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Analysis of 2023 Rookie Running Backs by ADP: RBs 5-8

Mike Havens offers up his analysis of four more backs in this year’s rookie class.

Zach Evans

Mike Havens offers up his analysis of four more backs in this year's rookie class.

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Analysis of 2023 Rookie Running Backs by ADP: RBs 5-8
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Ed Sulek
1 month ago

Great stuff yet again Mike! Your credentials and work speaks for itself. Some of my biggest takeaways from this part two of the series was your view on Tucker that has really given me some pause with him. Perhaps my perception was getting a little to high on him as several of my favorite analysts here at DLF that I like to read/watch seem to really like him though of course they do note as with just about every RB in this class landing spot and draft capital will be huge.

On the flip side I can say the opposite about Evans. I feel as if many have been pretty down on him causing my thoughts to go in the same direction but you are right that one run you posted the video on was just ridiculous and really shows the potential. I liked hearing you say he seems to be a student of the game as that has always been a particular area I look for in a player because I think it raises their ceiling a bit. Kind of switching up positions here for a minute but I am a huge Eagles fan having season tickets for them for the past 20 years and seeing what Hurts was able to do taking his game to the next level despite so many doubters and nay sayers really showed me a lot. Extremely talented of course and a lot of elements at play but I think a huge part of his raising of his game was due to him being a student of the game and putting countless hours into striving to get better. He is smart, well educated and extremely dedicated. That is not to say every “student of the game” is able to become great at what they do but it is definitely a key quality to have.

I am so excited to see your part 3 here soon since you had mentioned it is probably your favorite one. I just get the feeling there is going to be someone in there that is not thought of widely as a top ranked guy but that we can target and snipe as a possible steal somewhere later in our rookie drafts.

Kyle Knox
1 month ago

Where did you get Tucker’s 40 time? He didn’t run at the combine.

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