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Analysis of 2023 Rookie Running Backs: Final Ranks

Mike Havens returns with his post-draft analysis of the entire rookie RB class.

Jahmyr Gibbs

Mike Havens returns with his post-draft analysis of the entire rookie RB class.

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Analysis of 2023 Rookie Running Backs: Final Ranks
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Gordon Thomas
1 month ago

Wow, you are really down on this class. LOL

Gordon Thomas
Reply to  Mike Havens
1 month ago

Which is why I moved up into the top six picks and also moved players/picks to get Bijan in three of my five leagues. Working on the 4th still. I don’t see a lot of special players and see a LOT of fliers in the last1st/2nd/3rd rounds.

joseph kepple
1 month ago

Thanks Mike!
Great stuff as always. It’s a shame the draft beat up the RB class but better to know now then waste those picks. Kinda wild, we know the TE class is great but thought the RBs were strong and WRs weak. Turns out the opposite is the case.
Thanks again

Ed Sulek
1 month ago

I was really looking forward to this article being released and am so excited to see now that it has. As usual, great stuff Mike!

I have to say I am quite disappointed from how things were looking heading into the draft to where most players ended up. From my count of the 22 players you have here in the final ranks only 2 of them actually have a higher grade than they did prior to the draft (Gibbs and Nichols who I am counting even though he had no previous rank/review). I counted 13 RB’s with lower grades now post draft and 7 RB’s with the same grade.

Obviously the biggest killer was Charbonnet to the Seahawks, I was really counting on a good landing spot for him with holding the 1.01 (Robinson obviously), 1.05, and 1.07 picks in a 1 QB league and now I do not know what to do?? I suppose if trying to stay positive I am a little intrigued with Johnson and Brown if somehow they were to make it to 2.07 but I am not counting on it and I’m guessing it would be a reach to grab either of them at 1.07.

A few questions:
1. You note above anyone with the same letter grade is interchangeable but they obviously had to be listed in some order. For those with the same exact letter grade would you say the order you have them is the player above would be your decision if on the clock and two or more players with the same letter grade are available? (Meaning for example you’d take Charbonnet over Miller?)

2.Being a Brian Robinson owner should I try and target Chris Rodriguez or in this situation do you not see it as imperative?

3.Based on how everything settled should I consider offering the 1.05 and 1.07 for the 1.02 and see if the owner will have any interest so I could lock up Gibbs (On paper I have a top 3 team in the league)?

Mike Carlson
Reply to  Ed Sulek
1 month ago

Great questions. I’m interested in his response to those questions. I’m in a 1qb ppr and have 1.02,1.03,,1.04,1.05. I was wondering what 1.02 Gibbs trade value is worth? Can Gibbs trade straight up for J Waddle, Higgins, G Wilson? Would you advise it? I could make a run for the Championship this year but would it be better to trade for a known quality player instead of keeping 1.02?
In the question above from Ed. 1.02 for 1.05, 1.07 doesn’t seem like a bad trade if he we are only expected to get 2-3 years out of Gibbs. 1.05 would get QJ or Flowers and 1.07 1st choice TE, or Richardson, or …….

Wendell Bera
1 month ago

Didn’t realize that Wash picked up Antonio Brown and switched him to RB. LOL

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