Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Post: Dak Prescott

Russ Fisher

Everybody wants to be sexy. Everybody wants sexy things. The problem with that is sexy things are usually expensive. I don’t know about you but I can be pretty cheap at times. There are some times and some places where it makes sense to spend the money and there are some times where it makes sense to spend less and get something that works just as well but is just a little less attractive. As I transition this over to fantasy football I want to point out that this is not about the player’s level of attractiveness.

In the Non-Point Scoring Season, we have a habit of trying to build the sexiest rosters possible. In some ways that works because you want to raise the value of your roster and usually the big hyped and popular players will do that. No matter what platform I am using to talk fantasy football I will preach, “Don’t worry about your lineups until you need to set them”. I know this advice isn’t for everyone and honestly, it’s not something even I always follow. When going after players that I know will increase the point scoring of my team I prefer not to spend as much as the players that will just make my roster prettier. I’m going to focus on a player that I would look to find in this situation.

Dak Prescott, QB DAL

The Cowboys quarterback is currently ranked at QB13 and player 23 overall in May superflex ADP behind quarterbacks like Jordan Love and Trevor Lawrence and wide receivers such as Puka Nacua and AJ Brown. Going back to 2019, Dak Prescott has finished no lower than QB10 in points per game and finished as high as QB1, even though that year he got hurt after 6 games. Though he also has a season where he finished as QB2. I don’t think you find many people who argue that Prescott will score decent points but he is still never a player you see people clamoring to have on their roster. The question is now, is his price low enough to slide into that nonsexy but high-scoring category? Let’s go to the DLF Trade Finder and Trade Analyzer to check it out.

12 team superflex PPR start 9

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I get it, there is a good chance this is a team that decided to start rebuilding and wanted to trade away Prescott to get younger. I get it, rookie fever is real. I get it, Prescott isn’t sexy and rookies are. I would need two Drake Mayes worth of value to trade away the Cowboys quarterback. Just because you want to shed some age and start a rebuild you still need to have value in mind. Without thinking, regardless of the direction of my team, I would send Maye to get Prescott. And if my team is rebuilding I would just flip Prescott for more than Maye.

10 team superflex PPR start 9

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Just reread the paragraph above and replace “Drake Maye” with “2025 1st”. This is such an easy move to get Prescott and such a risk with a much lower value for the pick side.

12 team superflex PPR TE premium

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I wanted to make sure I got at least one trade in here that wasn’t rookie or rookie picks. These are two teams that are looking to compete. Mayfield had a very good season last year and Jacobs is a stud of a running back but finds himself in a new situation. Tiering down is always a very viable move to increase the point scoring on your team. If you find your team lacking the proper number of starters for your roster this is exactly the move you want to do. That being said, again, this is easily Prescott for me. There is only a one year difference between the quarterbacks ages and Jacobs is a 26 year old, second-contract running back. This speaks to the dynasty value of the trade. In regards to the fantasy value of this trade, I think Prescott is so much safer with such a higher ceiling that I would promptly send these two players to get him.

The Trade Finder is filled with trades like the above. I think it is safe to say that Dak Prescott, Dallas quarterback, top-tier fantasy scorer has reached the point where I will start throwing out offers for him in every league where I am competing, and maybe a few I’m not. There are no wrong ways to play dynasty fantasy football and just because you play one way a majority of the time it doesn’t mean you can’t branch out and try different things every once in a while. Keep your mind open and build the best team possible.

russ fisher