2023 Off-Season Mock Drafts: 18-Round 1QB Dynasty Startup Draft

John DiBari

Last week, I conducted a startup draft with all the bells and whistles: superflex, PPR, tight end premium, with the 2023 rookie class included. Be sure to check out the results of last week's mock if you haven't already. In this week's edition of the 2023 Off-Season Mock Draft Series- I'm getting rid of all those options. We're going old school, single QB, standard scoring, no TEP, and no rookies. I still play in several single QB and standard scoring leagues. I'm not a huge fan of superflex leagues, and I'm not too fond of PPR, either. I prefer .5 PPR or PPFD (point per first down) scoring myself. I also don't like TEP scoring either; if you want to boost the value of the position, switch your league settings to start two tight ends. I guess I'm a miserable curmudgeon who doesn't like new things. I once again conducted this mock using DLF's Mock Draft Simulator Tool and was randomly assigned the third pick; let's see how things turned out.

Rounds 1 & 2

Right out of the gate, I wasn't sure what direction to go. I love my early-round running backs, and Jonathan Taylor is 24, while Breece Hall is only 21. If Hall was healthy, I would probably have taken him here. The Colts' situation is not something I'm looking to jump in on at this point, so I'm kind of forced to look at receivers with my first pick if I don't like Taylor here, either. With Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase already gone, my top options were AJ Brown, CeeDee Lamb, or Jaylen Waddle. I like Waddle, but 1.03 seems like a reach, especially with Tyreek Hill still in place ahead of him. Between Lamb and Brown, I prefer the Philly offense to Dallas', so Brown it is.

Coming back in the second, I had a few options I liked but still wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with this draft just yet. If we were playing a pure ageism game, 21-year-old Drake London would be the easy pick, but I am not a London (or Atlanta) fan at all. I suppose a case could be made to draft London with the hopes of flipping him future picks, but this is a mock, not real life. Nick Chubb might be my favorite running back in the NFL, but I don't love the offense around him in Cleveland or how they've used him so far. D'Andre Swift is starting to look like a bust in Motor City, and they brought in David Montgomery to steal work from him. I'm only two picks in, and I feel like my back is against the wall already. So I pinched my nose and went with Josh Jacobs. He's only 25 and should be a free agent after this season.


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2023 Off-Season Mock Drafts: 18-Round 1QB Dynasty Startup Draft