus how the rest of your league is an important first step when looking over the rosters in your league before looking through the rosters in your league for some trade offers. Try to take advantage of the times when your values don’t match everyone else’s to make your roster stronger.

russ fisher