2023 Rookie Drafts: Tight End Tiers Primer

Tim Riordan

The 2023 class of tight ends has been touted as one of the best for fantasy football in recent memory. Dynasty League Football has our consensus rookie tight end rankings put together already, but tiers are just as important, if not more important, than just positional rankings. Use these tiers during your rookie draft to recognize the drops in player values and avoid the mistakes your competitors will make!


Dalton Kincaid, BUF

Michael Mayer, LV

As a child of the ’90s, I loved the Goosebumps series of books, especially the choose-your-own-adventure novels. You and your friends have followed the treasure map into the dark cave, finding yourself at a fork in the path. One way follows the path. It’s brighter, easier, and safer. The other way is dark, with treacherous drops and jagged rocks. But, you notice at the end of the darker tunnel, you see a golden glow. Do you take the safe path, or do you take a risk and try to find the bigger reward? That’s what we’re looking at with this tier of tight ends.

Dalton Kincaid is the higher-upside pick. He projects as a pass-catching tight end who could even lineup in the slot more than in a traditional tight end spot. It’s risky because the Bills already have an established tight end in Dawson Knox, but the upside could be incredible. The team needs an established second-passing target behind Stefon Diggs. Gabe Davis has struggled, Dawson Knox isn’t a prolific pass target, and everyone else is roster fodder. Dalton Kincaid is a very good pass catcher and could have an incredible career with Josh Allen.

On the other hand, there’s Michael Mayer, the safe path. Mayer can do it all as a tight end. He’s a great blocker and a reliable pass-catcher. He’ll go to Las Vegas and be Jimmy Garoppolo’s safety blanket. He’ll likely be on the field this year much more than any other tight end in the class. The team got rid of Darren Waller, and Hunter Renfrow doesn’t seem to gel with Josh McDaniels and his system. Austin Hooper was signed in free agency, but Michael Mayer may already be above him on the depth chart.

You get to choose your own adventure with this tier of rookie tight ends. Do you chase the upside with Dalton Kincaid or take the safe option in Michael Mayer? Make your pick and see where the adventure takes you!


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2023 Rookie Drafts: Tight End Tiers Primer